Earthing Movie Review

The Earthing Movie is an interesting documentary featuring the journey of Clint Ober as he discovers the scientific phenomenon of healing the body through standing barefoot on the earth. The idea behind earthing is that the earth has negative electrons that transfer to the body and help it to function properly. 

The movie follows a few people and their experiences with earthing including Mariel Hemmingway, Amy Smart, and Deepak Chopra. They each share their stories about how earthing has impacted their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

The healing has helped everything from pain to calming children with autism. It has increased the healing of wounds and reducing inflammation.

The great thing about this documentary is that it is easily accessible on YouTube. You can view it and share it with your friends free! 

Watch The Earthing Movie on YouTube

My Opinion of The Earthing Movie

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this documentary as it provided me with an alternative health outlet that was simple, free, and easy. I recommend viewing this film with friends and family. Earthing has improved the skin on my feet in just about 2 weeks. I started going outside barefoot and my athlete’s foot cleared up, and a wart healed. This movie sparked my curiosity and motivated me to get outside and get healthier. 

The movie contains inspiring and hopeful stories surrounding the topic of going barefoot. It also explains the science behind Earthing and a variety of ways that it can benefit your health. I hope that many people will view this documentary and start getting grounded. 

My Earthing Body Band Experiment Day 2

Although my barefoot earthing experiment started a couple of weeks ago, my earthing product testing started yesterday. I felt great with the large earthing body band. It didn’t seem to bother me while I wore it. I made a point to keep it on at night for 8 hours and during the day for 8 hours. 

My allergies are still around, so I didn’t heal from that in 2 days. I still found myself sneezing five or six times a day. But over the course of 24 hours, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. 

My hair has not regrown at all in 48 hours. Boo hoo. This is the main thing that I want to improve from Earthing. 

I didn’t have a seizure, so that is great. I don’t have them on a daily basis, so it is difficult to tell if this is an improvement or just the same thing. 

I may have had some pain relief! While sitting at a desk, I used to get intense shoulder pain the longer I sat at a desk. Yesterday, I noticed after about 2 hours that it was coming on. I did some stretches and continued to work. In another hour, I was fine. I didn’t notice an increase in pain. In fact, my shoulder was about back to normal! The shoulder pain has been debilitating at times in my past, so I am very grateful for this slight improvement. I’m hoping that it is not a coincidence. 

After only two days, it is difficult to tell if this will continue. I’m hopeful and optimistic! Stay tuned as I continue my own Earthing experiment! Earthing Movie review

Earthing Benefits I Experienced in 8 Hours

I received my earthing large body band yesterday. I was able to test it out with the continuity tester and discovered that it grounds me. Or at least, according to the continuity tester it does. I tried the body band out on my arms and legs and discovered it was a little too large for my skinny arms. It works alright on my legs, but I think I was hoping that it would be large enough to strap around my chest. No dice. 

My 8 Hour Earthing Benefits

I strapped the body band around my head and tested it. I also placed the universal mat under my feet and began grounding right before falling asleep. I stayed in bed for about 8 hours and with two products touching me, I should have been grounded the whole night. I know that sometimes the universal mat gets pushed aside when I roll over at night. 

Now, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I had been earthing outside in the wild for a few weeks. I had also been using my universal mat whenever I could. However, I hadn’t tested for continuity to ensure that the product was working until now. 

Here are some things that I noticed when I woke up:

  • Clear nasal passages 
  • No allergy symptoms (I did have allergies yesterday that made me sneezy, but not yet today. This may or may not be a coincidence. My allergies aren’t constant.)
  • Energized and ready for the day. (Although, I usually have more morning energy.)

That’s about it. I wish I could report more, but it is early in this Earthing experiment. 

Current Conditions

I am hoping to heal the following conditions with earthing. I have tried diet and exercise, but always seem to fall short. I’m hoping that this 90-day Earthing experiment improves some of these conditions. 

