Foods That Trigger Seizures

If you have epilepsy, you may want to be aware of the foods that trigger seizures. Often doctors are not well versed in nutrition and focus intently on the pharmaceutical interventions that will prevent seizures. However, there are many foods that can trigger seizures. Unfortunately, it is difficult to identify them in your diet when you have a very wide variety of foods that you eat and the seizures may take up to 48 hours after you eat the food to appear.



Gluten is a wheat protein. The problem with the way that wheat is processed is that it is sprayed with glyphosate, a neurotoxin prior to harvesting it. Therefore, you are essentially eating a small dose of weed killer each time you take a bite of bread. This is not good for anyone, but especially someone who has a seizure disorder.

Another reason to avoid wheat and wheat containing products is due to the fact that they are high on the glycemic index. Research published in the “Neurology” journal in 2006 indicates that one half of a patient group treated with a diet regimen that had only low-glycemic foods showed 90 percent fewer seizures. Fluctuating blood glucose levels can trigger seizures. All wheat containing foods are high on the glycemic index.

It is best to take all grains out of your diet and focus on meat and vegetables if you have a seizure disorder.

High Glycemic Index Fruits and Vegetables

The Epilepsy Society recommends that you avoid certain vegetables and fruits which fall in the medium to high-glycemic index range. These include bananas, mashed potatoes, mangoes, raisins and dates. You may want to avoid all starchy vegetables including sweet potatoes. Avoiding these fruits and vegetables will help to control your blood sugars, which will improve your brain function. When your blood sugar drastically increases, the neurons can become more excitable and put you at further risk for more seizures.

It is a great idea to follow a ketogenic diet. For more information about following a ketogenic diet check out the free digital cookbook, Bacon and Butter.

Monosodium Glutamate

A food additive monosodium glutamate, MSG, is often used as flavoring in a variety of foods. It is most commonly used in Chinese food. Many individuals are sensitive to MSG. In an animal study published in “Neuroscience Letters” it determined that excess MSG can physically alter the nerves of rats and lead to epileptic seizures. Even if it hasn’t been determined that you are sensitive to MSG, if you suffer from epileptic seizures, these can become worse if you take any amount of MSG. Therefore, it is best to avoid it if possible.

Ginkgo Nuts

A study published in “Epilepsia” in 2001 reported that consuming a great amount of ginkgo nuts can cause vomiting and seizures for hours after their consumption. Ginkgo nuts are commonly eaten in China and Japan. The study discovered that these nuts can trigger seizures even in individuals who do not have a history of epilepsy or any kind of seizures. For individuals with epilepsy, it is best to avoid these types of nuts because they may be toxic to your nervous system.



Dairy is a common trigger for people who have epilepsy. The casein protein is molecularly similar to the gluten protein and can trigger a reaction within the body. Casein triggers an inflammatory response in the body, which can impact the brain. In the clip below, Dr. David Clark, DC, shares an experience treating a child whose seizures were triggered by cheese.



Epsom Salt Bath Benefits for Weight Loss

Did you know that there are Epsom Salt Bath Benefits for weight loss? If you are stuck in a weight loss rut, you may want to take a break from the treadmill and staring at the pantry and relax in an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt baths have many benefits and these benefits can impact whether your body releases its weight or not.

Stress often increases you desire to eat unhealthy foods. We live in a very stressful world and sometimes your body simply needs to relax. Stress drains the body of its magnesium levels and can cause an increase in your adrenaline. Epsom salt is absorbed through the skin and replenishes the body with magnesium, which helps to produce mood elevating chemicals within the brain to create a relaxed and calm feeling.

Epsom salt has been used since the 1900s for weight loss and to cure digestive and skin problems. The clear crystals can help to regulate many enzymes in our bodies and maintain healthy hair, nails and skin though assisting in collagen synthesis.


Epsom Salt Bath For Losing Weight

1. How Does Epsom Salt Help You Lose Weight?

Our metabolism is what helps us to maintain a healthy weight, adjust to the environment and do the daily repair work that is required for optimal health. The cells of our body require magnesium to complete these tasks.

The second component of Epsom salt is sulfate. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT researcher states, “Sulfur is known as a healing mineral, a sulfur deficiency will often lead to pain and inflammation associated with various muscle and skeletal disorders.” Due to modern lifestyle habits and farming practices, many people are becoming deficient in both magnesium and sulfate, which according to Stephanie Seneff, is leading to heart disease and obesity.

Rosemary Waring, a British biochemist from the University of Birmingham, discovered that sulfate and magnesium are absorbed into the skin during an Epsom salt bath. The levels of these two minerals in the blood increase after you soak in the bath for about 20 minutes and they start the work of eliminating environmental toxins from the body. Epsom salts also heal other ailments of the skin. Therefore, it makes you feel relaxed and less stressed.

A deficiency of magnesium in the body can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, backaches and headaches. Low levels of sulfate in the body result in exhaustion. If the levels of magnesium and sulfate increase in the blood, the system of the body reaches a balance. It will start to function properly.

Often poor absorption of nutrients and emotional eating are considered the culprits of weight gain. However, when toxins are expelled from the body, you feel more energetic and relaxed. You are less likely to turn to food and binge on food. This will reduce your instances of overeating and your metabolism will start to work at its best. This can lead to weight reduction.


2. How To Make Epsom Salt Bath For Weight Loss

Epsom salt baths can be made by adding about 1-2 cups of Epsom salt to warm bath water. Do not add more salt to the water, as more salt does not equal more weight loss. The Epsom Salt bath works best when you use 1-2 cups of Epsom Salt.

