Natural Cures for Epilepsy That You Can Start Now

If you ask a neurologist, they will tell you there are no natural cures for epilepsy. However, you must understand the source. Doctors are trained in medicine. They know medicine well and they understand it. They are going to prescribe medicine before trying any type of home remedy or natural cure. Using the word “cure” is a bit tricky as well. There are a lot of legal implications to curing something and proving that it works is very expensive.[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”1489569987″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”313″]

So, while I’m going to share with you the natural cures for epilepsy that I implemented into my life, you may discover that you need to tweak them a bit to fit into your treatment plan. They may not be a comprehensive cure for you, but they definitely can help you to get healthier and happier in the process.


The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is the treatment of last resort for doctors. They test out a few different anti-convulsants first and then if those don’t work, they go to the tried and true, ketogenic diet. They will recommend the ketogenic diet for very young patients because they feel like the parents have more control over the food and compliance with the diet will be easier. For me, I was simply told at 13 years of age that the diet won’t work for me.

The ketogenic diet is gaining steam and popularity. There is absolutely no reason not to try the ketogenic diet. People are losing weight with it, it has a low glycemic index and prevents and reverses diabetes and has been shown to prevent seizures. The ketogenic diet does not need to be started in a hospital and strictly monitored. You can do research online and start it at home. I have even written a great blog post on how to get started on the ketogenic diet.

What type of results can you expect from the ketogenic diet? Research has shown it to work in about half of the patients with epilepsy. For a few patients, they became 100% seizure free. Other patients were able to reduce their seizures by about 50%. For someone who truly wants to cure their epilepsy naturally, this is a great step. It is inexpensive and only requires and adjustment in your eating habits.

Need help getting started on the ketogenic diet? Try the free Bacon and Butter ebook. It is loaded with recipes and instructions that will get you started on the healing ketogenic diet. It is also available in print if you pay for shipping.


Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet

The Gut ans Psychology Syndrome Diet is another diet that is aimed at healing and sealing the gut in order to address neurological and psychological symptoms. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, who is a neurosurgeon, created the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet as a way to heal her son of Autism. This diet can heal one of the [easyazon_image align=”left” cart=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”0954852028″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”352″]contributors of seizures, which is a leaky gut. A leaky gut can leak toxins into your blood stream, which may cross the blood brain barrier and trigger a seizure in the brain. Fixing a leaky gut can improve your overall health and even cure autoimmune conditions.

When Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s son was diagnosed with autism, she became determined to help him. She went back to school and earned a degree in nutrition in order to heal her son, who she claims has been healed of Autism. Her book is very detailed about the mechanisms of a leaky gut and how to address it.

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet is a very structured diet. She recommends staying on it for 2 years. However, my willpower only made it through about 4 months on the diet. I have a weakness for sweets! While on the diet, I did feel very healthy. It eliminates starchy foods and sugars. She also emphasizes restoring the good bacteria in the gut through fermented foods.


Buteyko Breathing Exercises For Epilepsy

This is my favorite natural cure and one that I discovered almost by accident. Buteyko breathing exercises slow down your rate of breathing in order to encourage more oxygenation of the body. It is theorized by Buteyko that diseases begin because the body is deficient in oxygen. You can easily figure out Buteyko breathing exercises through videos and reading up on them. They do take some time to do, but you will discover higher levels of health than you ever imagined as you do them.

Why do I list this as a natural cure for epilepsy? When you go into an EEG, one of the things that they always have you do is hyperventilate. Hyperventilating triggers seizure activity in the brain. Therefore, slowing down you breathing should logically have the opposite effect! Many people who have experienced seizures will note that their breathing prior to the seizure was erratic. Some people who have longer auras can actually prevent a seizure through slowing down their breathing.

One aspect of the Buteyko Breathing Method is exercise. Nasal breathing during exercise can help to prevent seizures. 


