Epsom Salt Bath Benefits for Weight Loss

Did you know that there are Epsom Salt Bath Benefits for weight loss? If you are stuck in a weight loss rut, you may want to take a break from the treadmill and staring at the pantry and relax in an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt baths have many benefits and these benefits can impact whether your body releases its weight or not.

Stress often increases you desire to eat unhealthy foods. We live in a very stressful world and sometimes your body simply needs to relax. Stress drains the body of its magnesium levels and can cause an increase in your adrenaline. Epsom salt is absorbed through the skin and replenishes the body with magnesium, which helps to produce mood elevating chemicals within the brain to create a relaxed and calm feeling.

Epsom salt has been used since the 1900s for weight loss and to cure digestive and skin problems. The clear crystals can help to regulate many enzymes in our bodies and maintain healthy hair, nails and skin though assisting in collagen synthesis.


Epsom Salt Bath For Losing Weight

1. How Does Epsom Salt Help You Lose Weight?

Our metabolism is what helps us to maintain a healthy weight, adjust to the environment and do the daily repair work that is required for optimal health. The cells of our body require magnesium to complete these tasks.

The second component of Epsom salt is sulfate. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT researcher states, “Sulfur is known as a healing mineral, a sulfur deficiency will often lead to pain and inflammation associated with various muscle and skeletal disorders.” Due to modern lifestyle habits and farming practices, many people are becoming deficient in both magnesium and sulfate, which according to Stephanie Seneff, is leading to heart disease and obesity.

Rosemary Waring, a British biochemist from the University of Birmingham, discovered that sulfate and magnesium are absorbed into the skin during an Epsom salt bath. The levels of these two minerals in the blood increase after you soak in the bath for about 20 minutes and they start the work of eliminating environmental toxins from the body. Epsom salts also heal other ailments of the skin. Therefore, it makes you feel relaxed and less stressed.

A deficiency of magnesium in the body can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, backaches and headaches. Low levels of sulfate in the body result in exhaustion. If the levels of magnesium and sulfate increase in the blood, the system of the body reaches a balance. It will start to function properly.

Often poor absorption of nutrients and emotional eating are considered the culprits of weight gain. However, when toxins are expelled from the body, you feel more energetic and relaxed. You are less likely to turn to food and binge on food. This will reduce your instances of overeating and your metabolism will start to work at its best. This can lead to weight reduction.


2. How To Make Epsom Salt Bath For Weight Loss

Epsom salt baths can be made by adding about 1-2 cups of Epsom salt to warm bath water. Do not add more salt to the water, as more salt does not equal more weight loss. The Epsom Salt bath works best when you use 1-2 cups of Epsom Salt.

Epsom Salt Baths for weight loss

Steps For Taking Epsom Salt Baths For Weight Loss

  • When beginning an Epsom Bath routine, start with half a cup of Epsom salt.
  • Gradually increase the quantity of the Epsom salt to one to two cups per bath.
  • Stay in the bath water for at least fifteen minutes. Do not exceed twenty minutes.
  • After the bath, drink a glass of water to rehydrate.


3. Frequency Of Epsom Salt Bath For Weight Loss

The frequency of Epsom salt baths for weight loss will differ from one individual to another. Some people believe that it should be done multiple times a week, while others believe that it should be done every other week. It is always a good idea to consult with your medical provider if you have a serious health condition. You can start with once a week and see how you feel from there.

Epsom Salt Baths for weight loss


4. Types Of Epsom Salt Baths

To make your bath more fun and refreshing, you can add ingredients to your Epsom salt baths. Try these variations on an Epsom salt bath. A fragrant bath can motivate you to stick with the routine of weekly Epsom salt baths.

Epsom salt baths for weight loss

A. Ginger And Epsom Salt

It is thought that ginger will help to eliminate toxins. Therefore, if you believe that excess toxin build up is the main cause for your weight gain, try adding ginger to the bath. It is an easy and natural way to remove body toxins. This remedy works best if you use warm or hot water. Add two to three tablespoons of crushed ginger against two cups of Epsom salt to the warm bath water for best results.

B. Baking Soda And Epsom Salt

Epsom salt baths for weight loss - baking soda
Baking soda

Combine 2 cups of Epsom salt and 2 cups of baking soda to warm bath water. Rub the body gently with a soft sponge. This will help to clean the dead skin cells and remove excess toxins from your body.

