Creating a Successful 30 Day Carnivore Diet Plan

Dr. Shawn Baker and Mikhaila Peterson have popularized the carnivore diet lately. Mikhaila Peterson actually was able to find relief from her arthritis and depression by eating only meat and drinking water. This could be a wonderful solution for people who are faced with multiple autoimmune conditions, which is one reason I decided that I would take the zero carbohydrate challenge this month.

One of the biggest challenges with switching from an omnivore diet to a carnivore diet is creating a meal plan. While it is simple enough to eat only meat, planning out which meats that you’ll want to eat and which one’s fit into your budget can be quite the challenge.

A Carnivore Breakfast

Going into a carnivore diet, I was used to breakfast foods. Growing up, cereal was the breakfast that my mother encouraged her children to make for themselves. I would have two bowls of raisin bran. One didn’t seem to fill me up. Carbs tend to encourage you to eat more than one serving.

The carnivore breakfast was actually pretty easy to adjust to after a ketogenic diet. I simply had to drop the avocados and berries from my plate and increase the amount of eggs. I also ended up adding a hamburger patty to breakfast, which at first seemed odd, but it helped keep me full.

Other carnivore breakfast ideas:

  • scrambled eggs
  • deviled eggs
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • cheese omelet
  • cheesy scrambled eggs
  • fried eggs
  • bacon
  • sausage
  • hamburger patties
  • steak

On the carnivore diet, you are only supposed to eat from the animal family. You could include cheese to make a cheese omelet, but I’m challenging myself, as someone with an autoimmune condition to quit the dairy addiction. You also aren’t supposed to drink tea or coffee, but many carnivores keep them in their diet. As I adjust to life without cheese, I have added a mint tea with a scoop of gelatin for added protein and collagen.

Side note about bacon and sausage: These meats can contain some fillers or chemicals that may have wheat in them. Be careful to read the ingredients labels.

Lunch Zero Carb Ideas

Lunch can be challenging. Some people pack their lunches as they head off to work. Meat doesn’t always pack well. However, I’ve found some great meats that fit easily into a lunch pail. I’ve also started to eat a bigger breakfast, so I don’t really need a lunchtime meal to hold me over.

  • Tuna Fish (I like to mix my tuna fish with mayonnaise for added fats.)
  • Salmon
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Chicken soup (This is possible with a thermos or if you have access to a stove to heat it up. I drink the broth and the chicken. I may flavor it with onions, carrots and celery, but just toss the veggies instead of eating them. Keeping it carnivore.)
  • Luncheon meats and cheese roll ups (again, this is if you are willing to consume dairy)

Dinner Ideas

Dinner meats are a bit easier. I do like steak and sometimes it fits into my budget. However, here are some other ideas for meats that are cheaper that can fit into a carnivore lifestyle.

  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Salmon
  • Tilapia (Costco has inexpensive frozen tilapia that cooks up nicely)
  • Hamburger patties
  • Hot dogs

When purchasing hot dogs or hamburger patties, read the label to make sure that there aren’t harmful fillers.

Zero Carb Snack Ideas

The crazy thing about snacking on a carnivore diet is that it quickly becomes obsolete. You find that you are only eating when you are hungry, so while there aren’t many snacks that fit the carnivore diet plan, you don’t need that many! You will quickly discover that you are only eating when you are actually hungry and don’t need to snack every few hours like you were doing on a standard American diet.

  • Beef jerky (make your own. There are loads of chemicals added to the store-bought one’s.)
  • Beef sticks
  • Cheese sticks
  • Pork rinds

As with processed meats, check your labels for your snacks. Make sure that they haven’t added any allergens into your snacks.

Eating Out on the Carnivore Diet

Ok, so far, I’ve only eaten out twice while I’ve been following the carnivore diet. I had some chicken, which didn’t have allergens in it from Famous Dave’s and a steak at Luciano’s. These were both dates. I explained to the waiter that I didn’t want salad or side dishes and I asked if their meats contained any gluten. The waiters were accommodating and understanding. I felt like the eating part of the date went smoothly. Our personalities didn’t click, so maybe the dates were turned off by the gluten-free carnivore diet, but my meal was delicious.

Another great idea for eating out is an all-you-can eat buffet. This gives you the option of only selecting foods that are carnivore. I have a date scheduled for an all you can eat brunch on Saturday. My date laughed at the idea, so I’m looking forward to meeting this guy. I haven’t let him in on the fact that I’m doing the carnivore 30 day challenge, but I did say that I enjoy meat and planned on eating the bacon. LOL!

If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, The Liberty Tavern has a good brunch menu for carnivores! They include sirloin steak, bacon, scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, and smoked sausage. That is a good variety for a carnivore.

List of Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Not eating enough food (this causes unwanted excessive weight loss or other symptoms)
  2. Not drinking enough water (make sure you satisfy your thirst.)
  3. Not adding salt to food (you can experience same keto flu symptoms on this diet too)
  4. Eating a moderate all meat diet with added fruits, vegetables & other types of carbs. Eliminating the vegetables and fruits initially for a month can help you to determine one’s that may be triggering a reaction for you.
  5. Avoiding fatty meats because of cholesterol. (The cholesterol is good for your cell membranes.)

Go Easy on Yourself

Some people are able to make the switch to all beef and water immediately. Other people are better able to stick with this diet if they replace their veggies with meats that they have always enjoyed. I found it easier to taper off the carbohydrates and not stress out about eliminating eggs and dairy initially. I’ve eliminated eggs, but next week, I’ll take a stab at eliminating butter and give it a go. It is highly likely that I’m reacting to casein as well as the gluten that I was consuming, but I know that I’ll have a better chance at sticking with the diet if I take it one step at a time and not shock my system.

Join a Support Group

If you have questions about sticking with the carnivore diet or want to hear from others who have had success with healing their health problems through carnivore eating, joining a support group should be right up your alley. Here are a few groups that you may want to consider checking out:

  • The World Carnivore Tribe public Facebook group
  • The Principia Carnivora closed Facebook group
  • The Zero Carb subreddit forum
  • The Zero Carb Health closed Facebook group
  • Walking Off The Weight

    I will admit, I succumbed to the treats during Teacher Appreciation week. I ate cookies, donuts, pizza, and more. Yes, it was delicious. Yes, I was in denial about how much I was eating, but at the end of the day, the scale doesn’t lie. I probably packed on a good 5-10 pounds with junk foods from being appreciated. It is wonderful to feel appreciated. It isn’t so wonderful to deal with the repercussions of overeating a few unhealthy foods. I will be walking off the weight this summer!

    So far, I’ve lost about half of what I put on simply by walking and cutting out all sugar. I also drastically cut back on my carbohydrate consumption, and it seems to be working. I’ve also been walking. No gym, no serious weight training program, just the simplicity of a daily walk. I add in Pilates and light weights or a rebounding exercise program when I have the time, but I focus on consistently getting in a daily walk.


    Walking Schedule to Lose Weight

    I’ve always set aside some time in the morning to exercise. Whether that exercise happened, was a bit inconsistent. However, one thing that I have learned over the years is that if you want to be successful at something, you should schedule it into your day. For me, this means that I’m scheduling in a morning walk for thirty minutes and an evening walk for thirty minutes.

    Tips for scheduling your walk:

    1. Find a consistent time each day. This will help you to make your daily walk a habit.
    2. Schedule a time when you usually don’t have other commitments that will distract you from your walk. For example, you don’t want to schedule a lunchtime walk when your boss frequently schedules impromptu meetings or your co-workers invite you to lunch.
    3. Block off time for your walk first and foremost. Then schedule the rest of your day, so you won’t be tempted to do other tasks during your scheduled walking time.
    4. Schedule two walks if possible. For many people, this won’t be possible, but a morning and evening walk helps to keep my energy high throughout the day and ensures a restful night’s sleep.


