My Sperti Vitamin D Lamp Review

Today, I’m going to be talking about my personal experience with the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp. I’m here to help you understand whether it’s a worthwhile investment for your vitamin D needs.

You might already know that Vitamin D is crucial for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. But did you know how many people are deficient in this ‘sunshine vitamin’? That’s where devices like the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp can play a role. It can be hard to get outside in the dead of winter when the sun doesn’t shine and this is where the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp can help.

In my opinion, the true value of a product becomes clear only when you have a full picture. I started using the Sperti Lamp when I found that my health issues were connected to low Vitamin D levels. I learned about it online as I researched how to raise my vitamin D deficiency quickly.

My initial impressions: the lamp was incredibly easy to set up and use, it felt durable and well-constructed, and from order to delivery, the customer service was seamless, delivering the package in just 3 days.

Sperti Vitamin D Lamp

In-Depth Review: Analyzing the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp

Vitamin D is essential for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. While the sun is the most natural source, when working indoors you simply can’t get enough sunshine to maintain healthy vitamin D levels.

First up, how does the Sperti Lamp work in raising Vitamin D levels? It emits specific UVB radiation, similar to sunlight, that stimulates Vitamin D production in the skin. I must note, however, that individual responses to UVB exposure can vary. It’s generally a good idea to check with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplementation regimen.

Ease of Use

Now, let’s talk about user-friendliness. I found the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp very easy to use. It came with clear instructions, and all it took was a press of a button to get it started. The auto-timer feature is particularly handy; it shuts off after the recommended exposure time, so there’s no need to clock-watch or worry about overdoing it.


Assessing the quality of the lamp, I can confidently say it’s very well made. The lamp is sturdy and is made with quality materials. It is not flimsy, which gives me confidence in its longevity and safety – important when dealing with UV-emitting devices.

Customer Service

The customer service is seamless. My order went through without a hitch, and the package arrived at my doorstep in just 3 days. Everything was securely packed, and the lamp arrived in perfect condition. Quick, efficient service like that adds to the overall positive experience with a product.


The Sperti Vitamin D Lamp proved to be very effective at raising my vitamin D levels. After using it for three months, my vitamin D levels increased by 20 ng/mL. It increased by approximately 10 ng/mL every six weeks.

I did feel better with higher levels of vitamin D. I had more energy and my seizures had improved. It did not regrow my hair as I had hoped and I started to decrease usage because I felt that my body would do well with co-factors like vitamin B. I have started to get back into the habit and have noticed some eczema on my face rapidly decreasing.

My Results – June 2023

The Verdict: Is the Sperti Lamp Worth the Investment?

I’m going to cut to the chase: when it comes to upping your Vitamin D game without stepping outside, the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp is amazing. It is much more expensive than a daily multivitamin, but it is also much more effective and you don’t end up with synthetic vitamins in your body.

In my opinion, the Sperti Lamp holds its own by delivering Vitamin D directly through the skin, mimicking natural sunlight. Sure, the initial price tag may seem steep but think of this as an investment with a one-time cost. Vitamin D supplements are ongoing expenses, whereas the Sperti Lamp is a one-time purchase with a lasting impact.

I hope that if you’re on the fence, this review helps tip the scales in favor of finding what’s best for your health. I have enjoyed the ease of use of the Sperti Vitamin D lamp. Getting into a habit of using it for five minutes each day is very simple.

Red Light Therapy 101 Online Book Review

Book:  Red Light Therapy 101: A Modern Approach for Newbies and Experts of All Ages on How to Use Red Light Therapy

Website:  Red Light Therapy 101
 Dr. Nicole Alex

Content Quality: 9/10

Overall Rank: 8/10

The Book Contents and Accessibility

The book is written at an 8th-grade level. Most people with a high school education will find it easy to understand. It is accessible through Kindle Cloud Reader and the Amazon Kindle App.

The book does contain recommendations on which red light therapy device to use and how long to use it for certain conditions. However, the author is careful to emphasize that red light therapy is a complementary therapy and should be used in conjunction with traditional medical therapies.

Some of the information on red light therapy is very basic and will lay the foundation for getting started with red light therapy. Individuals who have already purchased a red light therapy device, they may find themselves skimming through a lot of the information.

