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Creating Simple Ketogenic Meals in Minutes

I love cooking. Actually, I love to cook ketogenic meals fast. I don’t like to prepare a lot and I like the satisfaction of eating a healthy meal after about 15 minutes of work. That is one reason the ketogenic meals that I prepare are simple. I have a few tips and tricks to make them delicious, […]

Herbamare Seasoning Salt – My go to seasoning!

Herbamare seasoning salt  Review Name: Herbamare seasoning salt Website: Price: $13.90 per bottle Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 Herbamare seasoning salt, Product Overview Herbamare is a seasoning salt that meets the autoimmune paleo guidelines! This is wonderful because the autoimmune paleo diet excludes nightshades, so there is no chili or pepper allowed. Sometimes I want more than just […]

Best Low Carb Sweetener for the Ketogenic Diet

Many people will disagree about whether you should use a zero carbohydrate sweetener when you are doing the ketogenic diet. I tend to avoid the low carb sweeteners and use them only for seasonal or special occasions. The best low carb sweetener in my opinion is Swerve. Swerve Review Name: Swerve Website:  Price: 9.99 Overall Rank: […]

Should You Use Ketogenic Diet Test Strips?

The ketogenic diet is gaining in popularity as it heals people from epilepsy, autism, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Many people are using the ketogenic diet for weight loss and having excellent results. So, what are the ketogenic diet test strips that are discussed on Facebook and in support groups and how should you use them? Ketone […]

I am using the Ketogenic Diet for My Dog’s Cancer

I haven’t been writing much lately because I discovered a golf ball sized lump on my dog’s hind quarters. I’m pretty sad about it. My dog, Charlie, probably has cancer and it will probably end his life. However, he has outlived all the other dogs that we have had and is older than average dogs […]