My Sperti Vitamin D Lamp Review

Today, I’m going to be talking about my personal experience with the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp. I’m here to help you understand whether it’s a worthwhile investment for your vitamin D needs.

You might already know that Vitamin D is crucial for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. But did you know how many people are deficient in this ‘sunshine vitamin’? That’s where devices like the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp can play a role. It can be hard to get outside in the dead of winter when the sun doesn’t shine and this is where the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp can help.

In my opinion, the true value of a product becomes clear only when you have a full picture. I started using the Sperti Lamp when I found that my health issues were connected to low Vitamin D levels. I learned about it online as I researched how to raise my vitamin D deficiency quickly.

My initial impressions: the lamp was incredibly easy to set up and use, it felt durable and well-constructed, and from order to delivery, the customer service was seamless, delivering the package in just 3 days.

Sperti Vitamin D Lamp

In-Depth Review: Analyzing the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp

Vitamin D is essential for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. While the sun is the most natural source, when working indoors you simply can’t get enough sunshine to maintain healthy vitamin D levels.

First up, how does the Sperti Lamp work in raising Vitamin D levels? It emits specific UVB radiation, similar to sunlight, that stimulates Vitamin D production in the skin. I must note, however, that individual responses to UVB exposure can vary. It’s generally a good idea to check with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplementation regimen.

Ease of Use

Now, let’s talk about user-friendliness. I found the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp very easy to use. It came with clear instructions, and all it took was a press of a button to get it started. The auto-timer feature is particularly handy; it shuts off after the recommended exposure time, so there’s no need to clock-watch or worry about overdoing it.


Assessing the quality of the lamp, I can confidently say it’s very well made. The lamp is sturdy and is made with quality materials. It is not flimsy, which gives me confidence in its longevity and safety – important when dealing with UV-emitting devices.

Customer Service

The customer service is seamless. My order went through without a hitch, and the package arrived at my doorstep in just 3 days. Everything was securely packed, and the lamp arrived in perfect condition. Quick, efficient service like that adds to the overall positive experience with a product.


The Sperti Vitamin D Lamp proved to be very effective at raising my vitamin D levels. After using it for three months, my vitamin D levels increased by 20 ng/mL. It increased by approximately 10 ng/mL every six weeks.

I did feel better with higher levels of vitamin D. I had more energy and my seizures had improved. It did not regrow my hair as I had hoped and I started to decrease usage because I felt that my body would do well with co-factors like vitamin B. I have started to get back into the habit and have noticed some eczema on my face rapidly decreasing.

My Results – June 2023

The Verdict: Is the Sperti Lamp Worth the Investment?

I’m going to cut to the chase: when it comes to upping your Vitamin D game without stepping outside, the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp is amazing. It is much more expensive than a daily multivitamin, but it is also much more effective and you don’t end up with synthetic vitamins in your body.

In my opinion, the Sperti Lamp holds its own by delivering Vitamin D directly through the skin, mimicking natural sunlight. Sure, the initial price tag may seem steep but think of this as an investment with a one-time cost. Vitamin D supplements are ongoing expenses, whereas the Sperti Lamp is a one-time purchase with a lasting impact.

I hope that if you’re on the fence, this review helps tip the scales in favor of finding what’s best for your health. I have enjoyed the ease of use of the Sperti Vitamin D lamp. Getting into a habit of using it for five minutes each day is very simple.

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