Beachbody’s Ten Minute Trainer | Can You Get Fit in 10 Minutes a Day?

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Name: Ten Minute Trainer by Tony Horton


Price: $92.85

Owners: Tony Horton and Beachbody

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Ten Minute Trainer Product Overview

This is a series of ten-minute workouts that is aimed to get you a full body workout in ten minutes.

Tony Horton combined some of his most effective moves in these workouts. He combined some moves into a series of power packed total body workouts. He named his technique super stacking because it combines fat burning cardio, body toning and sculpting and ab moves. He also adds resistance for even better results’. Ten minutes of Tony Horton’s super stacking may burn as many calories as thirty minutes of jogging. This is because he combines arm movements with challenging leg exercises. Ten minute trainer takes away the excuse of not having enough time to work out.

The 10-Minute Trainer Kit includes everything that you will need to complete your workouts fast and effectively. There are six great workouts on 2 separate DVDs, on the go workout cards, a resistance band, a cardio belt, a workout calendar, rapid results’ guidebook, a 2-day jump start plan as well as a recipe guide.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: This workout does get your heart rate up in ten minutes. The cardio workout was not extremely challenging, but it did target a few different muscle groups. My heart rate was higher after 10 minutes and I was starting to sweat.

PRO #2: The workout is only ten minutes. This is great for people who don’t have a lot of time to exercise.

PRO #3: There is minimal equipment required to complete the workouts, they only require resistance bands and can be done with or without the bands.

PRO #4: The exercises are fairly simple and Tony Horton does a great job describing how to safely and effectively complete each move.

The Bad:

CON #1: It is only ten minutes. You may be able to get fit in ten minutes here and there, but it will definitely take longer to build muscle.

CON #2: You will not build up endurance with short bursts of energy expenditure.
CON #3: Each of the workouts are on different DVDs, so you will have to change the DVDs when you want to move to a different workout.

Who is Tony Horton’s Ten Minute Trainer for?

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This workout series is great for the busy mom or executive that is really struggling to find time in their day to workout. You will benefit from these exercises. It is great for someone who may not have large blocks of time in order to workout, but can fit a workout in during a child’s nap time or while something is baking in the oven.

Tony Horton’s ten-minute trainer can be effectively used by college students who are trying to juggle work and school and don’t seem to be making it to the gym regularly. This is great for the person whose fitness goal is to lose a few pounds and tone up.

This is a great program for people who are struggling to use their gym membership. You don’t have to drive to the gym and drive back. A drive to and from the gym would end up being at least ten minutes and this will eliminate the travel to the gym time.

Ten minute trainer is more beneficial for people who are beginners and those who are just getting back into fitness rather than advanced athletes. An athlete may use the program during the day to enhance what they are already doing or to focus on other movements that aren’t in their normal training program.

Ten Minute Trainer Tools & Training
The Ten Minute trainer comes with an easy to follow eating plan that focuses on decreasing your caloric intake. While this will help you to lose weight, I tend to prefer to recommend the ketogenic diet for your nutrition, as that puts your body in fat burning mode. . It also comes with pro-grade resistance bands that have comfort flex handles.

Ten minute trainer includes a customized workout calendar, bonus abs routine and on the go workout cards.

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Ten Minute Trainer Support

Since this is a Beachbody product, you can contact support via email at They will answer any questions regarding the schedule or nutrition guide.

Ten Minute Trainer Price

The complete package is $92.85 on Amazon. This is a competitive price for a series of workout DVDs, resistance bands, a nutrition guide and a workout calendar.

My Final Opinion of 10-Minute Trainer

This is a great product for someone whose goal is to lose weight and they can only find time for ten-minute workouts. This gives them a great structure and plan for working out. The workouts are not extremely tough and you won’t be sweating a ton after each one, so you could get by with just wiping the sweat off of your forehead afterward and using some deodorant instead of a full shower.

I think a busy stay at home mom would benefit the most from this product. Often moms have interruptions during their day and it may be better to complete a few different ten-minute workouts instead of not completing a thirty-minute workout.

I had been doing Shaun T’s 25 minute Focus workout for the last week, so the ten-minute trainer seemed like a piece of cake when I did it. However, everyone starts from a different place. I still did end up sweating a little by the end of ten minutes. Having a regular routine of ten-minute workouts and doing them consistently will get you on track to better fitness.

10 Minute trainer at a Glance…
Name: Ten Minute Trainer by Tony Horton

Website: Available at or[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B0016PWG7S” locale=”US” tag=”mcurle08-20″]

Owners: Beachbody and Tony HOrton

Price: $92.85

Overall Scam Rank: 85 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! While this isn’t the most challenging workout, it will fit the lives of many people.

4 thoughts on “Beachbody’s Ten Minute Trainer | Can You Get Fit in 10 Minutes a Day?”

  1. Does he give access to a website, or are these just DVDs and a booklet? Was wondering if you can have access to the program without needing a DVD player. I travel often and the laptops I use don’t have DVD players. Thank you, it looks like a great system to have and take with you!

  2. I’m so pleased that I stumbled across this, as a busy Mum of 2 year old twins and 2 others as well I have been trying my hardest to get some of my pregnancy weight off and I am finding it very hard to spare both the time and the money to get to the gym, I have tried a few other at home fitness DVD’s and have found them too challenging or too long and seem to be interrupted before the end. 10 minutes seems very viable in my daily schedule and this doesn’t seem to need masses of space and equipment which is ideal. Thank you very much for all of the info and Pros & Cons, as a beginner with very little spare time who is just looking to tone up and lose a little weight this seems ideal. Do you have to order special nutritional shakes and lots of extras for the diet side?

    1. I wouldn’t! I prefer to eat a ketogenic diet and leave the nutritional shakes and extras for the birds. You can just order the beachbody access to their exercise programs.

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