    Making Walking Fun

    Let’s face it, putting one foot in front of the other on your treadmill for an hour a day is one of the most boring things that you can do with your life. There just isn’t that much to it and it isn’t that fun. However, there are some ways that you can make walking a bit more challenging and add some incentive to your routine.

    1. Get a FitBit – Fitbits can monitor your steps. You can even join walking challenges with your friends and see who can walk the most.
    2. Take a dog with you. My pooch passed away this year, but I have discovered that my neighbor’s dog enjoys walking with me as much as my own dog did. You can also turn your fitness routine into a bit of a money maker and sign up for to earn money while you walk.
    3. Combine it with entertainment. I love to walk on my treadmill desk and watch silly youtube videos. The videos take my mind of the boredom that walking on a treadmill provides.
    4. Create a walking group. Many of your neighbors have the same health goals as you. It is a great idea to team up with some of them and walk your way to better health. Not only will you be healthier, but you’ll form stronger relationships with your neighbors in the process.

    Health Benefits of 30 Minutes of Walking Per Day

    1. Weight Loss. You’ll be burning more calories per day that you had been.
    2. Reduced risk of chronic disease. According to the American Diabetes Association, walking will lower your blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes. The researchers at the University of Boulder Colorado and the University of Tennessee discovered that walking lowered blood pressure as much as eleven points. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2002 found that 30 minutes of walking per day lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%.
    3. Improved Digestion. Some people who are sedentary have issues with constipation or diarrhea. When you regularly walk, you stimulate the peristalsis in your digestive system. It improves gastric mobility. When patients go through abdominal surgery, one of the first things that they do is walk because it uses the core and abdominal muscles. This encourages movement in our gastrointestinal system.
    4. Improve mood. Researchers for the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health who studied the effect of an urban walk in the fall, found that a short walk in an urban park can induce parasympathetic nerve activity. It can suppress sympathetic nerve activity and decrease your heart rate. This will enhance your mood and reduce anxiety. A walk in the park can confer the physiological and psychological effects of relaxation.
    5. Goals seem achievable. When you are able to stick with a consistent routine, you become more confident in your ability to achieve tasks. Kim Evans, a personal trainer, says, “I firmly believe that walking regularly can help you accomplish the goals you set your mind to.” As you believe you can achieve more, you start to take the action steps that will help you reach your goals.









    Following A Wheat and Gluten Free Diet

    Everywhere you turn, you can hear about someone turning to a wheat and gluten free diet. What is so dangerous about wheat? Why are more and more people becoming sensitive to gluten? Should you try a wheat and gluten free diet for your own health?

    I have struggled with a relatively harmless autoimmune condition for the last nine years. I have alopecia universalis. My hair follicles have turned off and stopped the production of hair for my whole body. All the body hair has been impacted. While it has been wonderful not to be shaving my legs, wearing a wig is annoying. Having people assume you are dying with cancer is worse in my opinion, so I wear a wig to look normal.

    I started testing out dietary regimens when my doctors had to take me off the prescription that was working to regrow hair. Prednisone was also working to make me fat and give me acne. So, I quit taking doctors advice. I quit the crazy cycle of going to them all the time for things they couldn’t really explain. They did have an expensive prescription that would eliminate one symptom and cause another though!


    Damaging Effects of Gluten

    Wheat and the proteins that are in it are gut irritants. You can imagine that it is like a splinter digging into the lining of the gut. It causes an inflammatory response.

    Most people recognize individuals with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Their inflammation is immediate and profound. However, the inflammation from wheat is problematic even for people who aren’t sensitive to gluten specifically. There is something called Amylase trypsin inhibitors (ATIs) which can provoke an inflammatory immune response in the GI tract by stimulating the immune cells. This happens in everyone, whether they have celiac disease or not. It will cause trouble for you whether your a gluten sensitive or not.

    The inflammation that wheat proteins triggers contributes to intestinal permeability. This means that foods that should stay in the digestive tract can be leaked into your bloodstream. Many people refer to this as “leaky gut.” When these molecules get into your blood stream, they wreak havoc with your immune system. You become susceptible to autoimmune conditions.

    Neurological illnesses such as epilepsy, depression, and anxiety also are common in those who react to gluten. In addition, a serious autoimmune condition called gluten ataxia affects a few people.

    People who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity often suffer from high levels of peripheral neuropathy. This causes a tingling or “pins and needles” in the fingers and toes. This sensation stems from damage to the nerves in your extremities. Going gluten free may improve peripheral neuropathy.

    Another damaging effect of gluten are seizures. Seizures are a symptom of neurons which fire incorrectly. Celiac disease has been associated with a type of epilepsy and bilateral occipital calcifications.


    Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet

    Eliminating the gluten and gliadin protein from your diet can offer a whole host of benefits as your body starts to heal itself and your health starts to improve. You may notice the following effects as you become gluten free:

    1. Improved cholesterol levels
    2. Better digestive health
    3. Increased energy levels
    4. An elimination of unhealthy, processed foods from your diet.
    5. An increase in nutrients from meat, fruits and vegetables.
    6. Reduction in the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
    7. Improves the immune system’s ability to ward off viruses and germs.
    8. Weight loss. Carbohydrates from wheat containing products often are very addictive and lead to overeating.
    9. Reduction in symptoms of arthritis and irritable bowel disease.
    10. Heightened awareness of the impact of food on health.


    Getting Started Gluten Free

    My first attempt with the gluten free diet was a raw vegan diet. I eliminated wheat and grains. I juiced and ate loads of raw vegetables. Salads were a favorite meal. I do not recommend this diet to anyone. Your body does need some of the vitamins and minerals in animal products.

    I was puzzled after six months of being a raw vegan as to why my diet wasn’t working. However, I hadn’t really eliminated gluten. I hadn’t read the label on the salad dressing bottle to see that it contained gluten! Gluten is in almost everything. It is so frustrating. Not only that, but you have to eliminate it for months on end before the damage that has been done by gluten can be repaired.

    If you are just getting started going wheat and gluten free, I have some important tips for you.

    1. Read every label of food that you plan on consuming.
    2. Cut out breads and pasta.
    3. Focus on eating meats that you prepare at home.
    4. Consume some small amounts of fruits and vegetables if you feel the need to eat them.
    5. Steam vegetables. Do not cook them in vegetable oil.
    6. Pay attention to spice packets and seasoning blends. This is where gluten can hide!

    Don’t Get Tempted to Try It

    My biggest pitfall thus far has been to cave in to my temptations when I felt like my efforts were futile. I reasoned that I didn’t have any big major reaction such as a rash or a seizure when I ate the gluten, so I must not be that sensitive to it. Here’s the problem, some of the inflammation that it triggers won’t be noticeable. When it lowers the thyroid production, it is unlikely that you’ll notice it.

    I was getting frustrated at not seeing results by eliminating the foods with massive amounts of wheat in them, the breads and pasta. However, I was still consuming small amounts through the salad dressings, so while the inflammation in my body lessened, I hadn’t eliminated the trigger. It was still there.

    Tips For Success With a Wheat and Gluten Free Diet

    A few weeks ago, I decided I’d delve back into another elimination diet and attempt to heal my alopecia universalis yet again. This time has been much easier. I knew that cravings for wheat and gluten containing products would subside within the first week if I was able to simply stick with it. However, I did a few things to ensure my success.

