Earthing Day 18 – Does it Make You Happier?

I don’t have much to report today. Any improvements that my body is making are difficult to detect in part because I don’t feel like I suffer from many health issues. The ones that I’m trying to cure are either not evident on a daily basis (seizures) or it is well-known that hair follicles take some time to even produce a hair much less recover from inflammation and restart the growing process. 

So, while I still haven’t had a seizure on this protocol, I don’t know if it is entirely due to Earthing, but I’m pretty sure that it helped. I have not had any hair regrowth. I’m someone who has absolutely no body hair or head hair. I would notice if there was regrowth. That is super disappointing, but it could take the full 90 days to start regrowing. 

Earthing’s Effect on Mental Health

While perusing YouTube this morning, I came across this clip from the Earthing movie. It talks about how Earthing makes you happier. I will say that the Earthing experiment has improved my mood a bit. I have found the motivation to practice the piano and do archery. Those activities definitely make me happier. I’m not sure that connecting with the Earth was the cause of it, but I have found myself enjoying archery, gardening, and piano much more lately. 

Part of the Earthing process has you getting outside in the sunshine. It could be an added dose of vitamin D that also enhances your state of happiness. Connecting with the Earth feels good. I don’t know if it could be a cure for depression as claimed in the video, but I do think it helps. 

If you haven’t started Earthing, what are you waiting for? Take those shoes off and get outside today. 


I will warn against too much barefoot walking too quickly. I think that I may have gone headfirst into the barefoot walking and discovered that chiggers in the grass liked to bite my feet. They are a little pink with some itchy patches and I’m now walking in the mornings with my Earthing shoes just until the skin goes back to normal. It isn’t really uncomfortable like a rash, but it looks like one.

I’m not sure what happened with the rash. I do hope to go back to the barefoot walking again. I think it stimulated certain reflexology points on my feet and kind of felt good after I adjusted to it. 

If you have extreme or severe conditions, it may be wise to build up the time that you spend Earthing or you could experience a Herxheimer type of reaction where you start to feel worse because you are healing too quickly. Earthing is very natural and people used to stay connected to the Earth 24/7. Let’s get back to nature and reconnect with the Earth! 

Try Earthing today! It just may change your life for the better.

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