ButcherBox Review – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

ButcherBox Review

Name: ButcherBox Meat Delivery Service

Website: Butcherbox.com

Price: $129

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Butcherbox, Product Overview

Butcherbox is a meat delivery system for those of us who don’t live particularly close to farms, but want meat from sustainably raised, grassfed, healthy animals.

The service will deliver a box of 8-11 pounds of meat per month to your doorstep. The meat is frozen and delivered with dry ice to ensure that is stays frozen until you get home and put it in your freezer.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Pro #1: The meat was very flavorful. It didn’t taste gamey like some grassfed meat does.

Pro #2: There were a variety of cuts included. While I received four pounds of ground beef and only two steaks, I also got a roast and some sirloin tips. It was kind of fun to have someone else select my meat cuts for me. It challenged me to look up some new recipes.

Pro #3: It is super convenient to have things delivered to your house.

The Bad:

Con #1: I received an email asking me to evaluate the meat before I received it. This freaked me out a bit that someone stole the meat from my front porch. (They didn’t. It came 10 hours later…) 

Con #2:
The price is just okay. The local farmers market has some grassfed meat that is comparable. You can also choose cheaper cuts and pick ones that have more marbling when you are at the farmers market.

Con #3: Not all the cuts will be processed to your liking. For example, the “free bacon” that I received as a promo was thick cut bacon. It was so thick that it never crisped up when cooked. I prefer thinner bacon that crisps on the edges.

Who is ButcherBox For?

Butcherbox is great for someone who is insanely busy, but interested in eating healthier. It is great for people who already use a grocery delivery service. Butcherbox is ideal for people who have more money than time. They will enjoy the convenience of receiving their high quality meat in a box every month.

It is NOT for people who want to bargain shop and get the lowest price. It is NOT for people following the GAPS diet or the PKD diet and want the unusual cuts of meat like organs and offal.

ButcherBox Support

The support offered with the product is great. I emailed them regarding my order and the weird email I received prior to getting my box. They assured me the box was on the way through a chat. I didn’t have to wait hours for them to respond.

When I sent them an email, they were responsive as well, they responded within 24 hours.

ButcherBox Price

The price of meat ordered from Butcherbox comes to about $10-$12 per pound. This is a bit pricey for grassfed ground beef, but a good deal for NY strip steak.

To compare, the local grocery store sells grassfed ground beef for about $6 per pound. The local farmer’s market sells ground beef for $7 per pound. It is important to keep in mind that grassfed beef will always be more expensive than conventionally raised meat. The quality and omega 3 to omega 6 ration will be better because the animals are raised on a natural diet.

My Final Opinion of Butcherbox

My opinion of Butcherbox is rather neutral. While the quality and convenience were good, I didn’t love using the service. Sadly, I am not going to recommend the product or continue to use it on a regular basis. I wanted to love it and recommend it. I really did!

The prices at the farmers market and grocery store are often much better than Butcherbox. For me, the grocery store is only a mile away, so it isn’t very inconvenient to go to the grocery store. The same is true with our farmer’s market. 

If you truly don’t have the time to swing by a farmer’s market or stop by the grocery store and money isn’t a factor, Butcherbox is a great option. You get popular cuts of grassfed beef and it is conveniently delivered to your door. 

Butcherbox at a Glance…

Website: Butcherbox.com

Price: $129-$169/month

Rank: 75 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! They delivered meat. It did taste good. My family enjoyed eating the meat. However, I just like picking out my meat and talking to local farmers more than stressing out about whether or not someone stole my order from my front porch!

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