Earthing Day 19 – Headache

Today, I suffered from a mild headache. For me, headaches are extremely rare. This may be odd to some people since I do have grand mal seizures, but I almost never get a headache. There are a few reasons that this could be happening. I added some frozen peaches to my diet yesterday which is a lot more fructose than I usually allow in my diet. 

The other thing is that I was not as active on Sunday. I lay around a lot more than usual because it was “a day of rest.” Well, sometimes laying down too much can give me a headache. I don’t know why. It could be my blood just doesn’t flow as normal. 

As the mild new symptoms show up, it is causing me to question whether this Earthing is actually doing something. I could delve into the research articles to justify this Earthing experiment, but the articles are often biased. The funding behind them usually has paid to get a certain result. 

I have felt an increase in energy today. Not only did I do my Pilates this morning, but I also completed an hour of archery, and took a walk. I’m going to go out and take another walk this afternoon as the temperatures have cooled off. Walking and Earthing are great because they expose you to a greater microbiome which could improve your gut function. Hopefully. 

My digestion hasn’t been good for the last two days. I didn’t have a bowel movement today or yesterday, but I hope to have one tomorrow. It is so important to have a bowel movement rather than letting the waste build-up within your biological system. 

So, there isn’t much to report today. I wish I was feeling better than I am. I watched some YouTube videos on the ketogenic diet. I am eating a ketogenic diet with my Earthing experiment. I hope that it is curing some of the autoimmune condition. 

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