I am using the Ketogenic Diet for My Dog’s Cancer

I haven’t been writing much lately because I discovered a golf ball sized lump on my dog’s hind quarters. I’m pretty sad about it. My dog, Charlie, probably has cancer and it will probably end his life. However, he has outlived all the other dogs that we have had and is older than average dogs his size at 16 years of age. So, the ketogenic diet for my dog’s cancer is an experiment to see if I can’t stop the progression and buy him a few more months.

Why the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is very low in carbohydrates. The idea behind doing the ketogenic diet for my dog’s cancer is to starve the cancer cells. I honestly don’t know if it will work. The great thing about it is that the dog loves all the foods that I’m feeding him. If this brings him some joy and satisfaction during his last few meals, I think it will have been well worth the effort!

How Did I Start the Ketogenic Diet for a Dog?

This one was a bit trickier. I went online and found a keto calculator and entered in the dog’s weight. Keto calculators will give you an estimate of what your target macros should be, but dogs tend to have different nutrititional needs than humans.

I started by giving the dog an egg for breakfast and a tablespoon of coconut oil. The coconut oil is for medium chain triglycerides and the egg was for some protein. He loved it! He even asked for more. (Charlie has a difficult time with satiety. He always wants to devour food, so I can never tell when I’m overfeeding him. I’m hoping this will stop with the ketogenic diet. Hoping he becomes fat adapted.)

I shared in the ketogenic motivation group that I had started my dog on the ketogenic diet and low and behold, someone else in the group feeds her dog raw food. She directed me to a website to learn more about tweaking the nutrients for Charlie. I love helpful people!

How Long Will He Be on the Diet?

We bought two weeks worth of beef and cooked it up into small portions that we can give at each meal, so we are committing to it for at least two weeks! Hopefully that will stall the cancer and we can keep him around to test it out on him a bit longer.

Charlie’s tumor is near his anus. As it grows larger, it will block his digestive track and he will eventually die from the toxicity of not being able to relieve himself. I’m hoping that we will be successful in shrinking the tumor, but like i mentioned previously, he could die of old age any day now. I’m not dealing with a young dog. He is already partially blind and deaf, so his quality life has been deteriorating. Fingers crossed that this diet reverses some of the deterioration!

How To Implement Proper Breathing Techniques When Running


Most people don’t realize the impact that proper breathing techniques when running will have on their overall health. I attribute my ability to fight colds and flu with the proper breathing techniques I use while I run. There are many different ideas out there for how to breathe when you exercise. However, many ofthem have no scienfic basis or just some weak reasoning and logic behind them.

Buteyko breathing techniques are well researched Russian techniques to improve your overall health by reducing the amount and pace that you breathe.

Nasal Breathing When Running

Now that I have joined the ranks of runners, I pay attention to how other people who are running are breathing. I have noticed that many of them are still breathing through their mouths. This makes sense if you grew up in the United States like i did. The elementary school teachers in gym class told us to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. During swimming, we were instructed to breathe in through our mouth and out through our nose.

The Buteyko breathing technique has you breathe through your nose the entire time you exercise. The cilia, or nose hairs, filter out toxins that may enter into your body when you breathe in through your nose. The nasal passages limit the volume of air that you take in compared to the mouth. This ensures that you won’t inhale more air than your body can handle at one time.

Breathing through your nose has many additional health benefits including:

  • An increase in the production of nitric oxide. This is an important cellular signaling molecule in the body which has a hand in many physiological processes. It helps expand blood vessels, increases blood flow and protects the organs from damage.
  • Lowers the heart rate and breath rate compared to mouth breathing.
  • Increases alpha brain wave activity when compared to mouth breathing. These are the brain waves that are produced during meditative and relaxed states. Mouth breathing, on the other hand, produces beta brain waves that are associated with a stress response.
  • Nasal breathing when exercising increases brain wave coherence. This is associated with an organized brain function.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

When you run, you should be breathing with your diaphragm. This ensures that the air is reaching the bottom chambers of your lung where the gas exfchange occurs.

