Earthing Day 11 – Feeling Better

It is the 11th day of my earthing journey. I can honestly say that I am feeling much better than yesterday when I experienced some PMS-type symptoms. Those have diminished. However, I don’t always have PMS symptoms, so I can’t attribute the reduction in symptoms to the Earthing. I was able to connect for the majority of the day and eventually got out and walked barefoot for a little while. 

I started noticing continued improvement in my varicose veins. The color is getting back to normal on the back of my thighs. It is difficult to twist around and see the purplish hue. I can see it in my three-way mirror and it does seem to have an improvement. I’ll post a follow-up in a few days. 

Autoimmune Improvement

Unfortunately, there is no autoimmune improvement just yet. I did notice some ridging on my left fingernails, so if it was working, it didn’t stop the fingernail ridging. There is no hair regrowth just yet. Normally, I think it takes at least a month to notice hair growth in someone who actually does have hair. 

My allergies are not significant. I still notice some occasional sneezing each day. Today, we are having rain and I usually don’t have symptoms when the rain pulls the pollen out of the air. I haven’t noticed any sneezing yet today, but time will tell. 

Inflammation in Gums

I still have some inflammation in my gums near my root canal that was done a decade ago. I’m reluctant to get it checked out knowing how painful it can be to have a root canal redone. The abscess fills up with pus and then it drains without a lot of pain. I have seen this go away by itself in the past, so I’m not too concerned about it. 

For a while, I thought that the Earthing helped, but the next day I saw it fill up with pus. This is kind of a normal reaction to an infection. I am just letting my body handle it on its own. I wish I could report that the Earthing was more effective in assisting this healing, but I want to be completely transparent about the efficacy of the Earthing products. 


I have not had any seizures in the last 11 days. I don’t know if the Earthing made a difference or if the Paleo Ketogenic diet was helping. I have noticed that the seizures tend to correlate with my periods and I was able to start this cycle without having one right before. Fingers crossed that the hormones are balancing out and I won’t have one later. 

Oddly enough, I did have PMS, so the hormones were out of whack even though they didn’t trigger a seizure this month. I’m optimistic that this will help reduce the excess electrical activity in my brain that triggers seizures. 

Keeping It Up

It is difficult to continue on without seeing major results, but I do think there are slight benefits going on. I think the majority of the health benefits are coming from actual barefoot walking on the ground as it stimulates some of the pressure points of the foot and enables you to get sunshine and vitamin D. However, today it is rainy and less comfortable outside and some days I would get too many bug bites to stay outdoors. Hopefully, I will be getting benefits from the products that I ordered from 

I’ll keep you posted on my progress! Earthing and Grounding feet

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