  • Reduces seizure frequency
  • Autoimmune alopecia
  • Dental gum sensitivity and occasional bleeding
  • Allergies

How Earthing Improves Health

Earthing stabilizes the internal bioelectrical system which can impact the immune system and the electrical activity in the brain. While there are few studies on Earthing, it has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation. A pilot study showed that earthing improved the electrodynamics of red blood cells and reduced blood viscosity, which is a key parameter in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The thinner blood due to earthing allows for more oxygen delivery to the tissues and reduces inflammation. 

I’m hoping that the reduction in inflammation will enable my hair regrowth to begin. This has been a ten-year search for me to find something that will help with the autoimmune condition, alopecia Universalis. Although, I don’t expect to see any new hair regrowth for at least a month. If I have new hair regrowth before then, it may have been due to the dietary changes that I made five months ago. 

My Before Photo

As much as I hate to post a photo of me without my wig, I’m going to prove that I don’t actually have any hair. This is the before photo. I will post follow-up photos and progress photos during this trial. Hopefully, I will start to see some hair regrowth and be able to report that this Earthing device really works! 

Discovering Earthing Benefits - Before picture


Testing Out Earthing Therapy For My Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia Universalis is one frustrating autoimmune condition. It hasn’t responded well to dietary therapies. I haven’t seen regrowth from rubbing onion or essential oils on the hair follicles. I tried to up my vitamin D levels in case the cause was low vitamin D and B vitamins, but no dice. 

I recently shifted my focus from being solely on dietary interventions to combining Buteyko Breathing exercises with Earthing. I have felt better since starting up the Buteyko breathing exercises and regular earthing every day for about an hour. I haven’t had a seizure in over 30 days and even made it through a menstrual cycle without an aura. (My seizures have a catamenial hormonal pattern to them.) 

Earthing Healed a Foot Sore

While I did have an earthing half-sheet that I slept on before, I never tested it out to see if the continuity was still there. After a few years, it ripped and I gave up on Earthing. I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything although it could have been. 

About a month ago, I started my Earthing practice of walking barefoot outside after the paleo ketogenic diet didn’t prevent the last seizure. I also started exercising more. I feel so much better. My digestion immediately improved. I had a sore on the bottom of my foot that felt like a tack pushing into the ball of my foot when I put pressure on it. I had started to walk on the side of my foot to avoid putting pressure on this. 

I’m not entirely sure what it was. It was a white growth that resembled a wart, but was a little different in texture. I had one of them before and had to dig it out of my foot once it got big enough for tweezers. It was painful. I had also used duct tape to soften and try to remove it. 

I started Earthing and within 2 days, the sore was greatly reduced. It has now been two weeks and my skin is almost back to normal. This could be a coincidence, but it could be mother earth healing me. Either way, I’m grateful and will keep going with my Earthing. 

My Earthing Regimen

Walking barefoot is somewhat awkward. It isn’t safe to do in my neighborhood because our street is extremely narrow with no sidewalk. The asphalt is very uneven and uncomfortable to walk on. So, I remove my shoes and walk in my backyard for an hour. 

The last time I tried Earthing, I’m sure that I wasn’t getting an hour in every day. I would go outside and run around the yard until I got bored and then came inside. I slept on an earthing half-sheet and figured that would have to be good enough. 

This time, I am much more aware of how long I am connecting with the earth outside. I turn on my iPhone and play empowering statements while I practice my newfound hobby of archery. I know that I am done when the recording is over. Not only am I getting my feet to connect with the earth, but I’m getting better at archery and improving my thought patterns all at once! 

Earthing Side Effects

The side effects have been great. I have noticed that afterward, I do feel better. I generally have a bit more energy. I did notice when I was congested, the congestion cleared up a bit after the earthing session. 

The outdoor side effects haven’t been all great. I have noticed that I am getting bitten by gnats, mosquitos, and chiggers. I have started wearing long pants and netting to protect myself. It is helping. 

