Kerrygold Irish Butter Review

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Name: Kerrygold Irish Butter


Price: $3.59 ($0.45 / Ounce)

Owners: Kerrygold

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Kerrygold Irish Butter, Product Overview

Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter is made with only summer milk. It is imported from Ireland. Kerrygold butter is a unique because it is a grassfed butter. Grass fed butter tends to have more vitamins than conventional dairy. Grass fed butter has higher conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLAs are a compound that potentially can help to provide protection against different kinds of cancer. CLAs also help the body store muscle instead of fat.



The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: This butter has an amazing buttery flavor.

PRO #2: Kerrygold Irish butter is made from grass fed pasture raised cows. The cows are treated better than conventional dairy cows.

PRO #3: Due to a more natural living environment, Kerrygold grassfed butter has more vitamins in it than conventional butter. It is especially high in vitamin K.

PRO #4: This butter is spreadable out of the refrigerator! It does not harden up and is extremely creamy.

The Bad:

CON #1: The cost is almost twice as much as conventional dairy. However, you can’t really compare the taste and quality to conventional dairy.

CON #2: It is imported. I do like to support local farmers whenever I can. However, it can be difficult to get quality dairy without going to farms.


Who is Kerrygold Irish Butter for?

I discovered Kerrygold Irish butter after getting into the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet. From there, I read up on the Weston A. Price Foundation dietary recommendations and the Autoimmune Paleo diet recommendations. This butter fits well into each of these diets and is highly recommended due to the high amounts of vitamins in it. Kerrygold is great for the people following these diets.

Perhaps the common thread between these diets is that they all were created with a similar foundation and they simply kept the recommendation of grassfed butter, but maybe grassfed butter is a superfood that is essential to our bodies. With all the misinformation on diets available, it is difficult to tell.

Kerrygold is a good butter for spreading on toast or buttering vegetables. I wouldn’t bake with Kerrygold because it is expensive and you’ll miss the subtle flavor of the butter as it competes with the flours and sugars. It is much too expensive to bake with Kerrygold. It would be difficult to savor the wonderful flavor and texture of this unique butter if it were baked.

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Kerrygold Support

You can contact Kerrygold with any customer questions, comments or complaints by filling out a form at


Kerrygold Price

The pocketbook is where Kerrygold hits you the hardest. This butter is about twice as expensive as generic, conventional butter at the grocery store. However, the quality is much, much better. There are more vitamins in Kerrygold due to the humane way that the cows are raised. Cows are fed on grass instead of raised on grains. They also have access to a pasture and can get out in the sunshine and produce vitamin D. This increases the nutritional value of the butter immensely.


My Final Opinion of Kerrygold Irish Butter

I love this stuff! I only buy it occasionally because it is more expensive. I do know that when I am eating it, I am getting more vitamins. The creamy texture and soft, subtle flavor make my vegetables savory. Sometimes I’ll eat a slice all by itself just to enjoy the creamy texture as it melts in my mouth.

I learned about this butter when I was reading Cure Tooth Decay. I discovered that your teeth could heal and high vitamin butter could play a key role. Now, whenever my diet goes off track and I start to feel a twinge of tooth sensitivity, I invest a few dollars in this high vitamin butter. I also eliminate carbohydrates and my teeth go back to feeling strong within a week or two!

When I scored this butter, I took off ten points for the price and the fact that it is imported. Ideally, we should be eating local. It is nice to have this healthy option in a regular grocery store though.

Kerrygold Irish Butter at a Glance…

Name: Kerrygold Butter


Owners: Kerrygold

Price: $3.59 for 8 ounces

Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! I love it!

7 thoughts on “Kerrygold Irish Butter Review”

  1. Wow this is interesting. Most of us spend all our time trying to avoid butter because of the fat content but it’s great to hear of its other properties too. I never knew it could help with my teeth so that’s something I’ve learned today. Thanks. I do love butter compared to other spreads such as olive oil spreads as they just don’t taste the same on toast. I guess that ‘moderation’ is the keyword here so that we are just more aware of what we are eating. Thanks for the info. Gail

  2. Hey Melina!

    Choosing the butter that best fits me never was as easy as it sounded, as we all know the market is full of scam and fake products. But I am glad to have your recommendation and I will certainly put in my wish list for my next purchase.


  3. I want to try some of that butter now, I’m curious. The farmers market usually sells grass-fed dairy, at least in my town.

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