Epsom Salt Baths for weight loss

Steps For Taking Epsom Salt Baths For Weight Loss

  • When beginning an Epsom Bath routine, start with half a cup of Epsom salt.
  • Gradually increase the quantity of the Epsom salt to one to two cups per bath.
  • Stay in the bath water for at least fifteen minutes. Do not exceed twenty minutes.
  • After the bath, drink a glass of water to rehydrate.


3. Frequency Of Epsom Salt Bath For Weight Loss

The frequency of Epsom salt baths for weight loss will differ from one individual to another. Some people believe that it should be done multiple times a week, while others believe that it should be done every other week. It is always a good idea to consult with your medical provider if you have a serious health condition. You can start with once a week and see how you feel from there.

Epsom Salt Baths for weight loss


4. Types Of Epsom Salt Baths

To make your bath more fun and refreshing, you can add ingredients to your Epsom salt baths. Try these variations on an Epsom salt bath. A fragrant bath can motivate you to stick with the routine of weekly Epsom salt baths.

Epsom salt baths for weight loss

A. Ginger And Epsom Salt

It is thought that ginger will help to eliminate toxins. Therefore, if you believe that excess toxin build up is the main cause for your weight gain, try adding ginger to the bath. It is an easy and natural way to remove body toxins. This remedy works best if you use warm or hot water. Add two to three tablespoons of crushed ginger against two cups of Epsom salt to the warm bath water for best results.

B. Baking Soda And Epsom Salt

Epsom salt baths for weight loss - baking soda
Baking soda

Combine 2 cups of Epsom salt and 2 cups of baking soda to warm bath water. Rub the body gently with a soft sponge. This will help to clean the dead skin cells and remove excess toxins from your body.

C. Apple Cider Vinegar And Epsom Salt

You can combine Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar to your bath water in a ratio of 1:2. Soak in the bath for about 30 minutes. Vinegar is believed to relieve stress and ease joint pain. Therefore, you will also get relief from stress and joint pain in addition to some weight loss.

D. Epsom Salt And Essential Oils

An Epsom salt bath will smell wonderful with the addition of lavender or other essential oils to it. Simply add 10-20 drops of an essential oil of your choice to the bath water. Lavender and jojoba essential oil have relaxing properties. You can also purchase Mountain Falls Lavender scented Epsom Salt. (Read my review here.)


5. Detoxifying And Rejuvenating

Image: Shutterstock

While essential oils are recommended to make your experience of Epsom salt baths more relaxing and aromatic. There are experts who believe that adding the oil will reduce the effect of the Epsom salt. You can enhance the effect by using mineral water. This is known as a detox bath. It will leave you de-stress and rejuvenated for many hours afterward.


6. Benefits Of Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt baths for weight loss


  • Relieves sore muscles.
  • Removes excess skin and hair.
  • Great antidote for mild sunburn and skin irritation.
  • Faster recovery from muscle strains and other injuries.
  • Bee sting relief.
  • Soothes dry lips.
  • Great for exfoliation.
  • Soothes poison ivy rashes.
  • Improves sleep and relaxation.
  • Improve circulation
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Sustain calcium levels in the blood.


7. Facts About Epsom Salt

  • Epsom salt was first discovered in a bitter spring of Epsom in Surrey, England. It was named after the town it was discovered.
  • Epsom salt is not actually a salt. It is a type of naturally occurring mineral compound, which is enriched with sulfate and magnesium.
  • Epsom salt appears to be small, clear crystals.


8. Precautions

  • Never add more than 2 cups of Epsom salt in your bath.
  • Do not exceed 20 minute baths if the water is hot.
  • Drink water before and after taking an Epsom salt bath.
  • Do not take Epsom salt internally. Call your doctor if it is swallowed.
  • If you are diabetic, pregnant, or suffer from kidney disease, heart disease, and irregular heart beats, consult with your doctor first.


9. FAQs

Epsom salt baths - FAQ

A. Can I eat or drink Epsom salt instead of taking a bath for weight loss?

Do not take Epsom salt internally. It can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems.

B. Is Epsom salt the same as bath salt?

No. Epsom salt contains only magnesium and sulfate. Bath salts often contain other ingredients.

C. Where to purchase Epsom salt?

You can buy it online from Amazon or at your local grocery store.

Mountain Falls Epsom Salt Review

Mountain Falls Epsom Salt, Lavender Scented, 3 Pound Bag Review

Name: Mountain Falls Epsom Salt, Lavender Scented, 3 Pound

Website: Available at

Price: $3.00 ($1.00 / Pound)

Owners: Mountain Falls

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Mountain Falls Epsom Salt with Lavender, Product Overview

Lavender scented Epsom salt packaged in a 3 lb bag. There are not many ingredients just magnesium sulfate, fragrance and lavandula hybrid oil (lavender). The Epsom salts come in a plastic bag that has a Ziploc type of closure at the top. This enables you to reseal the bag and keep the salts from getting moisture in them.

To experience the relation from Epsom salts, you should add a cup or two of the salts to your bath. Between the salts and the lavender fragrance, you will definitely feel relaxed and be ready to hit the bed after your bath. Enjoy!


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  1. Soothes aches and sprains.
  2. Comforts and relaxes overworked muscles allowing for maximum performance.
  3. Softens the skin and keeps it feeling soft.
  4. Gentle and refreshing.
  5. Calming lavender scent.
  6. Cost effective – only $1 per pound.
  7. Not tested on animals

The Bad:

  1. Consumers complained that the bag was difficult to reseal.
  2. The scent is not strong compared to other Lavender scented Epsom salt brands.
  3. The salt crystals do take some time to dissolve in the water. Be patient.

Who is Mountain Falls Epsom Salt for?

