My Alopecia Universalis Regrowth Update

Well, I have been following my own Alopecia Universalis regrowth plan for a whole week. It shouldn’t be surprising because that is such a short amount of time. The great news is that the clear bottom eyelashes that have come in didn’t fall out with the massive amount of junk food that I ate over the Christmas holiday. 

I stuck to the plan for meditation with the Think Right Now audios and I practiced my Buteyko breathing exercises. I diligently got at least an hour in on my treadmill every day. While I don’t see tons of regrowth yet, my skill has healed up and is feeling smooth and supple. 

My digestion has improved quite a bit. Even though I overate on Christmas eve, I only had a minor stomach ache for a few hours after. I had two huge bowel movements the next morning and all the bloating was gone by noon the next day. I ate all the normal things that can create issues for people from pie to ham and potato salad. 

When I was on the paleo ketogenic diet, I would get constipation that lasted for days. It would turn into diarrhea right before my menstrual cycle. Following a strict elimination type of diet won’t necessarily cure what ails you. I feel much better being able to have a bowel movement every day. I do think that the exercises have helped out a lot. 

The next steps for curing alopecia

This week, I will be reducing the sweet treats that I have been eating. Hopefully, by New Year’s, I will have most of them out of the house and be ready to focus on the dietary recommendations that Alopecia Angel will give me.

I am going to continue with the Buteyko breathing exercises and as much exercise as I can tolerate. I strained my ankle yesterday and have been resting it. Today, I decided to focus on Pilates exercises instead of walking and jogging. It does seem to be getting a bit better. 

I will begin Alopecia Angel’s Hair and Heal 8-week program on January 1. There are eight modules that are spaced a week apart. I’m not sure what will be addressed during those weeks, but I’m excited to find out. From some of the success stories, I gathered that meditation is incorporated into the program, the AIP diet, and some recommended supplements. 

I am excited and scared all at once. 

Overcoming my obstacles

I think one of the hardest parts of hair loss is that you don’t see results quickly. You can throw a million therapies at it and hair still will grow slowly. It is difficult to measure the potential underlying vitamin deficiencies that you may have. Supplements don’t work if you have malabsorption issues. 

My biggest obstacle will be staying the course. I’m optimistic that working with someone who has helped others in my condition will help. Hopefully, I will be able to identify some of the blind spots that I have had when trying to cure my alopecia on my own. 

Stay tuned as I update you on my alopecia universalis regrowth. I’m hoping to have some regrowth by Valentine’s Day. 

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