My Earthing Experiment – Day 7

A full week has gone by since I started using my universal mat and large body band consistently for at least 16 hours per day. I have been very conscientious about ensuring that the body band and the universal mat are touching my skin when I go to sleep. I have also tested to ensure continuity with the continuity tester. 

My progress

I would love to report that I’m magically healing from all my ailments. Unfortunately, I just have some minor improvements to comment about. I am trying to heal from a pretty big autoimmune condition and prevent any potential seizures. 

So far, no seizures this week. I don’t have them on a daily basis, more like monthly, so I’m not sure if this is working yet. I did lose my train of thought this morning when I was shooting my arrows and started to worry that it could be an aura. I freaked out like Simone Biles at her competition and went in a few minutes early. 

Luckily, no seizure happened this morning. 

Varicose Veins

I’m going to post these pictures that are two days apart. It is very difficult to tell if there is any real improvement, but I think there could be. The lighting could just make one photo seem more purple. 

Before – the veins look slightly more purple.


After – two days later they seem a bit diminished and less purple. 

While these are NOT the best before/after pictures, they do document a very slight bit of improvement in my health. There is no pain with these veins and I almost didn’t even know that I had them. 


I’m definitely still allergic to pollen and grasses. My feet will get a bit itchy after barefoot walking. I will sneeze about 5-7 times per day. This can vary when there is a storm reducing the amount of pollen in the air. Overall, it isn’t a health problem that bothers me, but I am hoping to see the sneezing clear up entirely after my 90-day experiment. 

Gum Problems

I did have an abscess near my old root canal for about the last month that cleared up! Yesterday, I put the large body band near my jawline and held it there for twenty minutes. The discomfort that I had seemed to get a bit better. It hadn’t been terribly uncomfortable and I was hoping that it would just go away. Overnight the area filled with pus flattened. 

I do still have bleeding gums when I floss my lower teeth, but I’m noticing that is clearing up. I have been brushing more consistently and using some baking soda. So, it may not just be the earthing. Although, I like to think it helped! 

Alopecia Universalis

No improvement. I’m still seeing some ridging in my nails and there is no hair regrowth that I can detect within this first week. The inflammation has to go down first and then the body has to start generating hair with the follicles that haven’t been producing anything for the last 15 years, so I don’t expect this process to be fast. I’m just hoping that it happens! 

Shoulder Pain

I frequently have uncomfortable shoulder pain when I sit for too long at a desk. This could have something to do with my scoliosis or poor posture. I’m trying to correct the poor posture. The pain that I experience only happens when I’m seated in a still position for a long time. I haven’t had many bouts of this shoulder pain this week, but I do tend to start moving to alleviate it as quickly as possible. 


My bowel movements have been smooth this week. I noticed with Buteyko breathing and increased exercises that I have more regular and better bowel movements. I know that many people were touting the carnivore diet for great digestion, but I found that I got constipated on it because I wasn’t moving enough. Dr. Zsofia Clemens told me to not exercise and I became quite sedentary. Luckily, Buteyko breathing combined with Earthing and Pilates cleared it up. 

Overall Improvement

Overall, I think I am heading in a direction of healing. Even though I haven’t seen a massive improvement in any one particular area, I do feel positive about the Earthing experience and I’m hoping that it will make a difference. I’m going to continue with it for the next three months. 

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