This is a great product for people who are experiencing nocturnal leg cramps. Soaking in a bath with Epsom salts helps your body to absorb magnesium. A magnesium deficiency is often a cause of muscle cramps. Magnesium helps to calm the nervous system.

This is a great Epsom salt for creating bath products, such as bath bombs.

Mountain Falls Epsom Salt Support

Mountain Falls has a contact form on their website for comments, questions and concerns. They are extremely responsive, so feel free to contact them.

Mountain Falls Epsom Salt Price

Mountain Falls is one of the least expensive Epsom salt brands. Compared to another Lavender scented Epsom salt brand, Dr. Teal’s, the Mountain Falls brand is about half the price. Currently, Dr. Teal’s charges $16.29 for two 3 lb bags. (The one pound bag is not an option on Amazon.)

Mountain Falls allows you to buy a smaller amount and pay less per pound.

My Final Opinion of Mountain Falls Epsom Salt

I really like the price of Mountain Falls Epsom Salt. To me, it is not important to have the most expensive brand of Epsom Salt. While some people did point out that the Dr. Teal brand dissolves faster compared to Mountain Falls, I am a patient person and can spend a little more time waiting for it to dissolve. Also, it may be helpful to use hotter water if you find that the Epsom salts aren’t dissolving very quickly.

The lavender isn’t scented very strongly, but it is nice. I don’t tend to use a lot of strong fragrances in my home, so it suits me just fine. Many people reported that the scent seemed stronger when the bag was just opened, but felt just about right when soaking in the tub. While there were a few people who complained that the scent wasn’t strong enough, many of the reviewers on Amazon reported loving the smell.

The majority of the reviews on Amazon for these Epsom Salts were positive. 66% gave it five stars.

Mountain Falls Epsom Salt Lavender Scented at a Glance…

Name: Mountain Falls Epsom Salt 3 lb. bag


Owners: Mountain Falls

Price: $3.00 or $1.00 per pound

Overall Scam Rank: 85 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! When it comes to a foot soak, this Epsom salt brand is economical and it works! It will soothe your muscles. It also is not tested on animals!

Stop Night Time Leg Cramps – Natural Cures for Leg Cramps

I woke up this morning with my ankle in an extended position and aching. I had a nighttime leg cramp. It didn’t hurt too much and I know that sometimes leg cramps occur when you are magnesium deficient, but I decided to do a bit of research today and see if I could learn more about natural cures for leg cramps, so I could stop nighttime leg cramps once and for all!

Let’s dive in and learn more about nighttime (or nocturnal) leg cramps!

What are nocturnal leg cramps?

Nocturnal leg cramps are the pains that you feel in your legs during the night. They can often wake you up from sleep, but they may also occur while awake at night during periods of inactivity. Night time leg cramps mostly happen in the calf muscles, but they can also occur in the thighs or feet. They can be quite painful and cause the muscles to feel tight or knotted. The cramps may last from several seconds to several minutes. There also may be muscle soreness after the cramp goes away.

Who Gets Nocturnal Leg Cramps?

Nocturnal leg cramps are common in adults over age 50, but they may also occur in younger adults and children. Men and women are equally affected by them. There might also be muscle soreness after the cramp goes away. Nocturnal leg cramps are more common in adults over age 50, but they also do occur in younger adults and children. Both men and women seem to be equally affected.

Causes of Leg Cramps at Night

The specific cause of nocturnal leg cramps is unknown. It can be different for many people. It is associated with the following conditions:

  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Over-exertion of the muscles
  • Standing or working on concrete floors
  • Sitting improperly

Some medical conditions are associated with leg cramps. These include the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Dehydration
  • Magnesium Deficiencies
  • electrolyte imbalances
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Neuromuscular disorders (neuropathy, myopathy, motor neuron disease)
  • Structural disorders (flat feet)
  • Endocrine disorders (diabetes, hypothyroidism)
  • Diuretics, statins, beta agonists


How to Get Relief From Night Time Leg Cramps

In the majority of cases, nighttime leg cramps are harmless. They can be relieved and even prevented with simple stretching and other self-care measures and remedies. However, if you are experiencing nocturnal leg cramps regularly and they cause significant discomfort, please see your doctor, especially if the leg cramps are interfering with your sleep patterns or you are having muscle weakness, swelling, numbness or pain that lingers and continues to return.

While more people who are middle age and older get leg cramps, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Many times these cramps occur for no known reason. Therefore, it can be difficult to get rid of them.

There are three main things that you may want to try to eliminate a nocturnal leg cramp:

  1. Stretch it out
  2. Massage
  3. Increase magnesium

If it is your calf muscle that cramps up in the middle of the night, stand up and put weight on the affected leg in order to push the heel to the floor. This will stretch out the muscle.

Another stretch that is helpful is to put your weight on the affected leg and bend your knee slightly. This decreases the tension in the calf as that muscle stretches out and the opposing muscles contract.

If you are sitting or lying down with your leg straight out, pull the top of your foot towards your head.

For cramps in the quadriceps (thighs), you can hold onto a chair to steady yourself and pull your foot back towards your buttock. This will stretch out the quadriceps.

Other Remedies to Try

Massaging the muscle may give you relief. Increasing the blood flow to the area through heat or ice can improve your symptoms of cramps as well. You may also want to try taking an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt is high in magnesium and can help to correct a deficiency when you soak in it.

Can I Prevent Them?

Preventing leg cramps before they start is one of the best things that you can do. Prevention starts with eating more foods that are high in vitamins, magnesium and calcium. Staying well-hydrated will help to prevent nocturnal leg cramps. Additionally, you’ll want to create a daily stretching routine for yourself and ensure that you are exercising daily.






Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend Review

Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend – CINNAMON GEL Review

Name:Green Pasture Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil blend

Website: Available at

Price: $50.74 ($6.26 / Fl Oz)

Owners: Green Pastures

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Product Overview

Cod liver oil has historically been used to improve health. Cultures that have gained the most benefit from cod liver oil took the time necessary to hand craft and ferment them. The largest benefit of fermentation is that it keeps the delicate nutrients intact and can actually increase them. This product contains 1/3 X Factor Gold high vitamin butter and 2/3 blue ice fermented cod liver oil.

The Green Pastures brand fermented cod liver oil is made in small batches with extraordinary care. The livers are fermented from fish that have been exclusively wild caught in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands region. The Marine Stewardship Council ensures that the cod livers we source have been sustainably wild-caught.

This cod liver oils is fermented. Fermentation is a natural enzymatic and microbial action which releases oil from the livers. Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a raw, whole food. There are no additives of any kind.

The combination of high vitamin and butter oil are recommended by Weston A. Price as a way to cure cavities. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride recommends followers of her GAPS diet to use fermented cod liver oil in their diets to heal and seal the gut. This is due to its high nutrient density.

The Butter Oil/Fermented Cod liver oil contains:

  • Natural Source of Omega 3, 6, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids
  • Important fat soluble nutrients
  • High in vitamins D and A

In this bottle there are 96- 1/2 tsp servings per container. It will last you from 1-3 months depending on how many servings per day that you consume.




The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  1. This is high in the essential fat soluble vitamins that may be missing from a modern industrial diet.
  2. The Butter/Cod liver oil is a great source of omega 3, 6, and 9.
  3. It has been reported by many people that their teeth started to remineralize when they added fermented cod liver oil to their diet and removed processed foods and grains from their diets.
  4. While most cod liver oils taste terrible, this has a pleasant cinnamon flavor that is actually great.
  5. Some users have reported an improvement in their acne.
  6. Higher amount of vitamin D than conventional cod liver oil.

The Bad:

  1. It does cost more than conventional cod liver oil.
  2. It is not available in grocery stores. You may be able to find it in health stores. It is available online.


Who is Green Pastures Fermented Butter Oil/Cod Liver Oil for?

This is a cod liver oil supplement that is for the person serious about curing their cavities and eliminating health problems naturally. It is very nutrient dense, but it does cost quite a bit more than the conventional cod liver oil on the market. (I do have a review of a cod liver oil that is more affordable, but has fewer vitamins and minerals).

It can also be used to address autoimmune conditions in conjunction with the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. Many people with autoimmune conditions often are deficient in fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamin D and K, which are abundant in this fermented butter oil/cod liver oil.

Green Pastures Support

You can order this directly through Green Pastures instead of Amazon. If you do so, you’ll likely get more customer support. You can contact them for orders at 402-875-5007 extension 1. After you have placed an order and want customer service help, press extension 2.

They also have a facebook page,, where they share their latest blog posts and information about Green Pasture products.

Green Pastures Fermented Butter Oil/Cod Liver Oil Price

The cost of Green Pastures brand fermented butter oil/cod liver oil can deter many individuals. It is $50 per bottle! That is quite a bit for a supplement. However, it will help you to correct nutritional deficiencies that are likely causing a need for much more expensive medications. If you break the price down into how much you’re spending on your health per day, it is $.55 per day. That is calculated by taking 1/2 teaspoon per day.


My Final Opinion of Green Pastures Fermented Butter Oil/Cod Liver Oil Cinnamon Tingle Gel

In terms of cod liver oil, this tastes great! It is easy to supplement with the cinnamon gel that has a spicy aftertaste instead of a strong fishy taste. I like that it comes in a gel form. For me, it is easier to take than a spoonful of oil. It just feels better.

I tend to purchase this Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil gel occasionally due to the cost. I will alternate my supplementation of cod liver oil between this brand and a less expensive brand. It is high quality, but sometimes I don’t feel like spending $50 for a supplement each month. I am encouraged to purchase it by all the positive reviews of tooth mineralization that I have read online.

I will mention that I purchase it from Amazon as opposed to their website. The cost is the same, but with Amazon Prime, shipping only takes two days.


Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend Review at a Glance…

Name: Green Pasture Butter Oil/Fermented Cod liver oil


Owners: Green Pasture

Price: $50.80

Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! This is a great way to get cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil in your diet! Not only does it taste fantastic, but the gel is easier to consume than a liquid.

The Ketogenic Diet and Exercise

The ketogenic diet has been helping many people heal from health issues. You eventually have to address poor eating habits and the ketogenic diet can do that for you. However, when you adopt the ketogenic diet, you may have to make some adjustments to your workout routines.

“Years of poor eating habits will catch up to you,”
― Jimmy Moore, Keto Clarity: Your Definitive Guide to the Benefits of a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet

When you start the ketogenic diet, you may not feel great at first. Naturally, this will effect your workouts. You may feel like you are in a fog for the first few weeks. Your brain’s primary fuel source has been glucose, however on the ketogenic diet, it switches over to ketone bodies, created by breaking down fats in the liver. It will take some time to adjust. Fortunately, the mental fog typically passes after a few days. Many people recommend skipping workouts that require quick reactions to stay safe during this transition period such as riding your bike on the road with cars. You can continue doing what you are doing, but trying a new workout as you are adjusting to the ketogenic diet is not a good idea.

It is important to note that on a ketogenic diet, there will be an appetite suppressing effect. You might think you’re not hungry even if you don’t giv eyour body enough energy. It is essential to eat enough food on the ketogenic diet.

