Earthing Day 22 – Traveling with Earthing

I will be road-tripping with my family tomorrow. This puts my Earthing on hold just a little bit. I will be taking the large body band with me, but leaving my universal earthing mat at home. I will be in the car for eight hours, so my Earthing time will be reduced. I’ll be able to use the body band for maybe 10 hours each day during the weekend. This should be fine and not really change my results that much.

There are Earthing products for traveling in a car. I don’t know quite how they connect with the earth when a car has rubber tires and moves, but there are some products. I don’t know how they work and won’t be using them this trip as it is pretty spontaneous. 

I haven’t noticed any changes positive or negative today. No new hair growth to report, but also no seizures today which is fantastic. The varicose veins on the back of my legs seem to be much smaller since the start of this experiment, but I don’t know if that is a coincidence or not. 

I have not been walking barefoot due to the chigger bites and slight rash that I have been getting on my feet. It does seem to be clearing up, so I may attempt the barefoot walking again in a few days or weeks. I’m hoping that I will be able to incorporate it into my life again, but there are many places that you can’t walk barefoot. 

My Erthe strips are falling off my shoes again. I tried testing out the continuity again and they didn’t register continuity. It did one time, so I don’t recommend the strips anymore. I think if you want to buy Earthing shoes, that is great, but the reality is that most of the places that you wear shoes won’t be connected to the Earth and have connectivity anyway. There is carpet, wood floors, and asphalt in most of the areas that you walk anyway. 

I’m still recommending trying out Earthing since it is absolutely free, easy to do, and very natural. I like the idea of connecting to the Earth and feeling its energy. Many of my friends who hike and camp report feeling much better after sleeping on the ground and walking around barefoot. And yes, I’m still optimistic that I’ll see some dramatic benefits from Earthing. 

Stay tuned for more details on my Earthing journey. 

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