Diaphramagtic breathing has the following health benefits:

  • Allows for efficient exchange of gas. The bottom two thirds of your lungs are where the gas exchange takes place, so utilizing your diaphragm to breathe helps to ensure that you are getting efficient gas exchange.
  • Reduces the tension in the upper chest. Chest breathing only can create tension in the shoulders and chest.
  • Rebalances the autonomic system. Diaphragmatic breathing helps to reduce the heart rate and the rate at which you breathe.
  • Improves digestion. The diaphragm massages the organs, which can promote peristalsis that is essential for digestion.
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage. The diaphragmatic massage stimulates the lympathic system with each breath because much of the lympathic system is located just below the diaphragm.
  • Good posture. Breathing with your diaphragm contributes to good posture and core muscle strength.

Resistance Breathing Devices

When you start trying to nasal breath during exercise, it can be initially frustrating. You are accustomed to panting in and out of your mouth when you start to get winded after a few minutes. This habit needs to be broken. You can train yourself to breathe through your nose at all time with a bit of effort.

There are resistance breathing devices that can help you to train yourself to use your diaphragm and to breathe less frequently. The Frolov breathing device is one of these devices that can help you get in the habit of breathing correctly 24/7. The disadvantage of the Frolov device is that it requires you to breathe through your mouth to achieve resistance.

The Expand – a – Lung fitness exerciser requires you to breathe through your mouth while you breathe against resistance. The advantage of the Expand-A-Lung fitness exerciser is that you can use it while you exercise. It does not require water and is very portable and easy to take with you. The disadvantage of the expand-a-lung is that it requires you to breathe through your mouth when you use it. While this device is very effective at promoting diaphragmatic breathing and reducing the number of breaths per minute, it doesn’t help you make the switch to nasal only breathing. You must conscientiously do this on your own.

Elevation Training Mask

The elevation training mask can assist you in strengthening your breathing while you exercise. This device has the benefit of resistance for your lungs while you are breathing through your nose. Because the elevation training mask is strapped to your face while exercising, you can increase the resistance that your lungs face while exercising. It is like adding a weight to your exercises.

Learn Buteyko For Proper Breathing Techniques

Learn the Buteyko breathing method and start running with proper breathing techniques. You will discover a higher level of health than you ever imagined. Tips to get your started:

  1. Check out youtube videos and watch how the Buteyko breathing exercises are done.
  2. Start slowly with nasal breathing. Only exercise with nasal breathing. When it starts getting uncomfortable to breathe through your nose while exercising. Stop and catch your breath (through your nose!)





Fast & Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe

Deviled eggs are one of the most wonderful treats that you can eat. They are low in carbohydrates and packed with protein and healthy fats. Deviled eggs fit well into the ketogenic diet and the low carbohydrate diet. They are also paleo if you are following that diet! Deviled eggs are great for snacking and can replace some of the unhealthier chips and dips on your snack trays. (I say some because you may not want to upset your friends who haven’t dived head first into the low carbohydrate lifestyle.)

For a great deviled egg, start with steamed eggs or boiled eggs. (I steam mine out of convenience.) You’ll want to wait for them to cool before making deviled eggs.


  • 1 dozen eggs
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon mustard
  • 1 teaspoon dill relish (optional)
  • sprinkle with paprika


  1. Shell the eggs. Cut the eggs in half.
  2. Remove the yolks from the eggs.
  3. Mix the mustard, relish, and mayonnaise with the egg yolks.
  4. Once the yolks are thoroughly mixed together with the mayonnaise and mustard, place a teaspoonful of the mixture in each egg half.
  5. Sprinkle with paprika.
  6. Serve and enjoy! (To make it look fancier, you can take the additional step of putting the egg mixture in a pastry bag and piping it into the egg whites.)

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Bring the deviled eggs to:

  • Easter Dinner
  • Snack trays
  • Picnics
  • Potlucks
  • Brunch
  • Breakfasts
  • Add to salads


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How To Steam Eggs In 20 Minutes

Using my steamer is the best thing to happen to my ketogenic food preparation ever! Learning how to steam eggs perfectly in twenty minutes without burning down the house or undercooking them has made my life so much easier.  I no longer worry about cooking them too long or not quite long enough and having runny centers. Once you master steaming eggs in your electric steamer, you won’t go back to boiling them. It is so much easier!

The great thing about cooking eggs in your steamer is that you can prepare a dozen of them at a time and then just chill them in the refridgerator until you are ready to use them. Steamed eggs can be used in any recipe that calls for boiled eggs. You can eat them as a snack or serve them up with veggies in a salad.

