Earthing Experiment Day 13

I’ve almost been consistently Earthing for two full weeks. I am happy to report that I haven’t had any seizures during this time. I made it through a period and hormone fluctuation which often triggers my seizures without having a seizure. That is something to celebrate. Hopefully, I’m not jinxing myself by writing this. 

I’m finding some creative ways to do Earthing. I have eaten outside with my feet on the ground either on the patio or grass. I have wrapped my large body band around my calf muscle and walked around my room. I have placed my hands on the earth while gardening and walked the perimeter of my yard without shoes. 

I have read Earthing articles to keep convincing myself that this will work and eliminate my autoimmune disease. Yet, I have used these products before without improvement. I just haven’t been as hard-core and meticulous about ensuring that they were working and I was getting the hours in during the day. 

Slow Improvement

The hardest part of Earthing is that you don’t notice improvement quickly. I have been wanting to change up my diet to make sure that I see results, which defeats the purpose. It is important to determine if the Earthing is working rather than another dietary change. 

I personally think that one of the things that has led to an improvement in digestion and imbalanced hormones is actually getting out and moving more. My body likes movement and responds well to it. Will my hair start growing with more exercise? Tough to tell. 

Inexpensive To Start

While I did spend over $100 on products to keep me Earthing while I am indoors, getting started with Earthing was simple. Just go outside without your shoes on! There is no cost. You just need to take off your shoes and start connecting with the Earth. 

This can be difficult for people living in apartment buildings and the first time I tried Earthing, I was living in a studio apartment high-rise, so I wasn’t able to get out on the grass every day. If you do have a yard, there is no excuse. Take your shoes off while you are weeding your garden. Feel the earth beneath your feet and enjoy the blades of grass tickling your toes. 

Easy To Do

Earthing definitely is easy to do, but it is almost too easy. It is something that makes you wonder, “is it really working? Should I even bother…” 

Getting my hours of Earthing in each day has been very easy once I started putting my mind to it. I find it very easy to have the universal mat under my desk and on my bed at night. I do like having a “back-up” earthing band on my leg for those times when my feet slip off the universal mat or when I have to walk around my room. I almost don’t even think about it anymore except when I unplug from the products and go outside. 

There is Science Behind It

One of the things about Earthing that is making this experiment worthwhile is that there are some studies behind it. Clint Ober also has published the book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! It includes many patient testimonials that are inspiring. Reading the science that is backing helps you to stick with it. 

I hope that you try some Earthing or barefoot walking today. It is a simple and easy practice that could improve your health! Earthing - eating out

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