My Earthing Update for Day 12

I did not get Earthing hours in last night. I must have tossed and turned a bit and the large body band unsnapped. My earthing mat got pushed away from my feet, so I can’t really count my sleeping last night in the hours of Earthing for today. I have mostly stayed connected, so I am not really worried about it. 

Earthing Improvements

I am noticing that the varicose veins are getting smaller and less noticeable. Yay!

My gum abscess seems to be improving even though it still produced some puss today. I don’t have any pain from it. It isn’t bulging out. I don’t know if it will get infected again or not, but for now it does seem to be improving. 

My allergies haven’t been that bad. I sneezed all of 3-4 times today. That does seem to be a reduced number of times. It is summer and the pollens that I have allergies to seem to be higher in the springtime. 

I haven’t had a seizure since I started my Earthing experiment. I’m hoping that holds through my next menstrual cycle and my hormones get balanced out so when I have excess estrogen it doesn’t trigger a seizure. 

Needs Improvement

I still don’t have hair! This is the biggest concern in my life. I really want to regrow my hair and I know it may take a few months. I’m hoping I start to see some improvement by the end of the month. My guess is that I won’t see any improvement until the end of September. 

I do have some toenail fungus on my right pinky toe. It hasn’t bothered me. My doctor told me years ago that he could give me an expensive prescription for it, but it probably wouldn’t work, so I never worried about it. 

Hormone balancing. I need to get my hormones balanced so that I’m not so estrogen dominant. I do think that when I have too much estrogen circulating that I am more prone to seizures. 

Erthe Strip DIY Earthing Shoe Update

I created a negative review of the Erthe Strips for turning your shoes into earthing shoes. I wrote that they weren’t conductive. I walked today and retested them with my continuity tester. I had walked for 45 minutes on wet pavement and grass. The strips were stuck to my shoes and slightly wet when I tested them. They actually do work! 

Now, the adhesive on the strips isn’t that great and they don’t look wonderful on your shoes, but I was happy to see that they actually were conductive. I want to be accurate on this website and make sure that I am providing quality information on the products that I try. I may keep these now instead of returning them. There are times when I want to wear shoes instead of going barefoot especially to work. 

Thanks for following my blog. I hope you go out and try some of the Earthing ideas that I have shared. The products are really easy to use while you are working and going barefoot for a few minutes each day hasn’t been difficult at all. What is harder is remembering to do it when you don’t see immediate results. That is where writing a blog helps you stay on track! 

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