Step 1 – Fill the Water Reservoir

This is essential to get your steamer to work properly. If you don’t fill the water reservoir, your eggs won’t cook! Vital to your success with steaming eggs!

Step 2 – Plug in Your Electric Steamer

You’ve got to have electricity going to your steamer, so make sure that it is plugged in before turning that knob.

Step 3 – Place Eggs in Your Steamer

Make sure that you put the eggs in the steamer. Remember, if you leave them in the refridgerator, they won’t cook! You will still have runny eggs.

Step 4 – Turn it On and Set the Timer

Luckily for me, my steamer has this feature combined into one. All I have to do to make steamed eggs is turn the knob. Set it for twenty minutes. This will be plenty of time for the steamer to properly heat up the eggs and cook them without creating a greenish yellow tint around the edges.

Step 5 – Let the Cool

This step is going to be the hardest because you are very anxious to eat your newly steamed eggs. However, if you peel them now, you may burn your fingers a bit. In fact, even after ten minutes of cooling, your eggs may feel a bit warm. If you want to speed up the cooling time, grab a few ice cubes and cold water and submerge your eggs in the icy water. This should cool them off enough to peel them within a minute or two.

That is it! You can now use your steamed eggs in wonderful egg salad recipes, deviled egg recipes, in cobb salads and as a high protein snack! 





Best Rebounder Workouts – Urban Rebounder Workout Compilation 1

Urban Rebounder Workout DVD Review

Name: Urban Rebounder Workout DVD
Website: Amazon.comUrban Rebounding Workout DVD, Compilation 1
Price: $22.98
Owners: Urban Rebounder
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Urban Rebounder DVD Compilation 1, Product Overview

This is a series of rebounding exercises on a mini-trampoline. Get in great shape and have fun doing it in the comfort of your own home. Get started and expand your Rebounder workout with these 6 workout videos. Compilation 1 includes First Timer, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Senior, Abdominal.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: Good cardio workout. Stimulates the lymphatic system and quickly increases heart rate to help boost your VO2 max. It is a high calorie burner in a short amount of time.
PRO #2: Great price for the DVD. Offers a great value for your money. Paying for a DVD will also create a more committed approach to working out.
PRO #3: Very challenging. The instructors in the videos inspire viewers to keep going.

PRO #4: Great workout for people who have bad knees. Rebounding is easy on the joints!


The Bad:

CON #1: It is a DVD. You will need a DVD player in order to use this product. You also need to have a mini-trampoline, or rebounder to use this product.
CON #2: It does cost money. There are free online workouts on youtube that can be just as challenging.

CON #3: Having a rebounder around your house is going to take up some space.

Who are Urban Rebounder Workout DVDs For?

The great part of this product is that it has a variety of skill levels. It can take you from a beginning rebounder all the way to advanced. This is geared towards adult individuals who want to increase their fitness levels at home using a rebounder. Rebounding is a terrific workout for people who have problems with their joints. Bouncing up and down on a trampoline isn’t as jarring to your hips and knees as running on pavement.

Urban Rebounder DVD Support

The support offered with this product is via telephone. Most of the support that you would require from Urban Rebounder would be in shipping or returns for the product. The DVD is simple and easy to play and follow along with.

The Urban rebounder brand also manufactures rebounders that are ideal to use in combination with this workout. Some rebounders have different amounts of bounce and it can be difficult to follow along with a rebounding workout that is done on a really bouncy trampoline when you have a pretty firm rebounder. Keep this in mind when purchasing rebounding workouts.

Urban rebounder Workout DVD Price

This urban rebounder compilation is reasonably priced at $22. The benefit of purchasing a workout DVD as opposed to watching one on youtube is that you have some money invested. This can lead to being a bit more committed to doing the workout each day. Having a DVD around the house is a physical reminder to workout!

My Final Opinion of Urban Rebounder Workout DVD Compilation 1

This is a great place for the beginner to start rebounding. Purcashing a workout DVD helps you to get your rebounding routine down. This series of DVDs will challenge you. You can move from beginner to intermediate as your skill level increases and you feel like challenging yourself more. The “Senior” workout is led by JoJo Tyler and it features using a stabilizing bar. The music has a slower groove. JoJo cues well while and offers a lot of tips on form and safety. It’s not just for seniors. It’s for anyone who wants to gently move into rebound exercise!