    • Joined Facebook Groups that promoted diets that were gluten free – Zeroing in On Health, Principa Carnivore, Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet,
    • Threw out the foods that would tempt me. I can’t have foods around that tempt me. I’ll just justify eating them up and think that I won’t buy them again. Out of sight, out of mind.
    • Told my family this is what I was doing and asked for their support.
    • Informed my dates that I would only be eating the steak and avoiding the sauces and sides. (This actually has not been that bad. When I inform them that wheat can trigger seizures and I am prone to seizures, they have been understanding and supportive. I may not ever hear from them again, but so far, so good!)



    Why Should Humans Eat Meat?

    The dietary debate rages online. Many people are adopting extreme vegan diets and others and going complete carnivore. Who is right? Is it better for the planet to eat vegetables or meat? Why should humans eat meat? What does the science behind plant based diets say?

    Today, I’m going to share some of my experiences with testing out a raw vegan diet, the ketogenic diet and the carnivore diet. I am a serial dieter and I joke with people that I have tried them all. In reality, I’ve experimented with quite a few diets. I was sold on being a raw vegan and having that heal my alopecia about 8 years ago. I just knew it would. But it didn’t. The scientific research told me it would.

    Over the years, I discovered that scientific research is backed by big money. In fact, if “science” tells you that you should be doing something, it is highly likely that you should be doing just the opposite.


    Is it better for the environment to eat meat or plants?

    This is a question that I have pondered a lot. We hear about how much water it takes to create a pound of beef versus a pound of broccoli, which makes it sound like going for the broccoli would be the best thing for the environment. But think back to 8th grade physical science when you learned about matter. There was a law that went something like this, “Matter can not be created or destroyed. It is only changed.” So, while the water is first used to hydrate the plant, once you eat it, it nourishes you and you expel the waste product in urine. That urine gets filtered and is used again to water another plant.

    Now, if you apply that cycle to include an animal, you haven’t used up the water. It has changed purpose and form a few times, but you haven’t used it up. And by the way, who says using water for life is wasting it anyway? So, you have to feed the plants that feed the animal which you end up eating.

    One question that should be asked is if the cow provides a benefit to the planet. Raising cows in a factory as is the practice now, is not humane and not sustainable. They do not benefit the environment when they are cooped up in cages and pens. However, when cows are allowed to roam in pastures, they do enrich the soil with their manure and in nature they would be preyed upon by wolves, so the cows would feed the wolves. Manure provides essential nutrients to the topsoil. Many of these nutrients have been depleted or even eliminated with the use of nitrogen fertilizers. So, you see, commercially raised meats and vegetables both are sub par when it comes to nutrition.


    We Evolved Eating Meat

    The modern, intellectual humans that we know and love today have large brains. We could not have become the humans that we are now without a very nutritional diet. The brain is a nutritionally demanding organ and to grow a big one required eating at least some meat. Meat provides you far more calories with far less effort than a vegetarian diet.

    Many people cite that the structure of our canines doesn’t resemble that of other carnivorous animals. This could be an evolutionary change as well. Animal muscle meat eaten straight from the carcass does require a lot of ripping and tearing. That calls for sharp teeth with a powerful bite. However, once we learned to process our meat with tools, such as knives and stones, the need for such large teeth diminished. This could have led to other changes including a larger brain, more advanced speech organs and better thermoregulation.



    Where do Humans Fit in the Food Chain?

    One day, I was listening to my co-teacher instruct the students on the food chain. I noticed that in schools, at least in 7th grade, they don’t include the humans in the food chain. Perhaps they don’t want to disturb young minds about the thought that another predator will eat them. However, in the food chain there are natural predators. Birds eat insects, bugs and berries. Rabbits eat grass and leaves. Wolves eat the rabbits. There is not politics in the natural food chain. They eat what nature requires them to eat. Animals don’t consult a food pyramid or ponder grocery store aisles reading labels. They simply eat what they can.

    At some point, you have to accept that death is part of life. For the snake to live, it has to eat the mouse. It doesn’t matter that the mouse is a wonderful rodent or how much you love rodents. The snake will eat it to survive. Plants also need things to die and decay in order for the soil to be nourished. Lierre Keith, in the Vegetarian Myth, explains that plants don’t want to be eaten and they defend themselves with toxins, or anti-nutrients. Perhaps plant poisons are their way of slowly killing the other animals in order to nourish the soil with decay and bacteria. (I’m not saying that it is, just a point to ponder.)

    Nature has a tendency to bring itself back into balance. When there is an overpopulation of predators, some of them die out. As the population of prey increases, the predators suddenly have more food and they start to multiply. In the end, it balances itself out.

    So, what happens when one animal’s prey isn’t available and they still want to survive? They may start to disrupt the food chain and eat another animal’s food. The populations will increase and decrease accordingly. However, the animals may not be eating optimal foods designed for their species and develop illnesses and disease more readily.

    Humans are actually an apex predator. They do not have many (if any) other predators. They are at the top of the food chain and able to eat meat. Humans also have an adaptation to digest plant matter. However, it is important to note that when plants are eaten, the body doesn’t digest plants. It is actually our gut bacteria that breaks it down prior to our body absorbing the nutrients.

    The problem that many people are running into today is that the gut microbiome is compromised due to heavy usage of pesticides, such as glyphosate. Without gut bacteria to break down our foods, we are experiencing autoimmune disorders, leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome and many other health conditions.


    What Does the Science Say?

    Vegetarian studies like to demonstrate that humans can survive on vegetables. This is great. Scientific studies encourage people to question their beliefs and gain new insights into the way that the world around them works. Unfortunately, all the nutritional science available is a bit flawed. They often cite that a certain vegetable provides benefits based on studies that are carried out on rats. Humans are not rats. Another problem with the scientific studies is that they are epidemiological studies. There is no good control group where all the variables that could impact someone’s life are controlled.

    I have yet to find a study that compares a vegetarian diet to a diet of only meat. That would be an interesting study. Some people claim that you can’t be a vegan long term. Your body requires vitamin B. Many vegetarians are getting animal protein in the form of eggs and dairy and have discovered great health with just a small amount of animal protein. The question then arises is it the vegetables that are keeping them healthy or the small amount of animal protein.

    As a college student taking statistics, I realized that you can create a study and a statistic to support any conclusion that you want to make. You simply have to eliminate certain factors or manipulate some variables. This can be done by including a subgroup of people or manipulating the time frame such that the results you don’t want to show up isn’t included. So, I would have to say that science is really inconclusive about this one. It is important to note that some of the food science or scientific fraud that was introduced to us in the form of the food pyramid is turning out to be more detrimental to our health than helpful. Following a diet high in refined carbohydrates does not lead you to better health.


    Test it Out For Yourself

    I’ve come full circle when it comes to my thoughts about eating meat. When I first wanted to heal from my autoimmune condition, I bought a juicer and a ton of vegetables. I ate raw vegan for months on end. I lost fifteen pounds and looked emaciated. My hair didn’t grow. I felt alright, but there was no improvement in my health. After I had a seizure, I gave up on that diet. I continued searching for different ways to heal from my autoimmune disease, alopecia universalis.

    My ketogenic experience was great. I really felt good on the ketogenic diet. I had what I felt was a moderate amount of protein from animals and plenty of low carbohydrate vegetables. My health stayed the same. I didn’t feel an incredible increase in energy or lose a ton of weight, as some people reported. It didn’t cure my epilepsy or alopecia. However, I did feel satiated most of the time. I had no cravings for food.

    While I was online a few months ago, I discovered a carnivore diet. You simply eat meat and drink water. The Zero Carb group promotes this way of eating as healthier because you avoid the plant’s antinutrients. Even though I was avoiding gluten and processed sugars, my autoimmune condition was sticking around. So, a few weeks ago, I committed to zero carbohydrate. I’m now eating a ton of meat and not much else. I do still have a few berries for breakfast, but I plan to cut them out eventually. My skin feels amazing with the increase in fats and protein in my diet. I have tons of energy and my thinking seems to be a bit more clear.