The book starts out by explaining the history of red light therapy and describing the differences between red and near-infrared light. It then goes into discussing how to fight the visible signs of aging with red light therapy. The author emphasizes that red light therapy devices are being marketed as helping with fat loss, but the science backing this application is not very sound.

This book also provides specific directions on how long you should use the lights and how much distance you should have between you and the red light devices. The author also has recommendations on which lighting choices will be the most effective for specific ailments.

Do I Recommend This Book?

Yes! Red Light Therapy 101 is a great online book for anyone who wants to start learning and applying red light therapy in their lives. The book provides helpful guidelines for implementing the therapy and monitoring your results. If you are serious about improving your health with alternative therapies that don’t involve medications, this book is a great place to start.

While most of this information can be found through extensive research online, you can save yourself some time by buying this book. It is also in the Kindle Unlimited library, so if you are enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program, you can access this book for their low monthly payment.


Red Light Therapy For Burns

I never imagined that red light therapy would be a healing component. In fact, for many years I thought it was just another snake oil cure. But I started working with an alternative health practitioner when menopause hit me hard and she highly recommended using red light therapy in addition to some vitamins.

I can’t say that red light therapy has cured my hair loss or even triggered any new regrowth. This is really disappointing because I would love to tell everyone and their dog that they can sit in front of a red light and be cured miraculously.

My Red Light Therapy Treatment

I have used a home red light therapy device almost daily for the last three months. I aim it at my bald head, my neck, and my belly during the treatment. My daily treatments last between 10-20 minutes. When I started using the red light device, I would spend more time in front of it. When I got discouraged by my lack of results, I started getting lax about using the red light device.

The red light device is placed about 10 inches from my body in order to help my skin absorb the light rays. I do wear eye protection to ensure that my eyes aren’t damaged. However, in most treatment sessions I simply shut my eyes.

The Red Light Therapy Benefits

I had burned my neck with a curling iron a few days before I learned about red light therapy. There was a pink one-inch burn on the left side of my neck. The burn seemed like it could be permanent. The pain had subsided from the initial contact with the curling iron, so I didn’t think much about it. Within three days of using the red light therapy device, the red burn had completely vanished.

I hadn’t been too worried about living with a burn scar on my neck. It was mostly covered by my hair, but my skin now felt more pliable and soft. The original color had returned much more quickly than I had expected it to return.

Red light is 660 nm and is readily absorbed by the skin and cells. This promotes healing by increasing the circulation to the cells. Increased circulation can assist in delivering vital nutrients and removing toxins from the cells. In fact, human cells respond to the 660 nm red light therapy in a similar way that plant cells respond to sunlight. The cells produce energy and optimize cell function. This in turn stimulates the body’s innate healing processes.

Red light therapy is also advertised as having the following benefits:

  • Temporarily increases blood circulation
  • Relieves muscle spasms and stiffness
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Rejuvenates skin cells

Photobiomodulation Activates Healing

Red Light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, activates the TGF-beta 1 proteins which promote tissue healing and regeneration. Based on a study done on mice, it was determined that photobiomodulation activated the myofibroblasts which promote wound contraction. As the wound contracts, the wound size decreases.

Red light therapy has been shown to accelerate the resolution of erythema (heat) and accelerate wound closure. The increased circulation can reduce inflammation and prevent further infection. Since phototherapy is anti-bacterial, LED red light therapy done prior to surgery will decrease the presence of c-acne bacteria. This can reduce the chance of infections due to surgery.

Light Therapy Reduces Scarring

My own experience with red light therapy and burns has shown that red light therapy can reduce the scarring that can happen from burns. There is additional research that also backs up the healing modality. In a low-level laser therapy study done on 19 burn scar patients, 17 of the patients showed an improvement with low-level laser therapy. They were treated with a 400 mW 670 nm Softlaser twice a week for 8 weeks. There were no negative effects from the low-level laser therapy.

red light therapy

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission



Red Light Device, Serfory Deep Red Light 660nm for Face and Skin


Rated 4.4 out of 5 by 248 reviewers on



red light therapy for burns

Walking Challenge Day 1

Yes! I did it! I got my 30-day walking challenge started! I logged 5 miles broken down into 3 different walks. The first walk was 2.5 miles and I did it at the crack of dawn. That left me the rest of the day to squeeze in another 2.5 miles. Simply walking around doing normal daily chores is about a mile, leaving me with another 1.5 miles to walk. 

