Diving Into Buteyko Breathing Again

Buteyko Breathing requires a time commitment and that is one reason that I have struggled to stick with it. However, I have noticed that my health often aligns with the Buteyko Breathing table of health. I do have severe alopecia, but in terms of my heart rate and severity of health conditions, it lines up pretty well. 

Today, I started my day with Buteyko breath holds while I was in bed. Right now, I’m writing my blog post while I am walking on my treadmill. I do plan on using my treadmill for at least one or two hours per day. 

I’m hoping to get to the rapid healing stage. I have to take weekly Covid nasal swabs and they hurt so much! I had one two weeks ago and my nose still seems a bit sore. When you get to the super health zones, you supposedly see rapid healing. Boy am I going to need that if I keep up with these nasal swabs. 

Learning the Buteyko Method

I learned the Buteyko breathing exercises from a trained practitioner years ago, but admittedly didn’t keep up with the exercises. Life gets busy. If you are interested in learning the Buteyko breathing exercises, you can find a bunch of them on YouTube. 

There are books on the Buteyko breathing exercises that you can buy. Evelyn Somrak has a five-star rated book called the Buteyko Breathing Method. Her book contains great recommendations on how to stop runny noses, congestion, excessive mucus, and suffocation attacks. 

I have regularly been able to eliminate congestion that comes after eating too many carbohydrates with the Buteyko breathing exercises. The simple STEPS exercises and control pauses help to clear out nasal blockages. I also find that breathing exclusively through your nose can help to keep your nose clear as well. 

Keys to Correct Breathing

  1. Breathe only through your nose.
  2. Breathe with your diaphragm. (Place a hand on your chest and one on your belly to determine whether you are chest breathing or using your diaphragm. If the hand on your belly moves, you are using your diaphragm.)
  3. Make a practice of exercising at least an hour a day. 
  4. Practice Buteyko breathing exercises for at least six weeks for best results. 

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