The reviews on the urban rebounder workout weren’t as great from people who are athletes and more accustomed to intense cardiovascular workouts. One reviewer, who regularly runs 8 miles at a time, reported that the workout barely got him sweating.

Urban Rebounder workout DVDs are a great way to get fit and healthy at home!

Urban Rebounder Workout DVDs at a Glance…

Name: Urban Rebounder Workout DVD Compilation 1

Website: Urban Rebounding Workout DVD, Compilation 1
Owners: Urban Rebounder
Price: $22.98
Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT – Great way to get fit and healthy at home! Will provide a good deal of structure to your workout routine.

Cure Angular Cheilitis Forever – Angular Cheilitis Free Forever Review


Angular Cheilitis Free Forever Review

Name: Angular Cheilitis Free Forever
Price: $37
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100

Angular Cheilitis Free Forever, Product Overview

This is an online clickbank product that comes in the form of an ebook. It explains how angular cheilitis forms in the corners of your mouth. The ebook describes that it is a bacteria that is growing out of control. The creator of Angular Cheilitis Free Forever gives an overly simplistic solution to the problem of Angular Cheilitis.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: This product does a good job of explaining angular cheilitis.
PRO #2: The product is reasonably priced.
PRO #3: Angular Cheilitis Free Forever provides a solution that may work for some people.

The Bad:

CON #1: Angular Cheilitis Free Forever does not provide a solution that works for everyone.
CON #2:This product is not very scientific. It has not been thoroughly researched.


Who is Angular Cheilitis Free Forever For?

Angular Cheilitis Free Forever is specifically targeted to those who are suffering from the health condition around the lips known as angular cheilitis. It is commonly called cracked lips. The sores at the corners of the mouth are very painful. They are actually a result of a vitamin B deficiency and an infection from yeast or bacteria around the mouth.


Angular Cheilitis Free Forever Support

There is not much support offered with this product. It is an online ebook. However, there is a 60 day money back guarantee if you try their treatment and it does not work. In addition to a sixty day money back guarantee, you also receive other free ebooks on nutrition, such as the Superfoods For Optimum Health: Chlorella and Spirulina,   The Healing Power of Water, 177 Ways to Burn Calories, Supplementing with Superfoods and The Seven Secrets to a Good Diet.


Angular Cheilitis Free Forever Price

This is one ebook that costs $37. Because this ebook comes with additional ebooks on the topic of health and nutrition, it justifies a $37 price tag.


My Final Opinion of Angular Cheilitis Free Forever

This specific remedy that is recommended in Angular Cheilitis Free Forever did not work for me. However, with a change in diet and exercise, I have managed to stay free of angular cheilitis since purchasing the product. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this product and expecting a cure for your angular cheilitis. In all honesty, I think that the other health handbooks that you receive free will provide you with a great guide and foundation for exceptional health that will ultimately keep you free from angular cheilitis naturally and forever!

You can ensure that you are drinking enough water to wash away the bacteria without purchasing this product. You can also kill some of the bacteria with coconut oil. Adding some vitamin B12 to your diet can help as well!


Angular Cheilitis Free Forever at a Glance…

Name: Angular Cheilitis Free Forever

Website: AngularCheilitisFreeForever.com
Price: $37
Overall Scam Rank: 55 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Recommended – You can find a lot of this information on website articles.


Angular Cheilitis Free Forever Review

How to Avoid the Flu Naturally This Season

Fall is here and the flu season and flu shot marketing is upon us! You can head on over to your local grocery store and they will offer you a free flu shot. The flu shot comes with a bit of pain though and I’m all about avoiding pain. In the past, they have selected the wrong flu strain and some people who got the flu shot still ended up getting the flu. This makes me question the necessity of the flu shot and look further into alternatives to preventing the flu that you can easily implement into your life to avoid the flu naturally this season.

During the 2012-2013 flu season, the flu vaccine’s effectiveness was found to be just 56 percent across all age groups reviewed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) —in essence, the statistical equivalent of a coin toss. In seniors, aged 65 and over, the US flu vaccines were only nine percent effective. With such a low success rate, it is advisable to start taking your health into your own hands and adopting some great prevention measures into your lifestyle.


Supplements to Boost Your Immune System

To ensure that your body fights off any flu virus that it comes across, you want to ensure that your immune system is functioning in tip-top shape. For starters, you’ll want to ensure that you are giving your body enough antioxidants. They are very important for immune function.

