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Best Low Carb Sweetener for the Ketogenic Diet

Many people will disagree about whether you should use a zero carbohydrate sweetener when you are doing the ketogenic diet. I tend to avoid the low carb sweeteners and use them only for seasonal or special occasions. The best low carb sweetener in my opinion is Swerve. Swerve Review Name: Swerve Website:  Price: 9.99 Overall Rank: […]

Should You Use Ketogenic Diet Test Strips?

The ketogenic diet is gaining in popularity as it heals people from epilepsy, autism, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Many people are using the ketogenic diet for weight loss and having excellent results. So, what are the ketogenic diet test strips that are discussed on Facebook and in support groups and how should you use them? Ketone […]

I am using the Ketogenic Diet for My Dog’s Cancer

I haven’t been writing much lately because I discovered a golf ball sized lump on my dog’s hind quarters. I’m pretty sad about it. My dog, Charlie, probably has cancer and it will probably end his life. However, he has outlived all the other dogs that we have had and is older than average dogs […]

How To Steam Eggs In 20 Minutes

Using my steamer is the best thing to happen to my ketogenic food preparation ever! Learning how to steam eggs perfectly in twenty minutes without burning down the house or undercooking them has made my life so much easier.  I no longer worry about cooking them too long or not quite long enough and having runny centers. […]

How to Avoid the Flu Naturally This Season

Fall is here and the flu season and flu shot marketing is upon us! You can head on over to your local grocery store and they will offer you a free flu shot. The flu shot comes with a bit of pain though and I’m all about avoiding pain. In the past, they have selected […]