Buteyko breathing breakthrough!

I’ve done Buteyko breathing for quite some time. I learned about it as a way to eliminate my juvenile myoclonic epilepsy seizures.  And guess what? It worked. Well, for the most part. I would start to slack off and stop measuring my control pause. My hormones would fluctuate every few months with my menstrual cycle and I would have one. However, they were so infrequent that it didn’t really seem worth my time to go back to the doctor and be put on double the therapeutic dose of Keppra to control a couple a year.

I rededicated myself to Buteyko breathing this spring break. I read over the benefits of breathing. I read about how much exercise that I need to achieve optimal levels of health. (To be honest, I hadn’t gotten close to the control pause that I needed to achieve optimal health, which was probably why my hair never grew back and I still had occasional seizures.) I decided it was time to commit to 3-4 hours of exercise per day. Miraculously, I was able to do it! The first day, I was sore, but the second day, I wasn’t. I feel strongly that wearing the Elevation Training Mask helped oxygenate my muscles and allowed for a faster recovery. I’m actually not very sore at all! While I had used the elevation training mask in the past, I don’t think I used it for entire hours at a time before. I think doing this did the trick. I also started doing small breath holds while I exercised using the mask.

I’m feeling so much stronger. My endurance is building. I’m hoping that all the wonderful benefits that I read so much about will manifest themselves soon!

My training program is very simple. I start a quick jog on my treadmill desk workstation. As my legs get tired or start feeling sore, I hop off the treadmill desk to get some rebounding in and circulated the lymphatic system. I turn to youtube for a quick arm workout and then do a half hour cool down while I watch something informative or entertaining on youtube. It takes my mind off my muscles working and keeps me going for the full 2 hours in the morning. In the afternoon, I take the dog on a walk and then in the evening, I try again for another 30-60 minutes on the treadmill. I’m actually finding that I enjoy it and look forward to it instead of dreading it. Exercising at home really can energize you instead of deplete your energy.

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