Earthing Day 10 – Not Feeling Good

So, I have made it to day 10 of Earthing. I have connected to one of the products or mother Earth for at least 16 hours per day for the last ten days. Today, I am not feeling that great. It is PMS. Yesterday, I had a slight headache which was odd for me. I almost never have headaches. I woke up this morning and had a great bowel movement and then a watery one half an hour later and another one. Ugh…

At first, I was thinking that this Earthing would have helped balance my hormones and I wouldn’t have to worry about the period diarrhea that I had experienced in the past. Since it is linked to my period, I know that it will be gone tomorrow. But I have experienced some periods without diarrhea. My last one I didn’t have it, so I’m not sure if this is a step in the wrong direction or if my body just hasn’t gotten around to healing the hormones yet. 

One thing that documenting this journey is doing is helping me really determine whether or not this intervention has improved my health. Initially, I wanted to go back onto the paleo ketogenic diet and eliminate vegetables to see if I could improve my autoimmune condition that way. I’m toying with the idea, but it would make it difficult to tell if the Earthing intervention was the healing mechanism or not. 

I’m still planning on sticking with the Earthing for a full 90 days just to see if I can actually tell if I have healing benefits from the practice. I’m still kind of hopeful, but rather discouraged and disappointed today. 

I did not exercise as long during my morning archery practice today. I think I got in about 15 minutes before calling it quits and running to the toilet. My walk wasn’t super long and I didn’t walk barefoot for the whole length of the walking trail. I just wasn’t feeling it today. 

I have stayed connected to my earthing mat and my large body bands for most of the day, so I am on track in that sense. Here’s to hoping that things will improve for me in the next few days. Maybe I’ll even start to see some hair regrowth in a few weeks! 

Thanks again for following my blog! Let me know in the comments if you have ever tried “earthing’ or “grounding.”  earthing with plants

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