The humidity in Virginia is around 90 percent, so even a slow walk will leave you sweating after an hour. Even though noon is one of the hottest parts of the day, I decided I wanted to take a break from my desk and get some vitamin D. The second walk of the day was around 11 am. The first few minutes were brutal as I adjusted to the heat and humidity. I walked around the perimeter of my yard. The yard is lined with trees, so that provides me with some shade from the hot sun. 

My final walk was around five o’clock. I noticed that I still had half a mile to walk. I threw on my headphones and headed out to the yard. I walked back and forth while listening to some of the 80s songs my physical education teacher played during gym class. It was quite fun. 

Benefits from my 30-day walking challenge

The best benefit that a 30-day walking challenge is having on me is that I’m staying motivated and consistent about this goal. While that may not translate to weight loss or health benefits right now, I know it will in the long run. I have noticed a few health benefits from simply walking for almost two hours over the past week. 

  • Better breathing. My nasal passages are clear. There is no congestion and my breathing is light and easy. 
  • Increased stamina. When I started out, I would tire after a mile or two. Now I feel energized to keep going. 
  • Improved mood. I’m noticing that fewer things are bothering me. I’m finding that I’m happy while I’m out in nature and walking. 
  • Stronger muscles. I do think that my leg muscles are getting stronger. The first few days I would feel sore after my walks. The soreness is decreasing and I feel like my legs are stronger. 

What I hope to gain 

Many people take on these types of challenges for weight loss, but my weight is pretty stable. I do hope to see more improvement from my autoimmune condition. I have lost all of my hair due to Alopecia Universalis. I have started to see some fine arm and leg hairs return. I’m hoping this will continue and they will make an appearance on my head. 

I’m hoping that my memory will improve. I’m 46 and noticing that I have more memory issues this year than I have had in the past. Nothing too serious, but just sometimes I’m wondering why the heck did I come into this room? What can you do? Take a walk! 

Gaining a greater appreciation for nature and the world around me is something that I would like to accomplish with my 30 days of walking. I’m noticing the birds around me as I walk. I’ve also been able to observe raccoons, foxes, squirrels, and deer in the morning during my walks. It is fun to marvel at the animals that share this world with us. 

Finally, I hope to increase my vitamin D levels. Both alopecia and epilepsy are associated with low vitamin D levels. By maintaining normal levels, I hope to improve both conditions. 

Doing the 30 Day Walking Challenge

I’m embarrassed to admit that I got lazy and a little out of shape. Throughout my life, I have gone from athlete to sedentary lifestyle and back. I do find that when I am consistent with physical activity that I do feel my best. Some of the reasons that I may stop my physical activity have included seizures, weather, and extra work. Getting back on track can seem difficult at first, but having a challenge can kick-start that journey. 

I’ve been focused on getting more sunshine and natural light into my life as a way to combat depression, increase my vitamin D levels, and hopefully reverse my alopecia universalis. Last weekend, I went on a hike to the lovely Great Falls national park and realized I should combine my sunbathing with walking. Apparently, there are thirty day walking challenges for those of us who have neglected their physical activity!

What is the 30 Day Walking Challenge? 

It is a commitment to getting active for 30 days in a row. The challenge for most people will be to fit a daily walk into their already busy schedule. Whether you are just starting out, or already have a walking routine, the 30 day walking challenge helps you increase your stamina and set a routine that you can live with. 

For me, the 30 day walking challenge will be walking 5 miles per day for 30 days. I have been walking 10,000 steps for the last ten days. That equates to just above 4 miles per day. My challenge will be to fit a few more steps in and keep it consistent every single day! 

How to Get Started with the Walking Challenge

This challenge is pretty simple. You just take a walk everyday. But if you really want to set yourself up for success, you may want to take these additional steps. 

