Earthing Improves the Leak Gut

Laura Koniver, MD discusses why sometimes you don’t heal leaky gut with even the best diet. This can explain why I didn’t see any improvement after so many different diets. The gut was still in an inflammatory state and it just wasn’t going away because I wasn’t discharging the excess electrons in my body. 

As she discusses in this video, grounding, or earthing, boosts your metabolism, centers your awareness and decreases pain. You are mindful of the food that you are putting in your body. You don’t put excess food into your body. She recommends eating grounded outside. I may try it. I have been grounding after breakfast with my archery practice. However, I do not overeat and have eliminated all processed foods. 

Challenge yourself to eat one meal a day for the next two weeks outside and grounded. Picnic lunches! 

Update on My Grounding Day 4

I am not noticing any real differences. There may be a slight increase in energy, but other than that, I’m still struggling with hair loss. I still have some allergies causing me to sneeze a few times per day. I occasionally question whether I’m having an aura or thinking a seizure may be just around the corner. 

I would like Earthing or Grounding to work, so I will be continuing this experiment for a full 90 days with the hopes that my hair will grow back. In the meantime, I’m learning as much as I can about how to effectively do grounding. I hope you enjoy the updates and learning about Earthing! 

New Earthing Practice

I have been incorporating Earthing by walking for an hour barefoot while I practiced my archery skills early in the morning. I have added a walk on a nature path in my neighborhood for the last two days for about 20-30 minutes barefoot. I feel that the outdoor Earthing is probably more effective than the grounding mats that I purchased. 

I am still trying to stay grounded for at least 16 hours each day with 8 hours being at night and 8 hours during the day. 

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