My Earthing Experiment – Day 6

I have almost completed a full week of “earthing” for 16 hours per day. The first few days, I was very keen on monitoring how many hours I was grounded with the universal mat and the large body band. Now, I just make sure that I am connected while I am sleeping, at my desk, or in my room. When I am outside doing my archery or gardening, I make sure that I do it barefoot. The only times that I’m not grounded are when I’m playing the piano, cooking, eating, or going out to the grocery store. 

Health Improvements

I’ve noticed that the purplish veins in the back of my thighs are smaller and less visible. I don’t know if they were true varicose veins, but after almost a week of earthing, they seem to have diminished. I’ll post a before/after photo if they continue to improve. 

Today, I am noticing that the abscess in my gum has gone away. I have been suffering from an abscess near a root canal that I got fifteen years ago for about a month. I was about to make an appointment to see a dentist, but every few days it would seem to improve. Yesterday, I put the large body band on my jawline for about twenty minutes. The slight discomfort that I was experiencing seemed to diminish and I don’t know if it was a coincidence. As I previously mentioned, sometimes it would spontaneously get better anyway. 

My energy levels are pretty good. I’ve noticed that my energy levels tend to correlate with how much activity I have in my daily life. The more I lie around, the less energy I have. I will admit to lying around a bit today to watch the Olympics. Hey, it only comes on every 4 years. 

Earthing Practices

The main two things that I have been doing have been connecting with the universal mat and barefoot walking during archery practice. After watching Laura Koniver’s video on eating outside to heal leaky gut, I did that! I didn’t get a blanket and sit on the ground, but I did go out on my patio and place my feet on the earth while I ate some of my meal. Then the gnats started to eat me!

I’m hoping to get more into barefoot walking outside at some point. Here in Virginia, it is hot! Staying outside in the heat and the humidity with the mosquitos and gnats is quite an adjustment. Thank heavens for the Earthing indoor products that I can use. 

Health Conditions 

The health conditions that I still struggle with are alopecia Universalis, epilepsy, bleeding gums, seasonal allergies, toenail fungus, hormonal imbalances, nearsightedness, scoliosis, and fingernail ridging. I don’t know if Earthing will improve any or all of these health problems, but I wrote them down to track whether it does help. Many of these conditions I don’t even think about because they don’t bother me much. The biggest ones I want to cure are the Alopecia Universalis and Epilepsy. 

I haven’t seen any improvement in the hair growth, but it has only been six days. Maybe there will be some difference at sixty days. We shall see! Earthing

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