  1. Find a specific time each day that you can commit to walking. 
  2. Set a goal for how long and how far you will walk. Keep in mind, if you are trying to fit in 5 miles, you will be walking for about 2 hours per day. The walking distance can be broken up into two or three shorter walks. 
  3. Track your progress. Use your iphone as a step counter or purchase a FitBit to track your mileage. You can also just walk a path that you know the distance. 
  4. Keep it fun. I have been listening to music and podcasts during my walk. It keeps me entertained and motivated to keep putting one foot in front of the other. 
  5. Reward your consistency. Goals are fun, but goals that have rewards may keep you more motivated. Reward yourself with a night out or some new shoes. You could treat yourself to a Starbucks coffee or a drive in movie. Try not to let the reward be something that will derail your fitness goals!

Benefits of Walking

This walking challenge will do more for you than simply get you putting one foot in front of the other. You will notice incredible health benefits. You won’t believe how the simple act of taking a walk can improve your mood and overall health. 

Below are some of the documented benefits of walking:

  1. Improved well-being.
  2. Increased joint health.
  3. Increased metabolism.
  4. Extra vitamin D from being out in the sunshine.

How to Walk 

Poor posture can impact your overall health. If you are doing the walking challenge with bad posture, you won’t see all of the benefits that are possible. Stand up straight to ensure that you are breathing efficiently. As you walk, you may want to think about how you are moving. 

  • Neck: hold your head up and think about the distance between your ear lobes and shoulders. Your head should be balanced above your shoulders and not hunched forward. Holding your head up reduces the hunched posture that can come from sitting too long at a computer. 
  • Arms: Allow your arms to flow back and forth like a pendulum. Don’t force the movement. 
  • Hips: Keep your abdominals lifted in and up to strengthen the core. 
  • Feet: Allow your foot to have a nice, soft roll from the heel to the toes. 

Go for a walk! 

Now that you know how great walking can be for your health, set some walking goals and hop on this 30 day walking challenge with me! While I’m not overly optimistic that it will cure my baldness (hey, I’ve been working on doing that with a gazillion diets for the last 15 years), I know that my mood is much better with the increased step count. I’m loving getting out in the sunshine and taking walks at the crack of dawn. I do find that I am becoming more productive too! 

Periogen Tartar Removal Review

Periogen Tartar Removal Review

Name: Periogen
Website: Amazon
Price: $26.95
Owners: The Periogen Company
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Periogen Complete Oral Health, Product Overview

Periogen is a minty oral rinse that was developed to reduce tartar build-up and eventually end bleeding gums. It has been studied and peer-reviewed by Dental Universities worldwide. The users typically see 40% or greater improvement in oral health scores.

Periogen’s patented tartar reducing formula will improve the longevity of your dental implants, bridges, kids’ braces and orthodontic appliances. By reducing the tartar in your mouth, the gums stop bleeding which makes your mouth feel better each time you brush.

Periogen comes in a powdered concentrate which makes 3 gallons of mouth rinse. The three-ounce bottle lasts for months and the rinse is just pennies per ounce.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: The taste is good. It isn’t overpowering and has a minty freshness to it.
PRO #2: It is inexpensive. You will get a lot of use from one bottle.
PRO #3: Periogen comes in a concentrate, so it doesn’t take up much room in your medicine cabinet.

PRO #4: It works! While I didn’t see the tartar dissolve overnight, with 3 months of consistent use, I noticed that the areas of tartar were getting smaller.

The Bad:

CON #1: You won’t see overnight results. You must use it consistently for at least 3 months.
CON #2: You must mix the water and concentrate. This could lead to inconsistent solutions that you use.

CON #3: This is not a replacement for brushing. The tartar removal works best when you brush, floss, and use periogen.

Who is Periogen Tartar Removal For?

This product is for the person who hates going to the dentist. If you dread the dentist because they scrape and scrape your teeth, invest in Periogen. Your next dental visit will be a breeze.

If you have noticed that your gums are bleeding and you have some tartar buildup, you may want to start using Periogen tartar removal as part of your daily oral health care routine. Periogen is also for the person who wants to prevent any tartar from building up. It is a great preventative measure.

