Whole30 Day 22 – Positive Improvements

I am in the home stretch with the Whole30 diet. I am feeling great and have adjusted to eating simple, whole foods that don’t have grains, dairy, or added sugar. There have been a few slight, positive improvements in my health that I will report on today. I also have found some creative benefits to doing Whole30.

I am still flip-flopping on the idea of keeping up with the diet or cheating immediately. Honestly, my “cheating” would be to finish up the frozen grass-fed butter in my freezer. Because it’s butter! I love butter.

Some slight improvements

I have started tracking my symptoms with a chart. There are a few things that have not improved at all. But I realized today that my PMS symptoms this month were much, much better than they had been in previous months. I did have some bloating and gas, but I realized that it only lasted for a day instead of two. Still, it is an improvement.

There was no hair regrowth, so I still have alopecia universalis. Now and then I see some clear eyelashes and wonder if they are new, but it isn’t enough to notice.

Feeling accomplished

I have really overcome the butter addiction. I replaced butter with pork fat. Oh, my goodness, it is just like bacon! I cook everything in fatback from the local farm. It tastes so delicious.

I’ve weaned myself from my grain addiction. I no longer long for bread and butter. Which is great.

Found new recipes to enjoy

Whole30 was great for changing up my eating routines. I did discover a wonderful hash that I am enjoying for breakfast. Actually, I have realized that eating ground beef with any vegetables can be quite delicious with enough salt and pepper.

I’m glad that I had to break up with bacon every morning because it is quite expensive. Bacon starts at about $4 per pound. You can get ground beef on sale for $2 per pound.

This morning I experimented with adding apples and eggs with my ground beef. I didn’t hate it. I think that I loved the chance to be creative and change up my ingredients.

Vitamin D is helping me heal

As great as Whole30 has been in changing my dietary habits, I do believe that taking cod liver oil is keeping my seizures and auras at bay. I added the Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver and Butter Oil supplement to my diet. I did this because it has vitamin K and vitamin A, which help to balance the vitamins and make them more absorb better.

There are some actual studies on vitamin D reducing seizures. Vitamin D3 does have an anticonvulsant effect due to its ability to regulate the expression of genes which is a process mediated by a nuclear Vitamin D3 receptor.


Whole30 is definitely worth doing. Find a friend or family member and see if you can get them on board. There are tons of foods that you can eat. It is much more simple than the ketogenic diet where you are counting carbohydrates. It isn’t nearly as restrictive as the GAPS diet either, but it can help you get to the GAPS diet.

The best thing that Whole30 will do for you is to break your addiction to grains, sugar, and dairy. I know if I start eating those foods again, I’ll want more and more of them. But right now, I’m grateful to not be craving them. I’m glad that I have found healthy alternatives.

It hasn’t cured my alopecia universalis. It may need a bit more time. I was pretty sure that it would need more time to heal the alopecia. So, I’m not surprised.

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  1. It’s so helpful these days to find options that can be done at home. We are all staying home to stay healthy, so it’s great to find ways to improve overall health while still staying quarantined and socially distanced at home. Small incremental improvements can add up to big changes over time, so it’s a worthwhile approach to personal improvement.Thanks for sharing.

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