I Have an Egg Intolerance

It never occurred to me that I was intolerant to eggs. I used them as a staple when doing the ketogenic diet for a long time. I enjoyed them as a part of the GAPS diet. I did eliminate them for Whole30 and the AIP diet, but didn’t make the connection at the time that they irritated my digestive system. 

Yesterday, I added eggs back after taking a break for almost a month. At first, I didn’t really notice much. I felt okay. I noticed that I had some gas, but not a significant amount. I also had realized that some bloating and gassiness could be due to my hormone fluctuation. 

I ate eggs again today. They were delicious. A few hours after I ate them, I realized that I was kind of uncomfortable. I had some gas. On a scale of 1-10, it was mild. Around a one or a two. A walk or stretch the right way would help to relieve some of the pressure. 

The idea of leaky gut had been a concern for me because I still suffer from seasonal allergies. My alopecia isn’t improving and leaky gut is supposedly at the root cause of autoimmune conditions. But where the heck was my leaky gut coming from and why wasn’t it improving on the paleo ketogenic diet?! 

One reason could be because of eggs! No. They haven’t been ever-present. I did give them up in the fall fo

r three months without seeing much improvement. But it could be that eating them triggered some leakiness in my gut and it will take more time to heal. 

So…what tipped me off? What was it that finally clued me in to the possibility of being intolerant to eggs? A stinky fart. 

It smelled like sulphor. Oh yes, I had had a tiny bit of onions and mushrooms in my omelet as well, but they hadn’t created a smelly fart like that before. So, I googled. I realized that eggs were different in my diet today than what I had  been eating. 

I found a website that said eggs don’t cause you to get gas, but they can if you are intolerant to them! Oh, I think I am! So, I think they will be out of my diet for awhile now. 

I can retest my tolerance for them in six months. For no, the eggs are out. I will be relying on ground beef, sausage, pork, and fish for my protein. I will be eating plenty of pastured pork fatback to make sure that my calories are high. We’ll see if this bloating and gas goes away. It has been seven hours since I consumed the eggs. My discomfort has pretty much subsided. 

It will be interesting to track this intolerance and see if eliminating the eggs helps improve my autoimmune condition. Even though the bloating and gas wasn’t super painful and debilitating. I would like it to go away. I could still function with everyday activities, they were just slightly uncomfortable. I wonder if that was a PMS symptom that I just ignored because it wasn’t debilitating and I could easily function. I could be wrong.

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