Periogen Tools & Training

Periogen has a blog that covers dental tartar prevention. They also review topics that include bad breath, brushing pet’s teeth,

Periogen Support

You can contact Periogen to ask questions and get advice. Simply fill out a form on their website or send them an email with the email address below!
Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (Pacific Standard Time)
(619) 275-5200
Fax: (619) 376-6235

Periogen Price

The oral rinse comes at $26.95 for a 3 ounce supply of the concentrate. This amount is good for 4-5 months worth of mouth rinse. I think that for what the product does (remove tartar), this is a very reasonable price. My dental assistant removes tartar painfully during a visit that costs three times that amount.

My Final Opinion of Periogen Tartar Removal

This is my new oral rinse. I think that it is working and it makes my mouth feel clean. I love it and recommend it to my friends and family. Periogen will naturally improve your oral health and it is the only oral rinse on the market that is targeting dental tartar build up. It got rid of my bleeding gums and started reducing the tartar on my bottom teeth.

Since the 1960’s mouth rinses have been colorful and minty, but done absolutely nothing for oral health. They will temporarily freshen your breath, but destroy your oral flora each time you use them. This is not the case with Periogen. It actually prevents the hardening of dental plaque buildup.

Periogen is not acidic. It has a healthy 7.5 pH. It doesn’t damage enamel, gules, or dental appliances. It is great for keeping tartar buildup in check. Periogen makes oral health easy and affordable.

Periogen at a Glance…

Name: Periogen

Website: Available at Amazon
Owners: The Periogen Company
Price: $26.95
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! I highly recommend using this product!

Review of The Nourishing Fats Book By Sally Fallon Morell

Nourishing Fats Book Review

While I have been focusing intently on alopecia, not much hair regrowth has been made since my hair regrowth update, so I thought I’d provide a review of the latest health book that I received as a gift.

Name: Nourishing Fats
Website: Amazon

Price: $24.99
Authors: Sally Fallon Morell and Nina Teicholz
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Nourishing Fats, Book Overview

Sally Fallon Morell is the president of the Weston A. Price Foundation and has been at the forefront of mindful eating for the last two decades. Her book identifies the origins of our current health misconceptions. She supports and expands on the scientific research that eating a wide range of good fats will improve our health.

This book draws on extensive research that indicates that saturated fat plays a role in developing a healthy brain, heart, kidney, lungs, and endocrine system. Healthy fats are essential for proper tooth and bone formation.

The Good & the Bad:

The Good:

PRO #1: The origin of current health is established and Sally Fallon Morell identifies the weaknesses of the research that indicates that saturated fats are bad for you.
PRO #2: The writing is interesting and engaging.

PRO #3: There are recipes for traditional healthy fats in the back of the book. You will learn how to make a healthy version of ice cream, sour cream, mayonnaise, and ranch dressing. The recipes include healthier versions of main dishes as well.

The Bad:

CON #1: The short lesson on the biochemistry of fats is not all that simple and easy to understand.
CON #2: Much of the content in this book is explained in her online interviews promoting the book.

Who is Nourishing Fats for?

The information in this book is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their health. Parents raising children with ADHD and autism will benefit immensely from the ideas and content of this book.

As someone with epilepsy, I appreciate learning more about fats and how they support brain function. I have increased my intake of healthy pasture-raised fats and feel great.

Nourishing Fats Tools & Training

This is a paperback book, so there are no tools or training included. You simply need to know how to read. The nice thing about this book is that you don’t need a laptop and electricity to read it. You can simply use a bookmark when you want to stop. It is very old-fashioned.

I do believe that the book is also available on kindle.

Nourishing Fats Price

The book is listed at $24.99 on Amazon. This seems reasonable for a 250-page paperback book now that we have increasing amounts of inflation on just about everything. Normally, I like to spend below $20 for a book, but we are experiencing massive inflation due to government spending. The cost of this book is likely to go up in the coming months. It is a good time to buy it.

My Final Opinion of the Nourishing Fats Book

I really like the book. I’m definitely enjoying reading a physical book again as opposed to staring at a screen and scrolling down the page. I do like knowing where the ideas around fats being bad came from and how the studies don’t exactly indicate that fats are bad.