The Water Cure

When one gets dehydrated, the body is highly likely to go into dysfunction. For me, I went to the beach once and experienced what felt like an aura. I immediately drank some water and the feeling calmed down. I don’t know if it prevented the seizure or if I never would have had the seizure in the first place.[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”0970245815″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”340″]

Dr. Batmanghelidj theorizes that the root cause of disease starts with a dehydrated state. This makes sense to me as the body is 60% water. Having a deficit in one of the most abundance elements in the body is going to cause dysfunction somewhere in the body, or at least contribute to the problem. His theory is that the initial stages of disease begin when the amino acids get used up as detoxifying agents because the body isn’t producing enough urine to rid the body of toxins. Toxins building up in the brain can trigger excessive electrical activity in the brain. Hydrogen and oxygen (water) has a calming effect on the neurons.

The water cure is very simple and can easily be implemented by anyone. Drink half of your body weight in ounces per day and dissolve a pinch of sea salt on your tonuge with each glass of water.

Will this absolutely cure you of epilepsy? Probably not initially. It may take awhile for you to get accustomed to drinking the proper amount of water and taking in the right amount of salt to reverse your health conditions. I have worked with some friends who implemented this technique and they felt much better drinking the water and taking the salt. They were able to lose weight and reduce chronic pain. I feel much better when I am consuming plenty of water. I am not having tons of seizures and I’m off my medication now, so this step is working pretty well for me.



CBD oil is gaining more and more traction in the news lately. CBD oil helps to calm the nervous system down. Cannabis-based products have been used to treat seizures since 1843 by W.B. O’Shaughnessy, a physician in the Bengal Army. After he tested the behavioral effects of cannabis on goats, sheep, cows and other animals, he investigated the effects in patients with a variety of disorders. He observed an anti-seizure effect. The use of cannabis has declined a bit due to the plant becoming illegal. As scientific advancements have been made, and it has become clear that cannabis has an effect on seizure control, more and more people have started to use CBD oil.

Cannabis is the flowering plant. The most abundant and biologically active chemicals in cannabis are called cannabinoids. The two main cannabinoids in cannabis are CBD and THC. THC has a psychogenic effect on the body. However, CBD has a positive, anti-seizure effect.

The body has two cannabinoid receptors type 1 (CB1) and 2 (CB2). Both the CB1 and CB2 recpetors are in a class of G-coupled metabotropic receptors. There is an involvement of endo-cannabinoid signaling pathways in the pathophysiology of epilepsy. Studies have demonstrated that endogenous cannabinoids systems are altered in a variety of models of seizures, epilepsy and epileptogenesis. There have been observations that the endocannabinoid systems is involved in finding and reducing anandamide concentrations in the cerebrospinal fluid of people with new-onset temporal lobe epilepsy. It downregulates CB1 receptors and redlated molecular components in gluatmatergic neurons from surgical samples of the hippocampus of epilepsy patients.

CBD oil is now available through network marketing companies, such as Hempworx. You can also find online companies that sell CBD oil. In some states, you can purchase CBD oil through distilleries.


There are many things that you can do at home to prevent seizures and naturally cure your epilepsy. You don’t need your doctor’s permission to start one of these diets, however, you will want to let him in on the fact that you are doing it. The reason for this is that as you get healthier, you may become more sensitive to the side effects of the medication. If this happens, you will want to request a reduction in medication and an EEG to see that your brain waves are normal. Keep in mind that a “normal” EEG can be had by someone who has epilepsy and someone who doesn’t have seizures can have an “abnormal” EEG. It is just a benchmark that neurologists use. It is somewhat imperfect.





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  1. I am a diabetic and really want to try the diet you suggested here. It would be good to highlight this to diabetics too. I found this revealing and I believe Doctors prescribe meds for everything and nature has been curing us for millions of years. I like the idea of doing it without the meds. Every med has a side effect and they are sometimes worse than the disease.

    PS… I cannot enter a website on the form….

    1. Thanks for letting me know! Yes, this is a great diet for diabetics. My neighbor reversed his type 2 diabetes with a ketogenic diet. If you are creative, you can enjoy many foods on the ketogenic diet.

    1. Yes, they are very healing diets. They would likely also help alleviate any other autoimmune conditions that she has and improve her brain function.

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