Erthe Strip DIY Earthing Shoes Review

Erthe Strips Review

Name: Erthe Strip
Website: Amazon 
Price: $29.95
Owners: Erthe
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Erthe DIY Earthing Shoe Strips, Product Overview

These are basically strips of adhesive that could stick to your shoes along with a conductive material somewhere inside. Unfortunately, the adhesive is pretty bad and they don’t actually stick. 

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: I like the concept. 
PRO #2 It didn’t ruin my shoes. They are still usable. 
PRO #3 It was easy to buy them through Amazon and have them delivered to my house. 

The Bad:

CON #1: They were not connective. I tested them with the continuity tester and it did not show grounding. 
CON #2: They did not stay on my shoes. After the first mile of me wearing them, I noticed that the adhesive was starting to peel. The second day, I walked for a mile and the strip on my left foot was half-way off. If I hadn’t been stepping on the other half of the strip, it would have fallen off during the walk. 

Who is Erthe strips For?

This is one product that I do not recommend. It is for no one. 

Erthe Strip Tools & Training

There were online videos demonstrating how to place the strip on your shoes and ensure that it stayed on. The product included printed instructions for placement and wear.

Erthe Strips Price

If these had actually worked, I would have said they were slightly overpriced. Since they don’t work, I would say they are way overpriced. They do alter the appearance of your tennis shoe, but you can select the positioning. 

I couldn’t get them to “ground.” I know that sometimes you need to wait a bit while moisture collects on the surface of your skin, but after a 30 minute walk it still wasn’t showing conductivity. 

My Final Opinion of Erthe Earthing Strips 

This product is not worth your time or money. I love the concept of DIY earthing shoes, but the reality was that it simply didn’t work. 

It did give me the idea to try out conductive duct tape on some flip flops and see if it will be conductive. 

Erthe Strips at a Glance…

Name: Erthe Shoe Strips
Price: $29.95
Overall Scam Rank: 50 out of 100

VERDICT: NOT LEGIT – Don’t waste your money!!

My Earthing Day 5

Today I did notice that my varicose veins seemed a bit smaller and less purple. I didn’t even realize I had varicose veins for the longest time since they are on the back of my thighs. This could be an improvement from the Earthing practice. I don’t know. I haven’t really monitored them. I don’t know how long I have had them. I noticed last month when I was looking in a three-way mirror that my upper legs were somewhat purple. But what can you do? I didn’t worry about it because my shorts covered them. I just thought it was part of getting older. 

It could be a coincidence that my purple veins are going back to normal color. I don’t know. I’m going to keep watching it and see if the veins fade away. They were not bulging, just purple. They also didn’t hurt. Improving my circulation may have made them better which could be a result of more exercise or the earthing mat. It is hard to tell. 

I am continuing my 8 hours of earthing each night. I have been pretty grounded with my mat and my large body band all day, so I should easily make the 16 hours. It was hot outside, so I skipped my barefoot walk and just did some weeding around the house since it was easier to get a drink or go inside when I felt tired and hot. 

I’m still doing my hour of barefoot walking at the crack of dawn. That is working out well for me. I’m getting grounded and practicing archery at the same time!

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