Meditation for Healing

Can you really use meditation for healing your body? Will it actually help with female autoimmune hair loss? Many meditation experts certainly feel that this is the case. There are lots of claims that meditation can eliminate stress and help you feel better. 

I’m going to try it for my alopecia Universalis. 

Getting Started

I must admit, I haven’t consistently listened to the Think Right Now “I am Healed” audio very long at all. I purchased it a few years ago, but I bought a bunch of CDs and honestly got distracted before realizing amazing results. 

I did happen to notice that when I listened to the “I am organized” audio that many of my messy habits stopped and I began to clean up my desk and room. I felt like I was changing for the better, but I have a habit of losing interest and changing direction. After about a month, I started forgetting to listen to the audio and some of the good organizational habits stuck, but others were forgotten. 

I started listening to the “I am Healed” audio about five days ago. This time instead of trying to play it while I slept or exercising, I sat my butt down and closed my eyes, and used it as a meditation CD. 

The Mental Conditioning

The “I am healed” audio repeats positive affirmations three times with background music that is specially tuned to help the brain accept the affirmations. Some of these positive affirmations are just things that we should believe anyway, so I don’t think there is any harm in listening to the audio. 

Here are a few of the phrases. You can create your own meditation audio with the affirmations. 

  • “I’m completely free of all disorders.” 
  • “Oxygen-rich blood flows fully and easily through all parts of my body.” 
  • “I’m free of all sickness, disease, and infirmity.” 
  • “I feel increasingly wonderful inside and out.” 
  • “All bitterness and resentment have vanished from my life.” 
  • “I’m free of the effects of all harmful viruses.”
  • “The days of settling for less than excellent health are over.”
  • “I’m free of all disorders of the bones and joints.”
  • “I replace health worries with faith in my unlimited healing energies.”

There are plenty more positive affirmations on the ThinkRightNow audio, but these give you an idea of what you will hear. These beliefs are good ones that seem to move the mind towards healthy habits. 

I plan on listening to the audio at a minimum of once per day if not more. My hope is that I will be primed mentally for when I start Alopecia Angel’s hair regrowth program. 

Short-term Meditation Results

While I have only been doing it five days in a row, it is difficult to tell if there have been any hair regrowth victories to claim. I will mention that I do have one pubic hair that is colored! I have noticed that my vellus (clear) eyelashes are coming in. This morning after my shower, I noticed about five or six vellus eyebrows, so that is somewhat promising. 

I should mention that vellus hairs come and go. These could easily fall out and not turn into mature, colored hairs, but seeing them is positive. It is the first sign that the hair could potentially be regrowing. 

As I use meditation, I find that I trust my powerful subconscious mind to heal my alopecia. I’m optimistic and beginning new exercise habits. While I’m not going to stress about the dietary habits until after Christmas, I do feel that I’m making moves in a positive direction. 

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