    Why should humans eat meat? It may seem cruel to eat other animals to some. However, it is the easiest way to obtain all the nutrients that sustain life. It is something that we have done throughout the ages to grow our brain. If you test it out, you may discover that you feel better eating meat!





    Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review

    Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Flavor Review

    Name: Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Flavor


    Price: $16.71 ($2.26 / Ounce)

    Owners: Amazing Grass

    Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


    Amazing Grass Green Superfood, Product Overview

    Amazing Grass Green Superfood is by far the most convenient way to get 3 servings of vegetables into your day. It is a simply delicious powder that you mix with water and enjoy. Amazing Grass Green Superfood is available in six great tasting flavors – original, berry, chocolate, orange dream and lemon lime and watermelon.

    Amazing Grass Green Superfood helps with the healthy elimination of toxins and digestion. Fruits and vegetables are very cleansing for the body and if you have a toxic overload, increasing your fruit and vegetable intake can assist with detoxification.

    Amazing Grass is based on a family farm in Kansas that focuses on organic foods. They focus on harvesting nutrient dense greens. The carefully crafted Amazing Grass products are made with the highest quality, plant based ingredients curated from other like-minded farmers from around the world.



    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    PRO #1: This product will boost your energy. The lemon-lime flavor does have some caffeine in it that is a nice gentle energy boost.

    PRO #2: Amazing Grass Superfood is made with quality organic ingredients.

    PRO #3: This is an easy way to get 3 servings of fruits and veggies into your day. You don’t need to drag out your juicer and go through the mess and inconvenience of juicing. It is a nice, simple scoop of powder into water. I felt it gave all the benefits of juicing with none of the hassle.

    The Bad:

    CON #1: As I learn more about the ketogenic/carnivore diet, I question whether these vitamins and nutrients are truly more bioavailable from plants versus animals.

    CON #2: With a wide variety of plants in each scoop, if you are suffering from an allergy to a specific type of vegetable anti-nutrient (ie. oxylates), it would be very hard to isolate and identify the trigger. For people dealing with irritable bowel syndrome, you may want to stay away from this product.


    Who is Amazing Grass Green Superfood For?

    This is for the busy individual who wants to ensure that they are getting 3 servings of greens in each and every day. It is great for the on-the-go vegan who feels like greens are the key to health. It is wonderful for people who don’t like to eat vegetables, but still have a strong belief that vegetables are the best source of vitamin and nutrients. Kids who are reluctant to eat their vegetables may be able to get on board with a scoop of berry flavored Amazing Grass Green superfood.



    Amazing Grass Green Superfood Support

    The Amazing Grass company has great support. If you have questions, comments or concerns, you can email them at You can also give them a call at 866-472-7711.

    If you have questions regarding your order, you can shoot them an email at or if you want to track your package, email to



    Amazing Grass Green Superfood Price

    The cost of the Amazing Grass Green Superfood comes in at $16.71 ($2.26 / Ounce) per container. It is $2.26 per ounce. The price per ounce seems a bit high compared to regular vegetables, but you take a much smaller dose of this each time. There are 30 servings in each container, so it comes out to less than a dollar per day.

    There are other greens powders that are less expensive, but the ingredients aren’t quite as high quality as Amazing Grass. Garden of Life Green Superfood is $3.23 per ounce, so I would say that Amazing Grass Green Superfood is competitively priced.

    If you are comparing taking this supplement to juicing, you will be saving yourself a lot of money and a lot of time. Juicing requires buying a lot of organic produce and then investing time in washing, cutting, juicing and cleaning it up.

    My Final Opinion of Amazing Grass Green Superfood

    I actually loved this product when I took it. The Lemon Lime and Berry flavors were my favorite. I didn’t mind the slight taste of wheatgrass. I adjusted to it. In fact, after a few days, I really did enjoy the flavor of it. I preferred it in water so I could enjoy the taste rather than in my smoothies, which were already pretty flavorful.

    The downside to Amazing Grass Green Superfood was that I didn’t see any improvement in the autoimmune condition that I was hoping it would cure. I used this product for about six months, but I didn’t see any hair regrowth for my alopecia universalis. For that reason, I discontinued using it and tried other products. It isn’t a miracle cure, but you may feel more energized by taking it.

    So, why did I only give it an 80/100? I’m not sure that some of the nutrients are essential. In fact, the longer that I do the ketogenic diet, the more I am convinced that you can get all the essential vitamins and minerals that you need from meats. Eating meat isn’t popular with vegans and omnivores may still feel that there are essential vitamins in vegetables.

    This product may help many people feel better because it does provide a good dose of many essential vitamins. It has 61% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin K, which is great for building bones. One scoop will also get you 40% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C.

    One of the nice things about this superfood powder is that it only contains about 1 gram of fiber. Fiber is not an essential nutrient and can actually be very harmful to individuals with digestive disorders. It can irritate the gut. Taking a powder with a high amount of nutrients and low amount of fiber can encourage the gut to heal.


    Amazing Grass Green Superfood at a Glance…

    Name: Amazing Grass Green Superfood

    Owners: Amazing Grass

    Price: $16.71 ($2.26 / Ounce)

    Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100

    VERDICT: LEGIT! If I still was on board with eating vegetables for my nutrients, I would have given this product 100/100. I do think it is a great product for people who are vegan or individuals who are seeking to boost their daily nutrients.


    Many older people may experience anxiety and depression as they age. Anxiety can be recognized as extreme nervousness, feelings of fear and apprehensive paired with clinical symptoms such as a raised heartbeat, increased sweatiness, palpitations, dizziness, and shortness of breath.

    Depression is another psychiatric disorder that is characterized by the loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities over the course of at least two weeks. Symptoms of depression may include, frequent crying, ignoring the importance of personal hygiene, thinking about suicide, feeling worthless, excessive somnolence or insomnia, and weight changes. Regardless of popular opinion, it should be known that these mood disorders are not a normal part of the aging process and should be recognized at the right moment and be dealt with carefully. Around 3% to 14% of older adults fulfill the criteria of a diagnosable anxiety disorder and around 27% of adults may not have enough symptoms to meet the criteria of a diagnosed disorder, but those symptoms might be sufficient to be negatively impacting their emotional well being.

    The only solution to these problems in the elderly would be seeking some form of treatment either in the form of therapy or medications. The mainstay of treatment is therapy in the form of counseling and simple breathing exercises paired with relaxing techniques such as circular breathing. These techniques discussed below can be learned and practiced on one’s own:

    1. Practicing deep breathing exercises: Deep breathing is a simple yet powerful exercise which helps you enjoy the added benefit of practicing this technique at any time, place and situation. It can be combined with other techniques such as aromatherapy and music for added benefit. The core concept of deep breathing is making an effort to breathe from your abdomen instead of your upper chest. This technique can be practiced while sitting up straight or by lying down, breathing through your nose and exhaling out of your mouth.

    2. Progressive muscle relaxation: Progressive muscle relaxation is another popular technique which works on the principle of relaxing different muscle groups of the body. If practiced properly, ultimately a point can be reached where the whole body and the mind can be relaxed swiftly. Older adults should consult their physician before starting this technique if they have a history of muscle spasms, back pain or other serious injuries responsible for muscle rigidity and stiffness. The sequence to be followed for the execution of this technique is as follows: Right foot then left foot, moving on to the calves and the thighs, hips and buttocks, stomach, chest, back, right arm and then the left arm, neck, and shoulders, and then the face.