A cardio approach to exercise could result in burning more fat. This is one reason that people swear by the ketogenic for weight loss. When you are in ketosis, you aren’t using glycogen as your energy source. Therefore, you burn fat. Glycogen is a substance deposited in muscles and tissues as a reserve of carbohydrates. Running, biking and other cardiovascular exercises comined with a keto diet can help increase fat oxidation, spare glycogen and produce less lactate and use less oxygen. For this reason, you will likely burn more fat during cardio exercise.



The traditional view of weight loss was simple – eat less and do more cardio. However, that is unsustainable. You must get energy in order to exercise. What you eat really does matter. Therefore, pay attention to the quality food on the ketogenic diet and ensure that you are meeting your fat macronutrient ratios on a ketogenic diet.

Exercise has many benefits for your health. It is great for your heart, builds muscle and keeps you lean and toned. Exercise also strengthens the bones. Exercise can completely fit into your routine while you are eating for ketosis. You simply need to keep in mind a few considerations.



The type of exercise that you select will determine the your nutritional needs. Different types of exercise will have different nutritional demands. Workouts are divided into four different types – aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility and stability.

Exercise in Ketosis

Image Source: Perfect Keto

Aerobic exercise is commonly known as cardio exercise. Aerobic exercise is any type of exercise that lasts longer that three minutes. Lower intensity, steady-state cardio is fat burning. This makes it very friendly for the ketogenic dieter.

Anaerobic exercise is characterized by shorter bursts of energy. These exercises include weight training, or high-intensity interval training. Carbohydrates are a primary fuel for anaerobic exercise. Therefore, fat alone can’t provide enough energy for this type of workout. Your performance may be impacted during the transition to the ketogenic diet. Your body will produce glycogen from the protein through a process called gluconeogenesis. You eventually will be able to perform anaerobic exercise.

Flexibility exercises are very helpful for stretching out and lengthening your muscles, supporting joints and improving your range of motion. Yoga and Pilates are examples of flexibility exercises.

Stability exercises include balance exercises and core training. These type of exercises help to improve your alignment, strength muscles and control movement.

During ketosis, your workout intensity matters:

  • During a low intensity aerobic exercise, the body uses fat for its main energy source.
  • During high-intensity aerobic exercise, carbohydrates are the main energy source.

There is a solution to making anaerobic exercises easier to do at the beginning of the diet. It is using a targeted ketogenic diet for exercise.

How to Use a Targeted Ketogenic Diet for Exercise

For more intense exercise during a ketogenic diet, it is wise to adjust your keto diet to fit your carb needs for your exercise. Simply sticking to the standard ketogenic diet may not work for you.

There is a good rule of thumb to eat 15-30 grams of fast acting carbohydrates, such as fruit, within 30 minutes prior to your workout and 30 minutes after your workout. This ensures that you provide your muscles with a proper amount of glycogen to perform the training and be able to recover. It allows the carbs to be used exactly for this purpose and to preven any risk of leaving ketosis.



A standard ketogenic diet is roughly 20-30 grams of net carbohydrates per day. A targeted ketogenic diet is between 20-50 grams or less of net carbs, but these carbs are taken 30 minutes to one hour prior to exercise. It is best for athletes with high-intensity activities. A cyclical ketogenic diet is eating low-carb keto for several days and then eating higher carbs for a few days.

You can test out which ketogenic diet first your lifestyle. Some people report feeling better on more carbohydrates, while others report feeling better without any carbohydrates, such as people who are following a carnivore diet, like Shawn Baker.



The keto-adaptation phase can last for about 2-3 weeks. The great news is that the body will adapt to low carb eating and start to use fat for fuel. Once the adaptation phase is over, exercise performance can increase greatly. Since the body is no longer using the carbohydrates for energy, it turns to the body’s secondary fuel source, fat. This will change how the body uses energy when working out, as the preferred source for muscles, glycogen isn’t present without carbohydrate intake.


Some people view exercise during ketosis as bad for performance, but it does have many benefits.

  • A study of a 3 hour run indicated 2-3 times more fat burn was seen in ultra-endurance athletes who ate low-carb for an average of 20 months compared to those following a high-carb diet.
  • The low-carb group used and replenished the same amount of muscle glycogen as the high-carb group.
  • Being in ketosis may prevent fatigue during longer periods of aerobic exercise.
  • Ketosis helps with blood glucose maintenance during exercise.
  • The power of keto-adaptation helps low-carb dieters perform better in all forms of exercise with less carbs over time.


There are some studies that show the power of ketosis for movement and peak physical performance.

  • Demographic verification of European cultures from the past has demonstrated people were living as mostly hunters, which means they had very little dietary intake of carbs and still functioned without physical hinderance.
  • Before the Inuit diets were altered, their traditional diet was virtually devoid of carbs. They ahd a heavy emphasis on animal foods with no known problems. The Inuits were also hunters.
  • Before the diets of the Inuit people were altered more, their traditional diet was virtually devoid of carbs with a heavy emphasis on animal foods and no known problems. 

Frankincense by Healing Solutions Review

Healing Solutions Frankincense Review

Name: Frankincense by Healing Solutions

Website: Available at

Price: $8.99

Owners: Healing Solutions

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Frankincense essential oils, Product Overview

This is the most unique and amazing smelling Frankincense on the market. Healing Solutions offers a superior cultivation of ingredients that are the best in the world. Healing Solutions provides pure and rigorous quality testing and controls. The distillation facility is GMP, ISO 9001 and Kosher certified. It is FDA registered. Frankincense (Boswellia serrata) is one of the most rare, best smelling and most therapeutically effective of all the essential oils.

Healing Solutions guarantees that their oils are aromatically superior and more effective than other oils. It is backed by a full refund with no questions asked guarantee.

