Earthing Benefits on Day 3

I want to be honest as I document my earthing journey. I was thrilled about the positive potential of earthing two days ago. I was hopeful that I would be quickly healing my allergies and autoimmune diseases.

The Earthing Large Body Band

I noticed that the area where the metal was attached on my head was a bit sore this morning, so I’m testing out the body band on different areas of my body. I’m wondering if wearing it a little looser on my head will work. I wanted to try it on my head with the goal of reducing whatever inflammation is preventing my hair regrowth. 

The large body band is a bit large for my skinny frame. I have been testing it with the continuity tester. It doesn’t always show continuity through my body. The body has to have a slight bit of sweat on it which works well with the hands and touching the metal surface. When the band is attached to my leg, it doesn’t seem to conduct. I did try it on my arm last night and it took a while to start showing conductivity. 

Slight Improvement

There may be some slight improvement in the area of neurology. I do feel calm. I don’t think I’ve had as many seizure auras as I may have had, but this is very hard to tell. My seizure pattern has been following my menstrual cycle and I’m kind of at the age where that is slowing down and changing anyways. 

My digestion may be improving. I had a bowel movement today and that was great. It was smooth and easy. While that seems a bit weird, when I get backed up, I think I am more at risk of having seizures as the estrogen is cycled back into the bloodstream and higher estrogen levels tend to trigger the seizures. 

The Earthing has eliminated my athlete’s foot and reduced the inflammation and a growth that was on the bottom of my foot. This all happened without the use of products and with only an hour a day of walking barefoot. 

No Improvement

I haven’t seen any improvement in hair growth in 3 days. No surprise in that area. I have not had an improvement in my seasonal allergies. I did sneeze a few times each day since starting the earthing. 

There hasn’t been any improvement in my nails. I still have the ridging in my nails, which is part of the alopecia Universalis. Some days my nails seem to look better than others, today is one of those days where I just don’t think they look great. 

Earthing Side Effects

Some of the earthing side effects that are taking place have nothing really to do with the act of connecting with the earth. I have noticed that I am becoming more determined and organized as I complete this journey. I am becoming structured and planning out my days better to make sure I hit that 16 hours of grounding each day so I complete this task. 

While I have been earthing outside, I have been listening to the ThinkRightNow audios on improving confidence. It is planting the thought patterns in my head of becoming a more confident person as I work towards my 90 day Earthing goal. I am stretching myself and improving as a person. 

Will Earthing Work?

I don’t know. My optimism is waning a bit and I’m starting to be worried about whether or not I am going down the same path that didn’t work in the past. I’m hoping that with the continuity tester and ensuring that the grounding tools are working, I will have better results this time. 

I will honestly report the good and the bad of Earthing, so you can make a decision on whether you should incorporate it into your life. The grounding tools are very easy to use, but that doesn’t mean that they are effective. 

Earthing by connecting to the ground barefoot is free and easy to do. Try it for yourself and let me know if you have results!

Earthing Side Effectss


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