C. Apple Cider Vinegar And Epsom Salt

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B00RHMA3E2″ locale=”US” src=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41WhYAHhsFL.jpg” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”333″]

You can combine Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar to your bath water in a ratio of 1:2. Soak in the bath for about 30 minutes. Vinegar is believed to relieve stress and ease joint pain. Therefore, you will also get relief from stress and joint pain in addition to some weight loss.

D. Epsom Salt And Essential Oils

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” height=”333″ identifier=”B075817VBP” locale=”US” src=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51iINWIdclL.jpg” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”500″]

An Epsom salt bath will smell wonderful with the addition of lavender or other essential oils to it. Simply add 10-20 drops of an essential oil of your choice to the bath water. Lavender and jojoba essential oil have relaxing properties. You can also purchase Mountain Falls Lavender scented Epsom Salt. (Read my review here.)


5. Detoxifying And Rejuvenating

Image: Shutterstock

While essential oils are recommended to make your experience of Epsom salt baths more relaxing and aromatic. There are experts who believe that adding the oil will reduce the effect of the Epsom salt. You can enhance the effect by using mineral water. This is known as a detox bath. It will leave you de-stress and rejuvenated for many hours afterward.


6. Benefits Of Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt baths for weight loss


  • Relieves sore muscles.
  • Removes excess skin and hair.
  • Great antidote for mild sunburn and skin irritation.
  • Faster recovery from muscle strains and other injuries.
  • Bee sting relief.
  • Soothes dry lips.
  • Great for exfoliation.
  • Soothes poison ivy rashes.
  • Improves sleep and relaxation.
  • Improve circulation
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Sustain calcium levels in the blood.


7. Facts About Epsom Salt

  • Epsom salt was first discovered in a bitter spring of Epsom in Surrey, England. It was named after the town it was discovered.
  • Epsom salt is not actually a salt. It is a type of naturally occurring mineral compound, which is enriched with sulfate and magnesium.
  • Epsom salt appears to be small, clear crystals.


8. Precautions

  • Never add more than 2 cups of Epsom salt in your bath.
  • Do not exceed 20 minute baths if the water is hot.
  • Drink water before and after taking an Epsom salt bath.
  • Do not take Epsom salt internally. Call your doctor if it is swallowed.
  • If you are diabetic, pregnant, or suffer from kidney disease, heart disease, and irregular heart beats, consult with your doctor first.


9. FAQs

Epsom salt baths - FAQ

A. Can I eat or drink Epsom salt instead of taking a bath for weight loss?

Do not take Epsom salt internally. It can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems.

B. Is Epsom salt the same as bath salt?

No. Epsom salt contains only magnesium and sulfate. Bath salts often contain other ingredients.

C. Where to purchase Epsom salt?

You can buy it online from Amazon or at your local grocery store.

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  1. This article is very interesting. I used to take baths with Epsom salt to relieve sore muscles, but I didn’t know of the other benefits that it provided. I also found it interesting how you took the benefits of an Epsom bath and directed it towards weight loss. I can tell you did your research, and I’m sure there will be people who’ll benefit from it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Melinda,

    I had no idea about Epsom Salts for the health benefits. It is quite an eye opener what it can do for you as well and this article has been an education into this salt. I will be sure to get some and use it regularly because there are some alarming signs that require us to have it. I notice as well you have loads of other articles on your site as well to help people like me maintain a healthy and vibrant body as we age. I have bookmarked this website as it seems too valuable not to.

    Thank you Melinda and please do keep up this great work to people like me find the right products we need to help stay healthy. Much appreciated.

  3. Who knew you could do so many things with Epsom salt? I love that you can add fragrances. I don’t have a bathtub in our Florida home, but when I head back to Indiana, I am going to give this a try.
    One question, I read where it can help with your skin–my question is, will it aggravate my psoriasis? I think that is one of the reasons I never paid attention to Epsom salts. The word salt makes me think it’ll dry my skin out, aggravating my psoriasis.
    Great, informative article,

  4. Hi Melinda,
    I used to soak my feet in Epsom salt after a run. It helped to ease the soreness and chafing from sweaty socks and shoes.
    I was surprised to learn of the many benefits of a whole body bath in Epsom salt, that’s amazing.
    Thanks for supplying this useful information, can’t wait to try it!

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