I think that it is important for people to understand that many studies can be designed to create the result that the company wants them to reflect. This means that manufacturers who pay for studies are likely to hide the negative impacts that may occur from drugs. That is why we so often see lawsuit advertisements only a few years after a new drug comes on the market.


Nourishing Fats at a Glance…

Name: Nourishing Fats

Website: Available on Amazon
Owners: Sally Fallon Morell, Foreward by Nina Teicholz
Price: $24.99
Overall Scam Rank:85 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! I do love this book. I can’t wait to try some of the healthy recipes in the back of the book.

Health Benefits of Nasal Breathing

The Buteyko breathing exercises seem to have improved my health tremendously. I have experienced clear nasal passages, almost no colds, brighter skin, fewer seizures, and good digestion. It is amazing that using the nose for breathing as it was intended would improve health so much. 

Why is Nose Breathing Important?

The main purpose of the nose is to help you breathe safely and efficiently. It filters out foreign particles like dust, allergens, and pollen. People who breathe through their noses are less likely to experience allergies and need to expel the foreign particles from their lungs. 

The nose humidifies the inhaled air. It warms and moisturizes the air that you have breathed. The warmed air matches the body’s temperatures and makes it easier for the lungs to use. 

While you are breathing through your nose, your body produces nitric oxide (NO). NO is a vasodilator that helps to widen the blood vessels. By widening the blood vessels, oxygen is better able to circulate through your body. 

Mouth Breathing Risks

The mouth is designed more for eating and talking. Breathing through your mouth is associated with certain health risks. When you breathe through your mouth, you lose moisture and the mouth becomes dry. It increases the chances of inhaling unfiltered allergens and creating an allergic reaction. 

Asthma, bad breath, tooth decay, and gingivitis are problems that are also associated with mouth breathing. Mouth breathing can impact your body’s oxygenation during sleep. Snoring and sleep apnea have been linked to mouth breathing as well. 

The Health Benefits of Nasal Breathing

Nose breathing allows the body to function properly. The nose functions as it was designed. The main benefits of nasal breathing include the following:

  • reduced exposure to dangerous allergens
  • humidifies the inhaled air
  • increases the airflow to arteries, nerves, and veins
  • improves the oxygen uptake 
  • increases circulation
  • strengthens the diaphragm
  • reduces the risk of hay fever and seasonal allergies
  • eliminates sleep apnea
  • reduces the risk of snoring
  • supports the proper formation of the mouth and teeth
  • supports the immune system
  • improved athletic performance
  • reduced stress and anxiety

Patrick McKeown explains the health benefits of nasal breathing and the importance of breathing through the nose at all times. 

    Meditation for Healing

    Can you really use meditation for healing your body? Will it actually help with female autoimmune hair loss? Many meditation experts certainly feel that this is the case. There are lots of claims that meditation can eliminate stress and help you feel better. 

    I’m going to try it for my alopecia Universalis. 

    Getting Started

    I must admit, I haven’t consistently listened to the Think Right Now “I am Healed” audio very long at all. I purchased it a few years ago, but I bought a bunch of CDs and honestly got distracted before realizing amazing results. 

    I did happen to notice that when I listened to the “I am organized” audio that many of my messy habits stopped and I began to clean up my desk and room. I felt like I was changing for the better, but I have a habit of losing interest and changing direction. After about a month, I started forgetting to listen to the audio and some of the good organizational habits stuck, but others were forgotten. 

    I started listening to the “I am Healed” audio about five days ago. This time instead of trying to play it while I slept or exercising, I sat my butt down and closed my eyes, and used it as a meditation CD. 

    The Mental Conditioning

    The “I am healed” audio repeats positive affirmations three times with background music that is specially tuned to help the brain accept the affirmations. Some of these positive affirmations are just things that we should believe anyway, so I don’t think there is any harm in listening to the audio. 

    Here are a few of the phrases. You can create your own meditation audio with the affirmations. 

    • “I’m completely free of all disorders.” 
    • “Oxygen-rich blood flows fully and easily through all parts of my body.” 
    • “I’m free of all sickness, disease, and infirmity.” 
    • “I feel increasingly wonderful inside and out.” 
    • “All bitterness and resentment have vanished from my life.” 
    • “I’m free of the effects of all harmful viruses.”
    • “The days of settling for less than excellent health are over.”
    • “I’m free of all disorders of the bones and joints.”
    • “I replace health worries with faith in my unlimited healing energies.”