My ankles and feet seem to be getting stronger as they adapt to walking on uneven terrain. That is a great side effect. My arms are getting stronger from the archery workout as well. 

The Earthing Products I Use

Since I have gotten bitten a lot by insects while I have been earthing, I have decided that it is wise to use some indoor products. Unfortunately, my old earthing sheet ripped and I threw it away years ago. (I’m not sure whether it worked after a few years. I have read that sometimes they lose their earthing continuity.) I dug out the Universal Earthing Mat and placed it under my desk. 

I have been trying to sleep on the Universal Earthing Mat, but I don’t know if it always stays under my feet. I decided that I would buy a body band and a continuity tester. They just arrived today. I tested out the earthing mat and it works. I tested the body band and it is good to go! 

My Earthing Experiment

I plan on using the Body Band or Universal Mat for 16-18 hours per day. This allows for time to cook and eat and do the inevitable chores where it isn’t possible to be earthed. I will sleep with both of them on a part of my body for 90 days. I’m going to report on any progress that I see during this time. 

I do think that I will return the body band if I don’t see any progress within 90 days. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

Stay tuned and find out if it works for me! 

8 Ways to Transform Your Life with a Positive Mindset

Transform Your Life with a Positive Mindset

We can’t emphasize how important it is to have a positive mindset. We keep undermining our achievements and tend to focus on negative things in life, which gives us the feeling of self-loathing. Positive thinking can literally give you tremendous results.

We’ve come up with 8 powerful ways to transform your life with a positive mindset. These will help change the quality of your life and simplify your life.

#1. Start Accepting 

We always keep dwelling in our past, failed relationships, regrets and disappointments. We contemplate on the things, which we can’t change anymore. 

Dwelling in the past makes no sense. Since we can’t change the situation, we should drive ourselves forward,  thinking more about the present and our future and think of ways to fix the current situation. 

Let bygones be bygones! The only solution which we have with us is to fix our present and if you are unable to fix it, learn to accept it as it is! 

As Dale Carnegie pointed out throughout his book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”, the best way to live a stress-free life is to not fuss over things that are beyond our control.

Here’s one activity for you that can help you feel at peace. 

Take a page, and write down all the bad things that happened to you in the past, don’t start contemplating on them,  Instead take a look at them for the last time, and then take another page and write down all the goals which you have for the future or things you’re are looking forward to.

Burn the page where you mentioned all the bad experiences and let it go. Stick the other page on your work desk/mirror and start working towards it.

You’ll see a drastic shift in the quality of your thoughts. Don’t be surprised when you feel more motivated and positive!

#2. Don’t Blame External Factors

We, humans, tend to give excuses, every time things don’t work out. 

“If this had not happened, I wouldn’t have been here!”

“If only this hadn’t gone wrong, I wouldn’t be in this situation!”

Avoid blaming the external factors for the cause of your distress. 

Instead, learn to own up to your mistakes. This will enable you to take responsibility for your actions. This will result in you being mindful of the things you do and understand the consequences of the same. 

If you’re in a toxic relationship and your partner makes your life miserable, know that blaming your partner won’t help.

It’s you who’s choosing to stick around. Seek help and end it rather than moping around, or worse, suffering.

#3. Be Determined

The power of determination towards reaching your goal is incredibly amazing. If something is important to you, you’ll leave no stone unturned to make it possible. 

If you aren’t able to make it happen, that means the thing’s not that important to you. If you really want something badly, you’ll manifest that. 

J K Rowling wouldn’t be one of the most renowned authors today if she had given up on her dream early on. 

It’s your determination that will keep you going so make sure you develop the habit of not giving up so easily.

#4. Don’t Surround Yourself with Negative People

There are two kinds of people: the ones who love and support you and the ones who drag you down.

They can be anyone: your friends, your colleagues and even your family members.

When you surround yourself with such people, they start influencing you and the more you hang out with them, the more you expose yourself to their negativity.