It is important to note that the leading Aromatherapy Associations – Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association, Aromatherapy Trade Council and others) will all state that essential oils are not to be taken internally unless under the guidance of a health care practitioner who is trained at the appropriate level. For this reason, Healing Solutions carries a warning label that the product is NOT FOR INTERNAL USE.



The Good and the Bad:

The Good:

  1. Frankincense Essential Oil has a fresh, woody scent with notes of slightly spicy and fruity aroma
  2. Frankincense is often used for spiritual and perfumery applications
  3. Great essential oil for massage
  4. May help to prevent seizures
  5. Helps reduce stress and anxiety
  6. Great for use in diffusers
  7. Lowest price for the essential oil, Frankincense. Very cost effective.
  8. Customers reported pain relief from plantar fasciitis with this product
  9. A tiny bit goes a long way. This bottle will last you a long time.

The Bad:

  1. Some customers complained that the oils didn’t quite smell right.
  2. Customers questioned the purity of the oil due to being cloudy.
  3. Frankincense smells like sweaty gym socks, reported one consumer. (It is not the easiest smell to get used to!)
  4. One user reported a chemical burn from putting it directly on her skin. (Essential oils are meant to be mixed with carrier oils, such as coconut oil when used on the skin, so be careful!)



Who is Healing Solutions Frankincense for?

Frankincense is for the individual who wants to reduce their stress. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it can help people with epilepsy reduce their seizures. Frankincense is a very calming essential oil and can be used in massage therapy.


Frankincense Healing Solutions Support

You can visit the Healing Solutions website for more details. For questions, comments and concerns, send an email to


Healing Solutions Frankincense Price

The cost of the Healing Solutions frankincense is the lowest cost essential oil. It is the best buy for essential oil. This raises a question on purity among many people. I can’t say that it is the highest quality frankincense, but if you are on a budget, you should give this brand a whirl. I have found many great, healing benefits from using this brand of frankincense.



My Final Opinion of Healing Solutions Frankincense

I have used this product and found it to be very helpful. I don’t know if it was preventing seizure or if I just wasn’t going to have a seizure anyway. The scent was somewhat woody. I used it in a diffuser and on my skin. I had no reaction on my skin. I also found that it scented the air very well when I used a diffuser.

Healing Solutions Frankincense at a Glance…

Name: Frankincense


Owners: Healing Solutions

Price: $8.99

Overall Scam Rank: 90x out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! This is a great product that does provide results.

Essential Oils for Epilepsy

essential oils for epilepsy
Lavender has a calming effect on the nervous system.

When I first started myjourney off medication, I was interested in anything and everything that would help to prevent seizures. I discovered that there are essential oils for epilepsy. In fact, the popular Christmas scent, Frankincense, actually helps to prevent seizures as well, so you may want to buy a bottle around the holidays!

Beyond anecdotal evidence, there isn’t a lot of research to support that Frankincense helps to improve seizures. There is some research that supports essential oils having a positive impact on your brain function and helping to improve sleep quality and reduce stress. Therefore, you may want to simply use essential oils for epilepsy as an adjunctive therapy that compliments your ketogenic diet or your anticonvulsant routine.

Essential Oils to Avoid

Unfortunately, not all essential oils are beneficial for people who suffer from seizures. In fact, some essential oils can interact with your medication and cause seizures. While the observations are anecdotal, there are some uncontrolled observations that suggest herbal stimulants that contain ephedrine and caffeine can exacerbate seizures. If you suffer from seizures, you may want to avoid coffee, tea, mate, guarana, cola, kola, and ephedra or ma huang. Ginkgo and ginseng may also exacerbate seizures, however this evidence is simply anecdotal. Another herb with the potential to alter medication pharmacokinetics and reduce the seizure threshold is St. John’s wort.

Oils to Avoid:

  • Fennel
  • Eucalyptus
  • Hyssop
  • Rosemary
  • Pennyroyal
  • Tansy
  • Sage
  • Thuja
  • Wormwood
  • Spike Lavender



Essential Oils that May Improve Seizure Threshold

The Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences published an article in 2010 on the effect of the root Angelica archangelica Linn. It was evaluated against electrically and chemically induced seizures in mice. The seizures were induced by maximal electroshock and pentylenetetrazol. The effect of the essential oil Angelica archangelica was compared with standard anticonvulsant medications phenytoin and diazepam. The essential oil of Angelica archangelic suppressed duration of tonic convulsions and showed the recovery in maximal electroshock induced seizures. It also delayed the onset of tonic clonic convulsions. The essential oil also produced a degree of motor impairment as the anticonvulsants do. This study concluded that the essential oil exhibits an anti-seizure effect, which may be attributed to the presence of terpenes in the essential oil.

The effects of the essential oils often improve the neurological function and have a second hand impact in preventing seizures. They can help to improve stress and that in turn reduces seizures on a daily basis. One of the commonly used essential oils, Clary Sage, tends to have a soothing scent that will prevent seizure activity. It can also be a great medium for massage after seizures as well due to its slippery consistency. Chamomile and Lavender can improve sleep quality. When sleep quality is poor, it can trigger seizures. However, do not use Spike Lavender, which has been known to increase the potential for seizures. Frankincense has been touted as a great essential oil to reduce activity in the part of the brain that is most prone to seizures. Frankincense also has wonderful relaxing properities. It will promote a general sense of well-being and reduce seizures.