    There are plenty more positive affirmations on the ThinkRightNow audio, but these give you an idea of what you will hear. These beliefs are good ones that seem to move the mind towards healthy habits. 

    I plan on listening to the audio at a minimum of once per day if not more. My hope is that I will be primed mentally for when I start Alopecia Angel’s hair regrowth program. 

    Short-term Meditation Results

    While I have only been doing it five days in a row, it is difficult to tell if there have been any hair regrowth victories to claim. I will mention that I do have one pubic hair that is colored! I have noticed that my vellus (clear) eyelashes are coming in. This morning after my shower, I noticed about five or six vellus eyebrows, so that is somewhat promising. 

    I should mention that vellus hairs come and go. These could easily fall out and not turn into mature, colored hairs, but seeing them is positive. It is the first sign that the hair could potentially be regrowing. 

    As I use meditation, I find that I trust my powerful subconscious mind to heal my alopecia. I’m optimistic and beginning new exercise habits. While I’m not going to stress about the dietary habits until after Christmas, I do feel that I’m making moves in a positive direction. 

    Purify Life – Hair Skin Nails Vitamins Review

    Purify Life Biotin Gummies Review

    Do the hair skin nails vitamins from Purify Life do what they claim? I took them for a month and discovered that they do help with hair growth!

    Name: Purify Life Hair, Skin and Nails Biotin Vitamins
    Price: $18.45
    Owners: Purify Life
    Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

    Biotin Gummies, Product Overview

    These biotin gummies are created to help people with weak nails, cracking nails, and split ends. The vitamin formulation also helps people who have dull skin, and breaking hair.

    The ingredients include 5000 mcg of biotin, vitamin A, C, D3, E B6, Folic Acid, B12, Choline, Inositol, Zinc, Iodine, Malt Syrup, Pectin, Sugar, Glucose, citric acid, sodium citrate, some natural flavors, and vegetable oil.

    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    PRO #1: These are all ingredients that are typically deficient in people who have hair loss.

    PRO #2: Vitamin D and vitamin C can help prevent the common cold as well as encourage hair loss.

    PRO #3: They are delicious and easy to take. The vitamins taste like gummy candies.

    The Bad:

    CON #1: It can be easy to overeat the gummies and make yourself sick.

    CON #2: The vitamins are not natural. You may not absorb them properly.

    Who are the Purify Life Biotin Gummies For?

    The people who may benefit from taking gummy vitamins are probably little kids who can’t swallow regular capsules. While I enjoyed the flavor of the gummies the first few days of taking them, I actually got sick from taking too many one day and they made me throw up.

    I did tire of the taste of the gummies around week two and ordered another brand’s hair, skin, and nails vitamins.

    Biotin Gummies Tools & Training

    Follow the instructions on the container. Do not take too many. It will upset your stomach and you will end up throwing up. Many people claim that you can’t overdose on B vitamins, but you can.

    Purify Life Biotin Gummies Price

    The cost is $18.45 for a 45 day supply. I found this to be very reasonable at $.41 per day.

    My Final Opinion of Purify Life Biotin Gummies

    I actually did not finish this bottle. I do think that they may work. I started taking these vitamins at the same time I incorporated some other things into my diet and started breaking out. I may have assumed initially that it was the vitamins, but now I’m thinking it is the nightshade hot peppers. I did have some regrowth of my lower eyelashes during this time, which is amazing for someone with Alopecia Universalis.

    I decided that I’m not a fan of the gummies and will not likely continue with these. I do think they work. I also think that the flavor is tasty. I’d just rather not have gummies every day.

    Purify Life Biotin Gummies at a Glance…

    Name: Amazon


    Owners: Purify Life
    Price: 18.45
    Overall Scam Rank: 70 out of 100

    VERDICT: LEGIT! If you are looking to strengthen or regrow your hair, these probably will work as long as you stick with taking them over a few months. They even worked for someone who is suffering from autoimmune hair loss. I ended up seeing a few vellus eyelashes regrow, which is amazing!