You should instantly stop hanging around with negative people. If you can’t cut them off completely, make sure to maintain a healthy distance.

Spend more time with people who genuinely care about you, motivate you and are there for you during the bad times.

It’s one of the easiest ways to have a positive mindset.

#5. Start Focusing on the Good Aspects of Life

You shouldn’t dwell on the bad side of life, instead start searching for the silver lining in life. 

Doing so, would answer all your questions like “Why did this happen to me?”, “Why was I so unlucky?”

Generally, people spend their whole day thinking about the bad side, which makes them believe that everything worse is happening to them, and they’re the only sufferers left and then they start neglecting the good things that happened to them and what they should be grateful for.

#6. Overcome Fear

Fear generally stands for “False Expression Appearing Real”, and is one of the biggest factors that limit you from achieving your dreams. 

Often, because of fear, people aren’t able to make their dreams come true. They limit or confine themselves by developing fear.

#7. Take Action

Generally, people manifest their dreams without taking action. Thinking about your dreams and not turning them into reality, goes in vain. 

It’s necessary to transform the idea or thought into reality which has to be followed by the action. 

Thinking about becoming a writer, wouldn’t turn you into a writer until you actually start writing. There’s no perfect time to start doing things. Taking action is important to manifest your dreams. 

#8. Improve Yourself

There’s always room for improving yourself. 

People generally think that they can’t explore various possibilities of improving themselves. 

There’s one thing that has always helped me to get better, that’s reading books. You can literally transform your life just by reading more.  Get your hands on some Self Help books as they’ll literally do wonders and will bring more positivity to your life than you can ever imagine!

The Takeaway

I hope these simple tips helped you understand how you can transform your life with a positive mindset. 

What do you do to stay positive and what are some of the tips you’d like to share with our readers to stay happy? Tell us in the comments section below!

Author Bio:

Aayushi is a content writer at F and B Recipes. When not writing, she can be found creating a list of “Things That Make Me Happy” or coming up with creative Food Blog Names.

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Trying to Stay Positive When Nothing Seems to Be Working

Well, I have made it about 3 months on a mostly paleo ketogenic version of the GAPS diet. I did have a bit of cheese on the eggs that I had made because I made some for my father, but he didn’t eat the side with the eggs on it. But it wasn’t a ton of eggs. It didn’t spike my insulin levels. If I had been on full GAPS, I would have been able to eat cheese. So, I don’t want to think that I ruined three months of being strict. 

I did restart the Ion Biome gut health supplement. I started thinking that it is working and my gas and bloating is reduced. But I’m not so sure. When I got to work this morning, I burped a lot. It seems like my bloatedness has reduced in the last few hours, but it is hard to measure. 

I was optimistic about my nail ridging going away until I noticed yesterday that some of it was back. So…whether this dietary intervention is really making a difference or not is very difficult. 

I have read about other people doing the Autoimmune Paleo protocol and it taking 8 months to have their hair come back. I’m only at month three. Eight months is a long way off, so somehow, I have to stay positive. 

I have discovered that I am enjoying the foods that I am eating. I look forward to my morning breakfast hash and have discovered that GAPS soups can be creamy if you make them with summer squash. 

Think Positive Thoughts

While I’m trying to heal my alopecia and epilepsy, it is easy to get discouraged without seeing results immediately. I’m going to try to think positive thoughts each day and focus on the good things that are happening in my life. 

One of the positive things that is happening is that my garden is growing! I planted beans and cucumber seeds and they have germinated! These are low carbohydrate vegetables that won’t be sprayed with pesticide and will be safe to eat this summer. I also will have the enjoyment of watching them grow. 

Another positive thing that I am focusing on is getting better at archery! My aim is now good enough that I am hitting the target 80% of the time. It is thrilling to hear the arrow slam into the target. I feel so much more accomplished when I do that. 

Guest blogging is one thing that has started to happen for me. Some people have reached out to me to write blog posts. I know they just want a backlink to their website, but writing for them will give me more practice in putting together blog posts. It will also help them out and improve their websites. 