Calming oils, safe for people with epilepsy:

  • Jasmine
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Clary Sage
  • Frankincense

Source:Rethinking Seizure Care Blog


It has been suggested that people with epilepsy may benefit from aromatherapy with lavender. Lavender affects the human EEG pattern accompanied with its anxiolytic effect. Inhalation of lavender diluted to a 10% concentration for 3 minutes will increase the alpha power of EEG as it decreases anxiety and brings the subject to a better mood. Increases in theta (4-8 Hz) and alpha (8-13 Hz) wave activity and may cause a range of general relaxation effects. Lavender has demonstrated the ability to increase theta and alpha wave activities significantly in all the brain regions. Therefore, the inhalation of lavender may improve relaxation. Furthermore, the use of lavender aromatherapy has been reported to produce EEG patterns that are characteristic of subjects’ feeling comfortable. When lavender oil is administered in an aroma steam, it shows modest efficacy in the treatment of agitated behavior in patients with severe dementia.


Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil has been shown to be somewhat effective in preventing seizures. Research that was carried out at the University of Birmingham’s seizure clinic, which involved using essential oils on patients with epilepsy. The studies used aromatherapy massage to allow individuals to associate the smell of an essential oil with a relaxed state. When the person was stressed or felt a seizure starting, they could smell the essential oil. This would help to remind their brain of the relaxing feelings. For some people this helped to stop their seizure from happening. It was concluded that with practice, a person may be able to relax simply by smelling the particular oil. This can then lead to fewer seizures. Of the oils that were tested, jasmine oil was the most effective. However, this may not be the case for every individual with epilepsy.

Source: Epilepsy Society Org

Combining complementary adjunct therapies with your current course of medication can improve your results dramatically. Essential oils also have the ability to help you relieve stress and improve your sleep. Therefore, even if they aren’t improving your seizures, they likely will improve your overall quality of life. You may want to consider combining your treatment with the ketogenic diet, which has been used for decades to treat even the most difficult epilepsy patients.

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Should You Try the Ketogenic Diet for Adult Epilepsy? 


Benefits of a Carnivorous Diet

The Carnivore diet is exploding in popularity as Dr. Shawn Baker and Mikhaila Peterson are sharing their story with only eating meat. For years, we’ve been told to eat our vegetables, but maybe we should question that advice as more and more people are reporting healing from the Carnivore diet.

It is important to point out that a meat-based diet has many advantages over a vegan or vegetarian diet. Meats provide a wonderful and bioavailable source of protein, amino acids, cholesterol, fat sodium and vital nutrients, which give your diet a healthy boost. Meat is also considered to be a complete protein. It has all the essential nutrients needed to sustain life.



The body requires protein to maintain all the processes necessary for staying healthy. Protein is considered on of the building blocks of life. Meat is one of the best sources of protein because it is very bioavailable. Your body won’t need to break down fiber with its gut microbiome to access the proteins in meat. Even small amounts of meat are densely packed with protein. For example, a 3 ounce portion of prime rib will contain about 23 grams of protein. This small serving will provide your body with half the daily recommended allowance for women, which is 46 grams per day.


Essential Amino Acids

There are nine essentials amino acids that your body needs to function properly that it can’t make itself. These are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.

Protein contains amino acids. While you may be able to get protein from eating plant matter, in particular beans, they are not a complete source of protein. Meant contains all nine of the essential amino acids that your body cannot produce without supplementing from outside sources. These amino acids are the building blocks for your body’s tissues like muscles, bones and skin. Consuming meats makes getting all of these essentials amino acids easy because meats contain all the essentials amino acids in one convenient package.



Consuming a carnivore diet will help you to meet your nutrient intake. Meats are very high in several important nutrients. The B-complex vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6 and B-12, and thiamine are all found in meats. The B vitamins help to keep up your energy levels, contribute to proper grown and aid the digestion of iron. B-vitamins also help with chemical reactions in the body. Meats are a great source of essential minerals as well. They provide zinc, iron and selenium.

Many followers of the carnivore diet also consume dairy products, which are packed with nutrients. Cultured dairy products, such as kefir, have the wonderful probiotic benefits. They also contain the vitamins K2, CLA, vitamin A, and beta-carotene. Kefir is made by introducing kefir grains into raw milk. It is full of beneficial yeast that can help to maintain a healthy gut. Yogurt is also beneficial for the gut mircrobiome because it contains the bacteria L. Bulgaricus, which can withstand digestion and establish colonies of healthy bacteria in the intestines. This greatly improves G.I. distress and boosts the immune system.

Many people on the carnivore diet consume pastured eggs. These are a rich source of vitamin D. Studies have demonstrated that they contain three to six times more of the vitamin content than conventional eggs. Pastured chickens get exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, they create more vitamin D and pass it on to their eggs. Vitamin D has been known to help build strong bones, improve mood and build immunity.

One of the nutrients that is abundant in the carnivore diet is Omega 3 fatty acid. By consuming wild, fatty fish, including salmon, sardines, and herring, you’ll be able to consume the necessary Omega 3 fatty acids that your body needs. Omega 3s are an essential component of a healthy diet because they are vital in maintaining healthy cells. People whose diets are high in this fatty acid are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Omega 3’s are known to improve brain health and symptoms of depression and hyperactivity.

Some followers of the carnivore diet choose grass-fed beef and organ meats. This is because they are known to be higher in vitamins and minerals. Grass fed beef and organ meats may reduce your exposure to hormones and antibiotics. These meats are rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin E, beta carotene, vitamin C and the Omega 3s. Grass-fed meat and dairy also provide a great source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been associated with long term weight management. CLA helps to improve the body’s composition and health by decreasing inflammation in the body.

Cholesterol and Saturated Fat

Cholesterol tends to get a bad reputation. There have been scientific studies that have correlated it with heart disease and diabetes. However, cholesterol and saturated fat play an essential role in our health. It may be time to examine the weaknesses of the studies that condemn cholesterol and saturated fat.

Cholesterol is essential for balanced hormones and the manufacturing of those hormones that deal with the stress of everyday life. These hormones also protect against cancer and heart disease. Cholesterol is needed for all the sex hormones, including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and DHEA.