    3. Mindfulness meditation: This technique is a technique practiced widely in solitude. Rather than worrying about the unforeseen future, this technique focuses on reflecting on the past and enabling the person to fully take charge of the present. This technique encourages the person to release toxic internal thoughts and sensations. For maximal effect, this practice can be paired with deep breathing and muscle relaxation techniques.

    4. Rhythmic movements: Rhythmic movements which would not take a toll on the health of older adults such as walking or light jogging can help relieve stress. This takes one’s mind off toxic thoughts and focuses it on the physical activity at hand. It also lowers blood pressure and gives the person more control over their health and chronic debilitating diseases which might be an important contributing factor in anxiety and depression.

    5. Visualization: Visualization or guided imagery is a technique which is dependent upon one’s imagination to achieve mental and physical well being. It involves imagining a scene in which you feel completely at peace. It may be a favorite vacation spot you always wanted to go, a nostalgic childhood place or a completely imagined scenario. This technique can be practiced on your own or even a therapist can guide you through this process. Listening aids such as soothing music depicting birds chirping or the waves of the ocean can be downloaded to help make this experience more realistic.

    While stress and frustration in the older population are inevitable, it should always be encouraged to put in an effort and take charge of these feelings and managing them by practicing these safe and easy relaxation techniques.



    Author Bio:

    Today’s post was brought to you by guest blogger, Hassan Khan Yousafzai. He has an educational background in software engineering. Hassan is bridging the gap between marketing and development department. In Techvando, he has been consulting brands all over Pakistan to gain online traffic and profitable leads.

    Is CBD Oil a Drug or a Miracle Superfood?

    As the topic of legalizing marijuana and medical marijuana gains traction in the news, many people are wondering is CBD oil a drug? Many people have heard about the miracle of CBD oil for epilepsy and seizure control. However, there are still questions about whether there will be long term side effects.

    First, let me throw in a disclaimer. I am not a doctor. I am not legally allowed to recommend a course of treatment. I’m simply a health blogger who tinkers with alternative treatments in hopes to cure myself of alopecia universalis and epilepsy. You are free to test out CBD oil on your own at your own risk.

    Is CBD Oil a Drug?

    Yes, my friend, I do believe that CBD oil is a drug. Many people will jump down my throat at that statement because it is a “natural substance”, but hear me out. You should also realize that nowhere in nature is the oil found in the oil form that you purchase. That amount is extracted from multiple plants.

    The definition of drug is a medicine or other substance that when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body has a physiological effect on the body.

    CBD oil is an “other substance” which does cause a physiological effect on the endocannabinoid system. It upregulates the endocannabinoid system. This can create positive effects for the person taking it. Also, it is important to note that it is not a cure. When you stop taking the CBD oil, your symptoms are likely to return unless you have changed your lifestyle such that the underlying inflammatory condition cleared up.


    The Miracles of CBD Oil

    CBD oil is successfully treating many people who have seizures. It’s often used for people who have intractable epilepsy for whom other treatments have failed. This is somewhat miraculous because seizures are not very well understood by the medical profession. In my own experience, my doctor told me that my seizures were “idiopathic” and left it at that. They didn’t know what was causing them and they would trouble shoot with anticonvulsants.

    • CBD oil for cancer – Many people with cancer have used cannabis and been completely cured of it. In clinical studies, cannabis has been found to kill cancer cells. The National Cancer Institute in the United States is even acknowledging that cannabis is a powerful cancer treatment.
    • CBD oil for autism – CBD hemp oil is especially effective in treating neurological disorders. The body has cannabinoid receptors that exist in the central nervous system. CBD oil can be used to restore cannabinoid balance and it will enable the appropriate neurological communication, which will eliminate the symptoms of autism.
    • Cannabis oil for ADHD – ADHD is a result of impaired neurotransmitters. Cannabis raises the level of dopamine in the brain, which is a similar action to medications such as Ritalin and Adderall. Because cannabinoids work in the brain and regulate hormones, they will release dopamine. The stimulating effect follows its natural course.
    • CBD for seizures – CBD has been used for intractable seizures for children who do not respond to conventional treatment. This results in higher mortality rates and reduced damage from seizures. A 2015 study discovered that cannabidiol is extremely effective in reducing seizures. This is due to the fact that CBD inhibits glutamate release; glutamate plays an active role in the genesis of seizures.
    • CBD oil for anxiety – The endocannabinoid receptors exist in the amygdala section of the brain. This area is responsible for experiencing emotion. This is one reason cannabinoids affect emotion. Cannabis has a calming effect which consequentially can reduce anxiety.
    • CBD oil for Chron’s disease – CBD interacts with the endocannabioids in the immune system. It’s therefore extremely effective in treating Crohn’s disease and other immunoinflammatory diseases. Cannabis reduces pain, relaxes the gastrointestinal spasms and decreases inflammation. This intervention can help the body to heal from Crohn’s disease. A study published in 2013 in the Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology journal discovered that marijuana put Crohn’s disease into complete remission for half of the participants. It also improved their appetite and sleep with no adverse side effects.
    • CBD oil for Alzheimer’s – CBD oil reduces the neuron inflammation which is a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders.
    • Cannabis oil for liver health – Cannabinoid receptors are in the liver tissue. Cannabis oil will help to prevent liver cell oxidation, which is an essential component in the deterioration of the liver.
    • CBD oil for colitis – Colitis is a chronic immunoinflammatory condition of the colon which causes the lining of the colon to deteriorate and leak its contents creating a septic condition. Cannabinoids assist the lining of the colon by helping them bond tighter together to restore the integrity and heal the lesions. CBD also reduces the inflammation and eases the pain of colitis.
    • Cannabis oil for insomnia – There are anecdotal reports of CBD usage helping people who are suffering from insomnia.
    • Cannabis oil for multiple sclerosis – Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that impacts the brain and how it communicates with the rest of the body. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis include muscle spasticity, muscle stiffness and reduced mobility. CBD oil has been shown to have a protective effect which reduces inflammation and allows neurotransmitters to communicate normally.
    • CBD oil for chronic pain – The anti-inflammatory effect of the CBD oil can help to reduce pain levels. There has been some clinical evidence that the root cause of chronic pain is endocannabinoid deficiency.



    Where Can I Buy CBD Oil?

    Most doctors are not prescribing CBD oil as it is not a pharmaceutical drug that they have a lot of training and information about. There are some doctors that are specializing in treatment with CBD oil, but they tend to be in states with legalized medical marijuana, such as Colorado and California.

    The CBD oil industry has paired up with MLM companies. There are many representatives that are selling CBD oil. You can also purchase it from a few companies that are selling it online. While the companies claim that it is legal in all 50 states, please understand that is somewhat of a gray area. It can be considered a drug, although it is not by many people. It’s unlikely that if you purchase a bottle from a representative that you’ll be arrested, but it is possible that laws may shut the business down depending on the politics of the day.

    1. Hempworx – I purchased from this company. It’s a network marketing company. The product is a pure extract with a peppermint essential oil flavor.
    2. CBD Distillery – This company has great pricing for quality full spectrum CBD products. Their 5000mg full spectrum CBD oil is priced at $.05/mg. The oils reportedly taste good too!
    3. Lazarus Naturals has hands down the best prices at only $.04/mg CBD. Many people are raving about Lazarus Naturals because of their budget pricing. There are complaints about the taste though. However, for the positive impact of the CBD oil, many are willing to put up with the earthy bland flavor.

