Earthing Day 8 – Doubts

So, I don’t know if this is “working” or not. I think the auras that I have around my menstrual cycle have been shorter and less severe. It is very difficult to say because my seizure auras have never been very noticeable. I have a deja vu feeling and can’t seem to concentrate for a few seconds. They are very brief, to begin with. 

For years, I didn’t even think I had auras because I didn’t recognize them. I just would start thinking about something from years ago and it was odd to me. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor looking up at a paramedic who told me that I had a seizure. Or something like that. 

Today, I started my period. That explains yesterday’s gas and questioning whether I had an aura in the morning. This is great because it means that my hormones are changing and my progesterone is increasing. That will protect me from having another seizure until mid-cycle when the estrogen drops. However, I do think the barefoot walking and Buteyko breathing are helping to regulate my hormones. That should help as well. 

I watched a video on Earthing today by someone who had done it for 3 years. He commented that he didn’t notice any difference in his health. He also added that this could be because he was young. He said that he continued to do it because it sounded like it was a good thing to do and it was easy. 


I have done Earthing before and can’t say that I had massive benefits. This is the first time that I have been really vigilant with staying grounded and monitoring my health for any improvement. I can’t say that the changes that I have seen have definitely been due to my Earthing practice or not. 

I’m thinking about getting a bit stricter with my diet and seeing if that makes any difference. I did the Paleo Ketogenic diet last fall and eliminated anything that would cause autoimmune issues, which is mainly what I have. But I think not exercising led to constipation issues which created hormonal imbalances that triggered my seizures. 

After incorporating exercises again, my seizures have spaced out despite not eating strictly Paleo Ketogenic. So, I don’t know how long I will be able to tolerate that strict diet. I really, really want my hair to grow back. I just have attempted that diet twice now for about two months each time without seeing hair regrowth. It is hard to try again. 

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