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Jumping back into fitness

It has been awhile since I updated my blog! Life got really busy and after the injury, and I slacked off quite a lot on my fitness journey. Summer vacations and new jobs took their toll on my time and attention.  But, it is time to refocus my energy. I’m getting back on track not […]

Proper Breathing Techniques to Address the Causes of Seizures

One of the things that has been most beneficial in improving my health has been the Buteyko breathing method. I was seriously excited about this method and even wrote a book about how I addressed the causes of seizures naturally. There are studies on a variety of medical conditions that demonstrate that poor health is […]

Buteyko breathing breakthrough!

I’ve done Buteyko breathing for quite some time. I learned about it as a way to eliminate my juvenile myoclonic epilepsy seizures.  And guess what? It worked. Well, for the most part. I would start to slack off and stop measuring my control pause. My hormones would fluctuate every few months with my menstrual cycle […]

Do Breathing Exercises for Better Sleep!

Some people have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. One of the best things that you can do to improve your sleep is get exercise. However, if you are simply exercising with poor breathing habits, such as breathing in and out of your mouth, you could be making your health worse instead of better. One […]

Active Sitting Chairs for Good Posture

As much as I love my cheap treadmill desk workstation, there are times when I want steady hands while working on the computer. There are times when my legs are sore and screaming at me to take a break! During these times, I rely on chairs. However, for many years, I didn’t pay attention to […]