    Final Thoughts on CBD Oil

    CBD oil may not be a miracle superfood. It currently isn’t a pharmaceutical drug, but it acts on the body as one. The great thing about CBD oil is that you can try it out without a prescription. There are plenty of MLM reps that will be happy to sell you a bottle if there isn’t a marijuana dispensary in your state. It is now much easier to obtain CBD oil that it was just five years ago. If you are using CBD oil and not changing the eating or lifestyle habits that led to your conditions, CBD oil is just going to give you temporary relief of your symptoms. If you do combine CBD oil with other healing habits, it could assist the body in healing itself and be your miracle cure. Either way, I believe it is worth a try. I personally have been taking the Hempworx brand for about two weeks. Nothing miraculous has happened for me yet, but I feel great overall and I’m optimistic.



    Is Hempworx a Scam? Review of Hempworx CBD Oil

    If you have friends in the epilepsy community and the network marketing space, you’ve probably heard about Hempworx. You may be wondering, “Is HempWorx truly a scam?” “Is their CBD oil really that effective?” I decided to try it out for myself and find out what all the fuss was about. I wanted to reduce inflammation in my body and eliminate the couple seizures that I have per year. Read on to find out in my review of HempWorx!

    Hempworx CBD Oil and MLM Opportunity Review

    Name: Hempworx CBD Oil


    Price: $69

    Owners: My Daily Choice

    Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

    Hempworx, Product Overview

    Hempworx is a network marketing company whose products are in the CBD industry. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a constituent that naturally occurs in hemp. CBD is just one of over 85 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant. The Hempworx products are extracted without using solvent for a more pure extract. CBD has been studied and found to have many beneficial effects including seizure prevention and alleviating pain.

    Hempworx states that it has the most “powerful and potent hemp products on the market.” Unfortunately, this is very difficult to verify. When you start to compare them with other CBD companies, the claims about the purity leaves one to question what is the most important aspect in the process of extracting it.

    HempWorx products are made from industrial hemp plants that are grown on farms in Kentucky.

    Hempworx Products

    Hempworx has 11 hemp-derived products for its representatives to sell. They consist of 6 tinctures, 3 topicals, 2 pet products. All of these products have a 30 day money-back guarantee making trying the products risk free.



    The Good & the Bad


    HempWorx Scam


    The Good:

    • PRO #1: You can buy this CBD oil in all 50 states. It is legal and there is a market for it. In fact, this may be one of the better MLMs to get involved with because in many states, there are not dispensaries which are competing with it.
    • PRO #2: The product is effective at preventing seizures and there is documented research to support this fact.
    • PRO #3: There are lots of anecdotal testimonies and even some youtube videos demonstrating the difference in autism symptoms when the children are on CBD.
    • PRO #4: You can become an affiliate with Hempworx if you don’t want to do the whole team building, etc. The cost to become an affiliate is only $20.
    • PRO #5: You can get your money back if you decide that the CBD oil isn’t right for you. You do have to make the request within the first 30 days of ordering the product!
    • PRO #6: I really enjoy the taste of the peppermint oil. It doesn’t seem to taste earthy at all. The peppermint essential oils that were added remind me a bit of peppermint tea. They seem to really open up the nasal passages and make breathing easy.

    The Bad:

    • CON #1: It may not be work for you.
    • CON #2: The cost of this product is a bit higher because it is associated with a network marketing business opportunity.
    • CON #3: They only give you 30 days to try the product out before you decide you want a refund. However, the representatives will tell you to give it a few months before making a decision on the product. So, you aren’t supposed to see results for 90 days, but you only have 30 days to ask for a refund. You aren’t supposed to know if it works in 30 days. This is a common practice with all MLMs.



    Who is Hempworx CBD oil for?

    One of the most compelling reasons to start taking CBD oil is to reduce inflammation. CBD oil is a great supplement for people who have autism, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. However, many people are discovering that CBD oil works well for alleviating their pain as well.

    Cannabidiol works on the neurological system as well as the immune system. People who have problems with their nervous system or their immune system may see an improvement in symptoms.



    Hempworx Tools & Training

    Unfortunately, I didn’t find much training in how to dose the product when I purchased it. I read the instructions on the label and followed their standardized dose recommendations. I also watched quite a few youtube videos about CBD oil and discovered that there are many subtle nuances when it comes to dosing. You may discover that you simply need a small amount. I found the lack of information about dosing somewhat disappointing.

    The representative that sold the product to me checked with me to see how I was doing on the product. She was confident that the side effects that I was experiencing (hunger) would subside. They did, so I’m not entirely certain if they were due to taking the CBD oil.


    Hempworx CBD Oil Support

    Hempworx does have a good support team. I did not see my confirmation email immediately and contacted Hempworx. I was able to talk with a very pleasant customer service representative who told me the transaction did go through and when I could expect to receive it. (I did receive the confirmation email minutes later.)

    Their email is They are located in 8840 West Russel Road Suite 245, Las Vegas, NV 89148. You can contact them via phone at 702-793-2826.


    Hempworx Pricing

    The price of Hempworx CBD oil may shock you initially. A 500 mg bottle is going to cost $69 before shipping. I ended up spending $74 to try out my first bottle.

    These prices are comparable to other MLM opportunity prices. However, it is a bit more expensive than other CBD prices that don’t have a network marketing opportunity attached to them. Lazarus Naturals and CBD Distillery have comparable products for half the cost. What you end up paying for with Hempworx is the business opportunity.

    The business opportunity is similar to other MLMs. There are different levels of committment. If you simply want to add CBD oil to your blog and allow people to discover it through there, you will pay $20 for a 25% affiliate commission rate. For a physical product, that is a really good commission. At a distributor level, you’ll receive commissions up to 50%, but you have to purchase $500 worth of product and a marketing kit.



    My Final Opinion of Hempworx

    Overall, Hempworx is a decent MLM opportunity that is worth checking out. You can get involved for a reasonable price. Many people don’t have distilleries near them, so the competition is fairly low. The product line is great. The compensation plan focuses on ensuring that retail sales is more important than recruitment. All-in-all, HempWorx seems to be a decent opportunity that’s worth checking out. The product line looks solid, and the compensation plan does a good job at making sure the focus is on retail sales rather than affiliate recruitment.

    The compensation plan does offer greater rewards when you sign people up for autoship orders. You can then earn things such as TVs, vacations, iPads. As long as you are focusing on retail sales as your primary focus with HempWorx, you can make money with them.

    These CBD oils are well-made and can help many people. I personally haven’t seen results after taking Hempworx for two weeks, but I haven’t had negative side effects. The one positive thing that I noticed when taking the peppermint flavored CBD oil is that my nasal passages seemed to open up right after taking it. I think that this is an effect from the peppermint essential oils that were added to it. I will mention that in the last two weeks, I haven’t had a seizure, but I don’t have them on a regular basis. Only a few times per year, so it wasn’t expected that I would have one.

    Hempworx at a Glance…

    Name: HempWorx CBD oil 500 mg

    Owners: My Daily Choice

    Price: $69

    Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100

    VERDICT: LEGIT! If you love this company and want to create your own income stream, Hempworx is definitely worth checking out! There is a high demand for CBD oil within the autism and epilepsy community.

    How to Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

    I’m writing this on Monday morning, when I know that some of you may be peeling yourself out of bed. I noticed that twitter was trending with #MotivationMonday, so I selected how to motivate yourself to lose weight as my topic for today. Getting motivated to accomplish your goals is half the battle. When we lose our motivation is when we tend to backslide and feel like our efforts are futile.

    There are many factors that are involved in good health. Many people claim that they feel great even at a bigger size. However, extra weight has many detrimental effects on your overall health. If you are overweight, losing the weight should be a goal. Many people have learned what they need to know about how to lose weight, but they struggle to find the motivation to make those healthier choices in their lives.

    Whether you’ve been in a rut for years or you’re just starting off on your weight loss journey, these are some great motivation tips that will help you make a change. Here’s how to get motivated to lose weight fast!


