Earthing Experiment Day 29

Well, I failed at my earthing experiment. I forgot to use an Earthing product while I slept last night. Nothing new was worth writing about for the last two days. I wish I had more to report. I’m still experiencing a few sneezes every day, so my seasonal allergies are still going strong. My hair hasn’t grown back at all. 

My digestion is doing well. I had a nice and smooth bowel movement this morning. So, the Earthing hasn’t destroyed my digestive tract. I can’t say that it has been perfect because there were a few days last week when I didn’t have a bowel movement. I didn’t feel uncomfortable and constipated, but I probably should have had one every day.

I have good energy. That hasn’t changed with my Earthing experiment. I sleep really well at night. I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep, so that is good. I’m still hoping to see some improvement after 90 days. I’m almost 1/3 of the way there, but nothing really significant to report. 

Today, I will be staying indoors and using the Earthing products because we have a nice August thunderstorm on the way. It is pouring out right now, and I’m not big on walking barefoot when the grass is really wet. 

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