Eating Eggs and Autoimmune Conditions

I’ve read it in many places. Eggs trigger autoimmune conditions. I’ve avoided eggs and my autoimmune conditions persisted. I’ve eaten eggs and my autoimmunity persisted. It’s tough to avoid something without seeing much improvement. At the beginning of April, I avoided eggs and ate an Autoimmune Paleo-type ketogenic diet. 

It didn’t prevent the seizure that I had on April 19. I was bummed out about that. But continued to avoid the eggs until today. 

Right before deciding to go autoimmune paleo, I had purchased some pastured chicken eggs and some grocery store eggs. I have had about 2 dozen eggs in my fridge all month. They didn’t really tempt me until today. Today I caved and had some scrambled eggs. 

They were okay. I think the nice thing was mentally using some of them up and getting them out of the fridge. I don’t actually love eggs. I like some of the variety that they provide in a meat-heavy paleo-ketogenic diet. 

I think that I may just boil a bunch of them up and take them for lunch with me or eat them when I need a snack. That will get them out of sight and out of mind. I can get back on track and not worry about it for a while. 

Do I feel like I completely ruined my progress on the Paleo Ketogenic diet? No. Eventually, you are able to add the eggs back into the diet. For me, it is super tough to stick with a diet for four months before seeing improvement. I do think that is what I need to do. 

I listened to Mary Ruddick talk about her healing journey with the GAPS diet and she had seizures that didn’t seem to improve until month four of the GAPS diet. Yikes! I usually have given up around month two. I’m pretty good at staying strict with a diet when I need to be. A self-imposed diet is more challenging when I don’t need to lose weight and I’m looking for healing and health improvements. 

One of the big improvements that I am noticing lately is that my teeth feel smooth. There isn’t a lot of fuzziness that I need to brush off of them after a day of eating meat like there was with eating carbohydrates. 

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