    1. Find Your Reason

    Self-help gurus call this finding your “why,” but I never liked that phrase. You do need to understand the reason that you desire to lose weight. What are you working towards and how will it benefit your life? By defining these things, you can visualize what life will be like once you hit that target weight.

    Some great reasons to lose the extra weight are to have more energy, lower your risk of disease, live longer, keep up with the kids and to fit into your favorite skinny jeans! Your particular reason will motivate you more than one someone else creates for you, so take some time to sit down are really think about the reason that is most important to you.

    Once you’ve found your reason, remind yourself of it every single day. This helps to solidify your commitment to your goal in your mind. As you become more clear about your reasoning, you will become more motivated. It can be difficult to focus on the long term benefits of weight loss. You may want to focus your mind on the shorter term goals and think about how great your body will feel after a day of healthy eating.


    2. Commit it to Paper

    When you write down your goals, it makes you more likely to achieve them! Get out a pen and paper and write out your goal. You will want to also write down the intermediate steps that you are going to take along the way to reach that goal. Seeing that you are achieving the smaller goals each day makes it much easier. It’s like my mother used to say, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” If you keep taking small steps towards your goal, eventually you will get there.

    Some great goals daily goals for weight loss are making sure you hit your protein target, reducing your carbohydrate intake to twenty grams. One goal could be to eliminate all sugary beverages from your diet. These are some concrete goals that will help you on your journey to lose weight. As you accomplish one goal at a time, you start to realize that your big goals are manageable and realistic.


    3. Find A Supportive Community

    You may not want to tell your friends and family that you are trying the latest diet craze or that you’re joining a gym. There is sometimes the fear of judgment from friends and family. I know that in my past, I haven’t always followed through and was embarrassed when friends brought up my unattained goals. Don’t let this stop you. There are people who are supportive and will help you!

    When you are trying to lose weight, it can be difficult initially to pass on unhealthy party foods. Going to the gym alone can be an isolating and discouraging experience if you don’t immediately see results. There are other people out there that are in the same boat as you. I have found it very helpful to join a supportive, positive online community that is working towards the same goal. You can hire a health coach, join a gym, or find a workout buddy. Many of the online workout programs also have an online forum or community where you can share your struggles and successes. Often someone else’s words of wisdom can turn into your motivation. This simple step can motivate you to keep going even when you feel like quitting!


    4. Accept Yourself

    Love yourself first, no matter your weight.

    There has been a lot of emphasis in the media lately on loving yourself despite your body size. Whitney Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life created a whole campaign around having no body shame. It is important to love yourself enough to recognize that losing weight is important. You should not wait until you lose the weight or look a certain way before you start adopting healthy habits.

    Loving and accepting yourself today can help you focus and enhance your ability to improve your health. Stop the negative thoughts of “I’m too fat…” or “I’m ugly…” Your thoughts become your reality, so it is important to change your internal voice to be something positive. Use phrases such as, “I love who I am and I’m working to become better.” “I love my body, it is strong and getting stronger.” Start to view this journey toward better health not as a punishment for gaining weight, but as a reward for being an amazing human being.

    You have to love yourself TODAY because of the beautiful person you are, not withhold your own approval until you reach your ideal weight. Coming from a place of self-loathing will NOT motivate you to be healthy; in fact, it can lead to shame spiraling and negative associations with exercise and eating right. There’s that saying “I workout because I love my body, not because I hate it.” Know that you are good enough just as you are, and view your journey to better health not as a punishment, but as a reward—you are treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated.


    5. Create a Personal Positive Affirmation

    Sticking with a new diet and exercise program is not simply a physical change, but a mental one as well. Every action in our lives will either lead us towards or away from our goal. Before we take that action, we have thoughts about the outcome. Shifting your thoughts to focus on health and wellness is a task in and of itself.

    A great thing to do is to find a morning mantra that gets you motivated. Recite it to yourself when you are looking at yourself in the mirror each morning after a shower or getting ready for the day. It can be something as simple as, “I love eating healthy and working out!” “I will make healthy choices today.” Create a mantra that is personal to you and that resonates with you. You will feel more connected to it if you create it. Repeat it to yourself daily. This will help you to build up mental toughness whenever challenges come your way. It will increase your self-esteem and confidence for those times when you don’t feel like working out.


    6. Develop Some Short Term Rewards

    We love positive reinforcement and hearing that we are doing well. However, when it comes to weight loss, patience plays a role. Giving yourself positive reinforcement and short-term rewards along the way can increase your motivation to make those positive, healthy changes that lead to weight loss. Just make sure that your rewards don’t focus on the foods that led to weight gain, such as cakes and ice cream.

    Some great examples of appropriate short-term rewards for weight loss could include a relaxing pedicure, a night out to the ballgame, a new cookware set to create more healthy meals. Buying a new workout outfit can also be a great way to reward yourself for working out consistently and motivate you to continue. When you look great, often you feel great and want to continue doing what got you to feeling great.


    7. Eliminate Excuses

    Excuses are one of the main reasons that people aren’t achieving their goals. They have found a way to excuse a behavior that led to weight gain. However, that excuse becomes an obstacle when it comes to achieving goals. It is nearly impossible to stay motivated when you focus on the reasons you can’t achieve something. Let go of the excuse. There is no reason why you can’t figure out a way around the excuse. No time? Rearrange your schedule or drop something out of it. No money? Healthy foods aren’t as expensive as processed ones.

    There is no time like the present. Don’t procrastinate weight loss. You’ll still have the same mental and physical issues if you wait until New Year’s. It is better to start now and be half-way to your goal by New Year’s. Don’t allow another opportunity to slip through your fingers. Make the decision to change now.



    8. Realistic Expectations

    It is nice to think that when you set out on a diet, you’ll start to see results quickly. You’ll start to have that perfect six-pack within a month or two. Unfortunately, erasing a lot of deep set bad habits and damage done with one too many donuts doesn’t quite work that way. Don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting immediate results and perfection. There will be days when you just don’t make it to the gym. Don’t beat yourself up over it, bounce back and commit to going the next day. Some days you’ll slip up on your diet, and while it isn’t ideal, it isn’t the end of the world. The most successful people make mistakes. Weight loss is a journey. If you are eating right and working out at least 80% of the time, you will eventually achieve your ideal weight.



    9. Develop A Routine

    When you have a routine that is second nature, you don’t need to worry too much about motivation. You get yourself into the habit and you simply DO it! Make it EASY on yourself and develop a routine that will fit naturally into your schedule. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do the same workout, but having a set aside time in the morning or the evening to workout makes it much easier than trying to motivate yourself and change up your current routine. When you don’t have to constantly make the decision to workout because you’ve already made it and scheduled it in, it becomes a no-brainer.

    Having a weekly menu and only healthy foods can develop the routine of eating healthy. When you don’t have unhealthy foods on hand and you have a routine of preparing healthy meals for the week, it gets ten times easier to eat a healthy diet than when junk foods are in the house and tempting you. You don’t need motivation when the temptation isn’t there.

    Set yourself up for success with health promoting routines. You’ll easily stay motivated on your journey to weight loss and better health!


    10. Make it Fun

    If the thought of working out and eating healthy just isn’t appealing to you, you need to find a way to make it fun so you will continue to do it. There are exercises and sports for everyone. If you don’t enjoy the exercise that you are doing, maybe it is time to try a different type of workout. You can take a class at the recreation center. Yoga, Pilates, spinning, kickboxing, tai chi, there truly is a workout for everyone!

    Finally, stay optimistic that you’ll reach your goal.

    Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller






    Flat Belly Detox Review – Best Foods to Lose Belly Fat!

