Testing My Blood Glucose…Again

Since I restarted the paleo ketogenic diet, I felt that maybe I should find out where my blood glucose was. I assumed that it was in the normal range. I was right. But it wasn’t as low as I thought it would be. 

Dr. Zsofia Clemens wanted the blood glucose to be under 80. When you aren’t eating carbohydrates, your blood glucose often falls under 80. My expectation this morning was to have blood glucose around or below 80. I hadn’t eaten for almost 12 hours. That seemed reasonable. 

It was 103!!!

Now, 103 is normal for a diabetic. My sister would try to get her blood sugars to be between 80 and 100. I feel comfortable functioning with a blood sugar of 103, but how did it get that high? The low carbohydrate veggies that I had the previous day equaled about 6 grams of carbohydrates. 6! I had also eaten them 24 hours earlier. Why would my blood sugars be that high?

I know that my sister had told me that her menstrual cycle changes her blood sugars. While I had that seizure on Sunday, we’re 5 days out. I did experience some weird gas that indicated to me my hormones may be fluctuating with my cycle. I never expected it to change the blood glucose by 20 points when I was essentially fasting. 

My ketones were 2.6. They are nice and high. So, even though I don’t believe the ketones are preventing any seizures, I can tell that I have them in my system. My body is burning fats. 

Other symptoms

While I don’t plan on monitoring my blood glucose forever, it was nice to discover where it is at. I don’t think I’m at risk of becoming diabetic. I think if it naturally goes down in the next few days, I have nothing to worry about. 

The symptoms that are a major concern to me right now due to COVID and mask-wearing are my seasonal allergies. I sneeze up a storm at times. Actually, it is probably a total of ten sneezes a day, but it is super duper annoying. 

I have floaters in my eyes. I know some people on the carnivore diet rave about the floaters going away after starting the carnivore diet. Two months in for the second attempt at it and they are still there. 

My alopecia universalis is going strong. I wish I could say that I was seeing some improvement. Even Dr. Zsofia Clemens has stated that it is unlikely to go away. But I feel that I need to give it six to eight months. I don’t think this is something that retreats quickly. 

Other than that, I feel pretty great. Of course, I felt great before I started the paleo ketogenic diet. I do hope that I can gain some weight and fill out a bit more. I think I’m too skinny as it is. 

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