Earthing Experiment Day 25

I had spotting and a seizure prior to the weekend. This morning, I had some period blood. So, my cycle has shortened considerably. The seizure is still occurring at a point where there is more estrogen than progesterone. I tend to be susceptible to seizures in the very middle of the cycle or right before menstruation. So, it fits the pattern.

Since I was traveling with my family over the weekend, I didn’t worry about the Earthing. I abandoned my gluten-free and nightshade-free diet after realizing that I was eating meat that was seasoned with paprika and chili pepper. I’m going to get back on track and simply not worry about my day of eating junk. I think I would have tried harder to be strict if I hadn’t had a seizure prior to the trip. Getting a seizure out of the way meant that the foods probably weren’t the trigger and I wouldn’t have one from them.

Today has been a day to get back into a routine. I got up and did some Pilates and archery. I was able to do some reading and writing for work. I also took a long nap. Traveling is exhausting and quite hard on the body. I was happy to see my family members over the weekend, but I’m glad to be home!

I’m going to keep on going with my Earthing experiment and report here what my results are. Hopefully, that seizure was the last one and the Earthing mat helps to balance out my hormone levels, but we shall see. 

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