Reintroducing Eggs Into My Diet

So, I decided to go on the AIP diet just after I had purchased two dozen eggs. Actually, I think I was gifted some farm fresh eggs from my brother and I had 18 eggs from the grocery store. I seemed to do fine without eggs in my diet, but I felt like I was wasting the ones that I had bought. They past their best buy date a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to get them out of the refridgerator. I was egg free for almost three months. 

So, what happened?

Nothing. I can’t say that there was any remarkable difference after I ate the eggs. I still was having very mild digestive symptoms of bloating and gas. My digestion is very irregular and tends to cycle between constipation and diarrhea depending on where I am during my menstrual cycle. 

If I had done this correctly, I would have waited until my symptoms were completely gone before trying to reintrodue eggs. However, you have to live your life. 

Did I enjoy the eggs? 

Hmm…they weren’t as great as I remembered. I created an egg bake with some leftover ham and topped it with liver pate. I figured that I was getting all those wonderful liver nutrients and that may counter the detrimental effects that can come from eggs. As great as eggs are, I don’t think I’ll keep them in my diet during June. I have decided to get the eggs and bacon out of my diet in case they were holding me back from healing my autoimmune symptoms. For the month of June, I put in a big order of grassfed beef from a local area farm. 

I’m hoping that eating beef without hormones will help balance out my hormones so that I don’t feel these weird PMS symptoms. I also want to regrow my hair. I do have some hope that this dietary intervention is working. My bottom eyelashes have started coming in clear. The vellus lashes are a step above nothing. I have a few pubic hairs, but I’m not going to take any pictures of that for obvious reasons. None of the hairs have any color to them, but it is a start. 

So, I have been on a verson of paleo ketogenic diet for three months now. Not totally AIP because I had some eggs. Not totally GAPS, because I haven’t been having bone broth everyday, but the diets are very similar and I have been following the guidelines to at least one of them for three months. 

I’m trying to be patient because I have heard that it takes about 4-6 months for some people to see results. I think I’m in that category of people. I ate poorly and took medications for at least 20 years. Today, I’m feeling a bit more optimistic.

Is My Problem Estrogen Dominance?

I’ve been struggling with why the heck my seizures came back after 40. It was so frustrating. I started noticing that they coincided with my periods. No, being in ketosis didn’t stop them. The Buteyko breathing exercises stopped working. Eating an elimination diet (paleo keto and carnivore) didn’t stop them either. I had to experience a few months of monthly seizures to put it together. My seizures were occuring when my hormones were fluctuating. I was also going through perimenopause. So, my hormones were fluctuating naturally. 

What is estrogen dominance?

Estrogen is the one of the female hormones that controls the menstrual cycle and fertility. It also plays a role in our memory and skin. The levels of estrogen fluctuate. It begins to decrease during peri-menopause. Estrogen dominance is when the estrogen isn’t balanced out by the progesterone levels. 

Other symptoms of estrogen dominance include weight gain, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, severe PMS, slow metabolism, and irregular periods. I’ve had a few of those symptoms. In fact, I have noticed my PMS getting worse and my metabolism slowing down. 

Progesterone is a hormone that is an anti-convulsant. Taking progesterone will help to control catamenial seizures. So, if I am estrogen dominant and likely to have a seizure during the PMS period right before my menstruation, maybe it is my estrogen. 

Estrogen dominance and hypothyroidism

In addition to the seizures happening surrounding my menstrual cycle, another reason I am led to believe I may have estrogen dominance is due to my hypothyroidism. After being diagnosed with seizures as a teen, my doctor encouraged me to go get my thyroid checked. 

There is a relationship between estrogen hormones and the thyroid hormones. Estrogen dominance stops the conversion of T4 into T3 thyroid hormones. This leads to low T3 levels. There won’t be a direct issue with the thyroid gland, but symptoms of hypothyroidism will occur. Elevated estrogen can also block the uptake of the thyroid hormones. 

