Challenge Yourself on a Personal Trampoline

Today is the fourth day of my rebounding journey to regain my health and reverse my autoimmune disease. This morning as I ate breakfast, I dreaded working out for some reason. I knew that I would be energized, but there was something about watching the news that made me want to curl up and forget about getting back on my personal trampoline and bouncing.  I’m still in the mode of discipline and forcing myself to do it. Eventually exercising becomes a habit that you start to love, but I’m still in the early phases of changing my lifestyle.

I selected a very difficult rebounding workout for a personal trampoline today. The difference between the bellicon rebounder and the personal trampoline that I have was evident in this video.

The bounces were higher and these ladies were able to do more fast footwork than I was able to do. I’m not sure that they should have labeled it “beginner.” It was challenging! After ten minutes, I grabbed my water and took a short break.

The fun part of this workout was that they selected upbeat music from the nineties, which was from my childhood. I always find that having upbeat music to listen to while I am jumping on my personal trampoline helpful.  It increases my mood and my desire to exercise and workout harder grows and grows if there is great background music!

As I was getting exhausted by this “beginner” workout, I started thinking about ways that you can challenge yourself on a rebounder.

  1. Increase your time each day. As you use up your ATP and your mitochondria produces more every day, your endurance will grow and grow.
  2. Try challenging moves.  The simple health bounce will provide your body with lots of health benefits, but after awhile, it will get boring. Start to add squats, twists and arm lifts.
  3. Add weights to your workout. You will start sweating very quickly in your rebounding workout on your personal trampoline if you add weights while you bounce.
  4. Speed it up! Pick music with a faster beat and start jumping faster and higher.
  5. Shoot for multiple sessions per day.  Often our lives are so busy that we become complacent and stay pretty much seated the whole day.  Try to jump for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the afternoon.  You’ll discover that even just two minutes will energize you, help oxygenate your brain and focus your mind.
  6. Learn more about the biological effects of what you are doing.  Read books about it, check out informational blogs and watch youtube videos about the health benefits. This will focus your mind more intensely on your goal and the path towards your goal.
  7. Check out my last blog Health Benefits of Rebounding Trampoline Usage

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Rebounding for Healing Alopecia Universalis

Before you get to far into this post, let me emphasize that I have not yet cured my alopecia universalis. I want to be up front and honest with people.  It has been a six year journey of trying and failing to regrow hair. However, I have decided to put my exercise efforts into rebounding for a number of reasons.

  1. It is fun!
  2. People have used rebounding to cure cancer and heal from other diseases.
  3. One of the health benefits of rebounding is to oxygenate the body.
  4. Oxygenating the body helps to reduce inflammation.
  5. Alopecia is simply inflammation of the hair follicles disrupting the growth cycle.
  6. Rebounding helps improve digestion by increasing peristalsis.
  7. Rebounding improves the immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system.
  8. Alopecia Universalis is an autoimmune condition. Improving immune function will help to improve the symptoms of autoimmunity.
  9. Rebounding rids the body of toxins.  Toxins often are the cause of autoimmunity.

Before you start telling me to do the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol.  I have already tried that.  I stuck with it for about three months with no noticeable difference. I did not stick with it because I had a seizure.  I have done the raw vegan diet.  I stuck with that for six months.  I have eliminated gluten and milk for months at a time.  I have done the ketogenic diet most recently for about two months. I used nutrition response testing, where they pushed on my arm and tried to detect nutrient deficiencies and correct them with specific supplements, for two years and no hairs grew back. I actually have more energy than most of my friends and feel great.  The only problem is that my hairs are refusing to grow and I have the occasional seizure.  It bums me out quite a bit.

The latest supplement that I have started taking is Restore4Life.  I’m excited by the science behind this product, but I’m a bit cautious about getting my hopes up.[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”160″ identifier=”B01DVACA1C” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”160″]

I have something working on the “tight junctions” of my gut and preventing the zonulin from glyphosate and gluten from further damaging the lining of my gut and allowing it to leak and wreak havoc with my immune system.  I have been taking Restore for about seven and a half weeks now. While I’m not seeing a lot of results just yet, I’m optimistic because this morning I saw a few non-terminal pubic hairs.  What are non-terminal hairs?  They are white hairs.  I’ve seen more than I have ever seen on a diet before, so that is encouraging.

I want to turn my results around and make this work, which is why I am sharing my experience with you. Now that I have a supplement that is working on my gut and nutrient deficiencies, I’m going to focus my exercise efforts on rebounding!  [easyazon_image align=”none” height=”85″ identifier=”B000JC2ZHA” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”160″]

I read up on how Chris Wark beat cancer.  He did have surgery, but he also rebounded three times a day.  His diet was whole foods based. Most of the foods that I currently consume are green veggies and meats, so I’m not going to stress out any more about my diet.  I will be rebounding as much as I possibly can during the day though.

There are a wealth of workouts and rebounding videos online.  This morning, my inspiration came from this cute lady teaching people how to rebound and use weights at the same time.  As I listened to her, her message really resonated with me.  I am trying to fix a condition that not a lot of people have. I think I will have success as I stick with rebounding and restore.

I whipped out some light weights this morning, and turned on this youtube video and got to exercising.  I rebounded for about half an hour and walked for about half an hour on my treadmill.  I will share my results with you online.  [easyazon_image align=”none” height=”113″ identifier=”B0013TNG26″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”160″]