The body requires cholesterol in order to properly use vitamin D, which is vital for all the body systems including the bones, nerves, mineral metabolism, muscle tone, insulin production, fertility and strong immunity.

The digestive process requires cholesterol. It is critical to the absorption of dietary fats. Cholesterol also functions as a powerful antioxidant that protects against free radical damage to the tissues. Cholesterol is also necessary for the proper functioning of the intestines and maintaining the integrity of the intestinal wall. Low cholesterol diets can lead to leaky gut syndrome and other digestive problems. Cholesterol is critical in the repair of damaged cells. A carnivore diet helps to heal leaky gut syndrome with plenty of cholesterol and protein to rebuild the intestinal walls.

The brain does not function properly without cholesterol. It is used by serotonin receptors. Serotonin is the body’s natural “feel good” chemical. Low cholesterol levels have been associated with aggressive and violent tendencies, suicide and depression. Ensuring a good intake of cholesterol will help to improve your mood.



While sodium is an essential element in the diet, there are times when it can be over consumed. A Standard American Diet often focuses heavily on process foods and meats. Salt-cured and processed meats will often contain high amounts of sodium, which can be more than the body needs. When selecting meats on the carnivore diet, it may be wise to chose uncured meat products. Skip the deli meats and packaged meats and you will find that you easily meet your sodium needs with meat.

Eliminates the Antinutrients

Many people don’t realize that vegetables contain certain anti-nutrients that can be harmful and promote inflammation and disease. For example, many people have a sensitivity to nightshade vegetables. Spinach and broccoli tend to contain oxylates, which can form kidney stones if too many of them are eaten. Gluten has become a common allergen and often triggers inflammatory responses in the body. Legumes contain lectins that often cause a sensitivity or reaction in some people. The carnivore diet eliminates these anti-nutrients and allows the body to absorb nutrients easily and effectively. Many people are finding that without anti-nutrients in their diet, their bodies are able to heal.

At this point, the carnivore diet does not have any research backing it. However, many people are beginning to report their anecdotal experience of healing with the carnivore diet.


My experience with the carnivore diet was lacking. I found it very easy to follow after the first week due to its simplicity. Unfortunately, I did not experience any improvement in my hair loss and my seizures returned after two and a half months. After stopping the diet and going back to my normal way of eating and adding magnesium back in, my seizures subsided.

Criticisms of the Carnivore Diet For IBS and  IBD 

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Sports Research Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Sports Research Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Name: Premium Collagen Peptides Powder

Website: Available at

Price: $26.55 ($1.66 / Ounce)

Owners: Sports Research

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Sports Research Collagen Peptides Powder, Product Overview

Collagen is one of the most important nutrients that your body needs to ensure the health and vitality of your skin, hair, tendon, cartilage, bones and joints. Around age 30, our bodies will naturally begin to produce less collagen and the first signs of aging will start to occur. Therefore, supplementing with collagen can be very beneficial for your body.

Collagen peptides are easy to take. Simply mix into warm or room temperature water. It can also be added to your yogurt, oatmeal, soups or sauces. If you’d like to enjoy it in cold water without clumping, first mix at room temperature and then add ice.

Sports Research Collagen peptide poser is certified by the Paleo and Keto Foundation. It is non-GMO and verified by IGEN program. It is a high quality product.

This collagen peptide powder is made from bovine animals, which some people may have an allergy. Please consult with your doctor before consuming collagen peptides. Individuals who consume an excessive amount of protein may experience some bloating and diarrhea.

Sports Research offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see results within ninety days, you can simply return the product for a full refund.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  1. Helps to tighten up skin. This is especially beneficial for people who are losing weight.
  2. Consumers have reported reduced pain in joints
  3. Improves hair and nail health.
  4. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Bad:

  1. Too much can cause bloating.
  2. Some users reported that the quality has changed over the years.
  3. A few consumers reported that it wasn’t flavorless.


Who is Collagen Peptide Powder for?

This is a great product for anyone who wants to improve the health of their hair, nails and skin. It is perfect for anyone over the age of 30 who wants to slow down the aging process. Taking a collagen supplement helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. It also helps to build up the hair and nails. It can encourage faster hair and nail growth.


Collagen Peptide Powder Support

Sports Research offers support to their consumers. They are willing to answer questions, comments and concerns. You can contact them via email through their website. Their email is: also features a chat feature to get instant help and answers to your questions regarding their products.


Sports Research Collagen Peptide Powder Price

The cost of this is $26.55 per bottle. This works out to $1.66 per ounce. Each serving is 11 grams. There are 41 servings per container. Therefore, this bottle will last you over a month. That is less than a dollar per day on collagen supplements. This is very affordable and will improve your health immensely.

My Final Opinion of Sports Research Collagen Peptide Powder

I’m a huge fan of supplementing our diets with collagen and/or gelatin. Our diets rarely contain as much collagen because we rarely eat the entire animal now. Traditional foods, such as meat stock and bone broth aren’t consumed as much and we miss out on eating the collagen proteins that are so vital for hair, skin and nail health.

It is very easy to take this powder. You don’t even need hot water to dissolve the collagen peptide powder. You can dissolve it in room temperature water. This makes it easier to take than gelatin.

Sports Research provides a quality collagen peptide. It is non-GMO, gluten free and from grassfed cows. I highly recommend this product. Of the over 5,800 Amazon reviews 73% are five star positive reviews.


Sports Research Collagen Peptide Powder at a Glance…

Name: Sports Research Collagen Peptide Powder


Owners: Sports Research

Price: $26.55

Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! This is a great supplement that you should consider adding to your diet. It will improve your joints, skin, hair and nails if you take it consistently for at least a month.