Symptoms of hypothyroidism often will manifest strongly during perimenopause. This occurs because the progesterone levels are signficantly decreased, but estrogen is still present. 


This is super frustrating. I am eating all the great foods. I am even making liver pate weekly and downing it. (Some days I like it, but most days I hate it. Either way, I get it down because I know there is a lot of nutrition in liver.)

So, I need to focus on balancing out the hormones and eliminating excess estrogen. 

Gelatin to balance out hormones

As I was thinking about my different dietary changes and lack of results, I realized that I didn’t do as much bone broth for the GAPS diet as was recommended. I started looking into the benefits of broth and gelatin to see if there was a connection or way that it could help me. 

I stumbled across Empowered Sustenance’s blog on balancing hormones with collagen. The theory is that the glycine in gelatin stimulates stomach acid production. That will improve the digestion and nutrient assimilation. Because poor digestion is often the underlying cause of hormonal imbalances, improving the stomach acid will support the hormone balance.

Gelatin to the rescue! 

So, after reading that it can help to balance out my hormones, I drank a big cup of homemade beef soup which had plenty of gelatin in the broth. It was delicious. I’m hoping to make that a daily habit. 

Will it work? Let’s hope so! 

    My Journey to Heal My Gut Microbiome

    So, I first must admit that I was in a bit of denial about having gut dysbiosis. I figured that since I had mostly normal bowel movements that I didn’t have any problem. I didn’t really pay much mind to the gas or bloating that I would have during my menstrual cycle because it was pretty mild. It wasn’t terribly smelly or loud. I wasn’t debilitated from my PMS symptoms like some of my friends. But as I start to pay more attention to my health and write down the things that do bother me, I’m realizing I have more symptoms of gut dysbiosis than I originally thought. 

    I have attempted the GAPS diet in the past. I usually gave up around month two or three when a seizure would occur or I would run into holidays and have to decide if continuing on a strict diet was worth it. I usually opted to enjoy the junk foods my friends served and get back on the diet after the holidays if at all. Even a full elimination diet or carnivore diet didn’t stop the seizures. They were really mild, but they would still come. 

    Another thing that was frustrating was my alopecia universalis. Hair just doesn’t grow back that quickly. Starting over every few months didn’t seem like a big deal when there was no growth to begin with. 

    I’ve tried the carnivore diet, the GAPS diet, the AIP diet, the paleo ketogenic diet, and the raw vegan diet. Right now, I’m focusing on the paleo ketogenic diet and eating the GAPS and AIP approved foods in small amounts. Carnivore is great, but I’d really like to be eating eggs for variety if I were doing carnivore. 

    I wish I could say I’m having success on this diet, but I’m not. Maybe I’m in the process of having success. I still have seizures that correspond to my menstrual cycle hormone changes. Each month a few days before my cycle, I notice I belch more and feel a bit off. That is my warning. The last few I have had while sleeping, so that is nice, but I am able to feel the seizure come on now and get to a safe place. That wasn’t the case when I was medicating. 

    Benefits of Paleo Ketogenic Diet

    One of the main benefits of the paleo ketogenic diet is that I have lost all my cravings for junk food. Sure, if I see some junk food, I think about how it used to taste and think it is nice, but I don’t feel like I must have a piece of cake or pie. In fact, I’m pretty happy with the meat and vegetables that I eat each day. 

    One important thing that I should note is that I have followed the paleo ketogenic diet now strictly for 2.5 months. I feel strongly that my healing is going to take longer and I really need to stick it out for six months. I wish that I was one of those people who did a thirty day challenge and suddenly felt amazing. But as I scour the success stories looking for other people with epilepsy and/or alopecia, their success has usually taken longer. One epileptics seizures didn’t go away on carnivore until month 4. I read about success on AIP with alopecia universalis taking 8 months for hair regrowth. 

    So, I am working on my patience. 

