Easy Exercises to Lose Weight At Home

Going to a gym can be intimidating for many people. For moms, it can seem like an impossibility because they have to juggle childcare, work, and the job of keeping up a home. You can work a lot of exercise into your daily routine without requiring a ton of time commitment.

Focus on the major muscle groups to maximize your weight loss.

If you don’t have a ton of time on your hands, you’ll want to work on the exercises that build the largest muscles first. These are going to be squats! Squats are not easy, but they are incorporated into almost every activity of daily living.

You do a squat as you sit down and when you get out of a chair. To effectively make the most of the squats that you do during your day, pause right before you sit down. You should be able to feel your muscles working. Rise slowly from the chair making sure that you feel your legs and gluteus maximus engaging.


These can be done when you are picking up items from the floor. They can also be worked into a vacuum cleaning routine. So, you can knock some of these out when you are cleaning up your home!

Arm raises

If you have a baby, you can lift it over your head. Otherwise, you can put objects away on high shelves. If you don’t have weights, you can raise cans of food above your head. Since these are lightweight, you’ll want to do at least 10-20 repetitions at a time.


Getting your cardiovascular workout in during the day. When you are at home doing tasks around the house, it is nearly impossible to log a mile or two in here and there. You can increase your cardiovascular efforts with whole body motions. So, picking those socks up off the floor and putting them where they belong will boost your heart rate especially if you are doing it quickly. Simply increase the speed at which you accomplish tasks. Think faster. Walk to the next room faster. Pick things up faster.

Incorporate a lot of these Exercises for Lazy People into your daily routine. The more movement that you get throughout your day, the more calories that you end up burning!

4 thoughts on “Easy Exercises to Lose Weight At Home”

  1. Im a big believer in big compound movements, Squats and Deadlifts are my go to and then I usually build my program around those. Nice article

  2. So glad I saw this post! Working full time makes it almost impossible for me to exercise, but I see that with a little creativity, I can exercise while I am doing other things! I especially like the idea of doing “squats” as I get up and sit down at my desk! I’ve started walking the halls of my office building on my lunch break if the weather is bad — just to keep moving! All great ideas and thanks!

  3. I like the key point about focusing on the major muscle groups to maximize your weight loss. It sounds like these are the foundation for the most important muscles that we use from day to day. I also enjoy doing HIIT class for a quick, effective workout within 30-45minutes.

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