    Flat Belly Detox Review

    Name: Flat Belly Detox


    Price: $37

    Owners: Josh Houghton

    Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

    Flat Belly Detox, Product Overview

    The Flat Belly Detox is an online program that promises great results to people who want to flatten their stomach. Josh Houghton teaches you the best foods to lose belly fat. One of these foods is chicken soup. Many people try to lose weight and fail because they are following erroneous health advice. Have you ever tried to lose that stubborn fat around your belly and midsection, only to discover that it sticks around no matter what?

    People struggle to lose weight for many reasons and a lot of those have to do with the foods that we chose to eat. Many foods we think are healthy actually can trigger inflammation and cause us to gain weight.

    The Flat Belly Detox program by Josh Houghton is designed to correct hormonal imbalances that many people are suffering from without knowing it. Josh Houghton’s program is based on research which explains why over 80 million people have a hard time losing weight due to insulin resistance. The insulin hormone is responsible for moving sugar into the cells and converting it into energy that the body can use. However, when you have too much sugar, you become insulin resistant. This is what causes diabetes. It will cause your body to store excess sugar and turn it into fat.

    The overall premise of Josh Houghton’s Flat Belly Detox program is that you will learn how to reduce insulin resistance through eating foods that don’t spike an insulin response. Your body will turn into a fat burning machine. Josh Houghton relies on principles of the ketogenic diet, spices and certain foods that help you feel full.

    Program Outline:

    After ordering the program, you will be directed to the main page, which displays all the exciting resources that you can use. You will have access to the main manual, where you can immediately dive in and start this program. You can quickly learn about what is expected of you over the next 21 days, ensuring that you are participating in three main steps:

    • Step 1: Focuses on Instant energy for Breakfast
    • Step 2: Focuses on a “Lean Lunch”
    • Step 3: Focuses on a “Soup Detox Dinner”

    It is important to follow these steps as directed in the manual and try some of the incredible recipes that Josh Houghton has included. These recipes are great. Imagine eating Salmon for lunch or French lentil soup for dinner. The key to weight loss with this program is selecting the right foods and following a new routine. The manual will teach you so much, but the key to success it up to you. You must take action and follow it!

    This can work for you as long as you are motivated and willing to improve your health. The principles that this diet is based on will help guide your body into fat burning mode and before long, you’ll be shedding belly fat. It will allow you to feel your best. This is all about changing your eating habits and lifestyle. Once you become familiar with the diet, you can shift your focus to the program’s workouts!

    The workouts are accessible online. All you need is to press play. This exercise is best performed on an empty stomach every day. If you find that you have time, repeat the exercise three times per day, for a total of twelve minutes. Derek encourages you to email him if you find that you can’t do the exercises. He will send you a list of modifications to make them accessible for you.

    The next thing you will learn about is the metabolism window trick. This helps you to burn 20% more belly fat each and every day! Finally, you’ll learn about the Bedtime Belly Detox. The program concludes with 15 of Josh’s must-try recipes that will fast-track your results. Some of these recipes include:

    1. Gluten-free pizza
    2. Sirloin and Broccoli
    3. Pumpkin smoothie
    4. Turkey Spaghetti


    how to get a flat stomach in a month

    Finally, you will discover what needs to be removed from your life in order to see that belly shrink! You may be surprised to discover that some of the foods you thought were healthy, such as fruit smoothies were actually adding to that belly fat. Best of all, Josh shares a full list of the fat burning foods that you probably already have on hand at home.

    You may want to stock up on organic eggs, coconut oil, kale, spinach, and bison. These are some fat burning foods that are used in this program.



    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    There are plenty of pros to losing belly fat!

    PRO #1: Simple and straightforward program that is effective. As long as you are following along with both manuals and the exercise videos that are provided you will see results. You’ll see results, or you’ll get your money back with their money-back guarantee! See for yourself!

    PRO #2: This format is very easy to follow. There is a low time commitment! Josh Houghton took into consideration having a busy lifestyle when he created this. The Flat Belly Detox is not overwhelming like other detox programs. He also includes many wonderful recipes!

    PRO #3: This program will increase energy levels! Eating the right foods and doing these brief workouts will help you feel like you have more energy throughout the day. This will encourage you to live a more active lifestyle!

    PRO #4: Josh Houghton is there to help you every step of the way. You can contact him with your questions, comments and concerns. If you hit a plateau, send him an email and figure out what area you may need to tweak in order to get back on track!

    PRO #5: You’ll see weight loss! If you stick with this program, the weight will come off. Once you reach your ideal weight, the program will help you stay there and maintain your size. It is sustainable.

    PRO #6: The weight loss will boost your self-confidence. This is one of the best side-effects of this program. You’ll feel much more confident in your ability to set and achieve goals and comfortable with how you look in public.

    PRO #7: Reduce the risk of weight related health issues including heart disease and diabetes. This will improve your overall health.


    The Bad:

    CON #1: It is an online program. It won’t work for you if you don’t have access to the internet. You may lose access to it if your internet provider goes down, or if a thunderstorm takes out the electricity for a few hours.

    CON #2: This isn’t a miracle cure. You won’t see results unless you make the changes.

    CON #3: He teaches you how to cheat. I personally think that it is better if you don’t have cheat days and steer clear of inflammatory foods altogether. However, after our recent July 4th BBQ, I realize that sticking with a diet during the holidays is brutally hard. We are human and sometimes we just find that we need to enjoy our friends and family and the food that they have made for us regardless of its nutritional content.


    Who is Flat Belly Detox for?

    The Flat Belly Detox is for men and women who have tried to lose weight on their own, but find that they are struggling to do it. Men and women in their 30s and 40s will especially find the simplicity of the Flat Belly Detox helpful. They are the people who most likely would be the best customers because they have busy lifestyles and won’t have time to fit in an extra gym workout.


    Flat Belly Detox Tools & Training

    The Flat Belly Detox program has ebooks that explain the basic foundation of the diet and the instructions on the best times to eat. It also includes videos for simple and easy fat burning workouts for you to complete. These workouts are only four minutes and you can complete them a few times per day! This will keep your body in fat burning mode. Four minutes is easy to squeeze in before lunch, after dinner and before bedtime.


    Flat Belly Detox Support

    There is support in this program. Josh has designed it so that if you have questions regarding how to implement the program, you can email him and ask him.



    Flat Belly Detox Price

    The price of the Flat Belly Detox is very reasonable. It can be purchased through the official website for $37. Here are the many things that Josh Houghton included in the Flat Belly Detox program: A list of herbs and spices that you should be adding to your diet

    1. Slimming soup detox recipes.
    2. Weight loss morning trick.
    3. 4 minute low impact workouts.
    4. Belly detox trick to be used every night.
    5. A detox quick start guide that will walk you through the whole process.
    6. The exact food and drinks you need to consume for weight loss.

    Josh Houghton was so confident that his program would work for you that he also included a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose by trying this program! If you don’t lose weight, you can ask for your money back with no questions asked. This program is sold through Clickbank and they are great with their refunds.



    My Final Opinion of Flat Belly Detox Program

    After reviewing the Flat Belly Detox, I definitely feel that this program will give you a strong foundation for weight loss if you follow the guidelines he sets out. He bases his recommendations on the research based principles of intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet and certain spices will accelerate metabolism. This program will empower you with the knowledge of which foods to chose when you want to lose weight.

    I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with weight loss and wants a simple, but step-by-step program that will help them lose weight. However, in order for the program to work for you, you must make a commitment to implement the changes that are recommended.



    Flat Belly Detox at a Glance…

    Name: Flat Belly Detox


    Owners: Josh Houghton

    Price: $37

    Overall Scam Rank: 85 out of 100

    VERDICT: LEGIT! This will help you lose weight and flatten your belly.