    What I Eat

    I like to make a breakfast hash by mixing ground beef with butternut squash and onions. I use a small amount of frozen butternut squash and I chop up a slice of onion just to get some flavor into my dish. I use the butternut squash to soak up some extra fat. 

    I make a soup that I eat for lunches or dinners. It consists of beef broth, onions, carrots, and celery. I keep the amount of the vegetables low and make sure they are well boiled. I usually make a batch of it and eat it for 4-5 days. It’s a great meal in the winter, but as the weather warms up, I don’t always feel like eating soup. 

    I have discovered making sashimi at home. To make sure that the fish is safe to eat, make sure you freeze it for a few days. This should kill off any parasites. I dip my sliced fish in coconut aminos since soy sauce is made from soy beans and those are off the AIP diet and the GAPS diet. Even though they are fermented in Tamari, I think it is just better to be safe than sorry. 

    Hamburgers are a mainstay for me. I make a bunch of patties and keep frozen ones on hand to pull out at any time. It makes meal prep very simple and easy. 

    Staying Optimistic

    It is tough to stay optimistic when you haven’t seen any progress. Even harder is when you really didn’t feel all that bad on the standard American diet to begin with. In some ways, the whole Covid shut down has helped me to focus on my health. I’m not going out to eat to a bunch of restaurants or entertaining people and feeling like I should be eating questionable ingredients. 

    One way that I stay optimistic on this diet is by reading success stories from GAPS and Meatrx. I’ve also started learning more about how the gut microbiome and the hormones are connected to brain function. As I understand it more, I feel more confident that I can stick it out a few more months and eventually see some positive results. sashimi (but I don't eat the rice)

    My Gut Dysbiosis

    I’m finally acknowledging that I do have gut dysbiosis. When I was eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), I really didn’t notice much constipation/bloating or PMS symptoms. For me, those symptoms are really pretty minor. But I have started noticing them now that I am tweaking my diet. I did chart my bowel movements and during one cycle I went 13 days without a bowel movement. After I had one, I had a round of diarrhea. It corresponded with my menstrual cycle. The dots started to connect. 

    Yesterday, I googled gut dysbiosis and PMS. I learned that there is a strong connection between having a messed-up gut and having too much estrogen. What can cause seizures and excitability in the brain? Too much estrogen. So, now I’m still working with the paleo ketogenic diet, but I’m trying to figure out just how it is going to work. 

    The last few seizures that I have had were very minor and I had them in bed during times when I would normally be sleeping. This means that it was more of a disappointment than anything else. I didn’t hurt myself. I recovered extremely quickly, but I was super disappointed that the ketogenic diet didn’t prevent the seizure. It may be that the gut dysbiosis isn’t balanced just yet and could take a few more months. 

    I seriously want to add eggs back, but I feel like I should give it a few more months before I attempt it. I’m doing the AIP-approved type of paleo foods for my paleo ketogenic diet.  

    Do I have any hair regrowth? A few pubic hairs that are clear have shown up. So, I might be on the right track to healing the gut and restoring immune function. 

    Combining Exercise and Diet

    When I started the Paleo Ketogenic diet, I was discouraged from exercising. Dr, Zsofia Clemens explained that my body needed to focus on rest and healing. Well, I think it is time to add back some exercise. I got lazy and I don’t think it benefitted me at all. 

    Now, Misha Sakharoff has a program for healing that combines the Buteyko Breathing Exercises with the paleo ketogenic Diet. As much as I want to slack in either my diet or exercise areas, I think combining the two will be helpful for me. 

    I used to be great at exercising everyday. It takes discipline, but once you get in the habit of it, it becomes easy and addictive. 

    In the video below, Misha discusses the program that he used to heal his brain tumor and what he recommends to his patients. His protocol is simple, but not easy. I’m really happy that he states that it is not easy. I have started to find the Paleo Ketogenic Diet much easier, but getting into the breathing exercises again requires discipline.