  • Glutathione is the primary antioxidant in your body. It is responsible for enhancing the immune system and helping with detoxification. Curcurmin is an excellent antioxidant. It is the orange pigment that is present in turmeric.
  • Curcurmin improves joint health and cardiovascular function.
  • Vitamin C provides strong antioxidant protection and supports optimal immune function.
  • Zinc is another great antioxidant that plays a crucial role in immune health. Within the immune system, zinc is essential for gene regulation and the functioning of neutrophils, natural killer cells, and lymphocytes, which are all types of white blood cells.


The health benefits of exercise are numerous. Exercise should not be overlooked when it comes to preventing illness and staying in shape. Exercise provides the immune system with the ability to rid the body of toxins through perspiration, the simulation of the lymphatic system and oxygenation. It will also boost the immune system by increasing the circulation throughout your body. Increased circulation enables antibodies to travel through your bloodstream faster, making it easier for your immune system to fight off illnesses.

Reducing your stress through exercise can boost your immune system. It allows the release of stress hormones in the body. Stress is known to suppress our immune systems and therefore make us more vulnerable to colds and viruses. Consider meditation, yoga, or acupuncture.

Regular exercise decreases your likelihood of acquiring a cold or other viral illness. Studies have shown this. In one study, staying active cut the risk of acquiring a cold by fifty percent, and reduced the severity of the cold symptoms by thirty on percent among those individuals who did catch a cold. Researchers pointed out that each round of exercise leads to a boost in circulating the immune system cells that ward off viruses.

Exercise improves the circulation of the blood, but also the circulation of the immune cells. The job of these cells is to neutralize pathogens throughout your body. The more efficiently these cells circulate, the more effective your immune system becomes at locating and defending against pathogens and viruses that may otherwise wreak havoc in your body.

Because exercise plays such a crucial role in stimulating the lymphatic system and circulating the immune cells, it is vital to treat exercise like a medicine. It must be done daily to enjoy the most benefits.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your body is made up of 70% water. When you become even slightly dehydrated, your body has to ration the water to the most essential tasks. This can compromise your body’s ability to eliminate wastes and fight infections. Having a good supply of water ensures that your body has the essential elements to flush toxins and viruses out of your system.

Check Your Diet

Sugars will suppress the immune system, but often during the holidays, we reduce our activity levels and increase our sugar consumption. We need to start doing the opposite! Reducing your consumption of sugars and increasing your exercise regimen will be far more effective in preventing the flu than any flu shot that you receive.

An excess amount of carbohydrates that come in the form of grains and sugars is very disruptive to the gut flora. Pathogenic flora, bacteria, yeast and fungi feed off of sugar and can set your immune system up for an easy attack by a respiratory virus, such as the influenza. Eight percent of your immune system lies in your gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, controlling your sugar intake is imperative for optimizing your immune system.

Another great idea is to make sure that you are ingesting plenty of beneficial bacteria in the foods that you eat. Fermented foods provide the gut lining with a diversity of bacteria that will help you digest your foods.

It’s worth noting that each mouthful of fermented food can provide trillions of beneficial bacteria—far more than you can get from a probiotics supplement, which will typically provide you with colony-forming units in the billions. I thought this would be a good analysis, so I tested fermented vegetables produced with our probiotic starter culture to determine their probiotic potency and was astounded to discover they had 10 trillion colony-forming units of bacteria. Literally, one serving of vegetables was equal to an entire bottle of a high potency probiotic! Fermented foods also give you a wider variety of beneficial bacteria, so all in all, it’s a more cost effective alternative. Fermenting your own foods can provide even greater savings, and is actually easier than you might think.


You can avoid the flu this season with natural prevention strategies. I have successfully prevented the flu for the last four decades of my life without ever getting a flu shot. (Shh…don’t tell my doctor!) Your body has an amazing ability to fight off colds and even the flu if you make sure that your are in good shape and eating healthy foods.





Natural Remedies for Sinus Congestion

Sinus congestion can leave you feeling a lot of head pressure. It can be so bad that it creates a headache. The good news is that there are natural remedies for sinus congestion that you can easily use that are free or almost free! I used to suffer a great deal from sinus congestion especially in the fall during allergy season or when I had a cold or flu. Now that I have learned how to manage and prevent sinus congestion, it is rarely an issue for me!

Steam and Hot Water for Sinus Congestion

My first experiences with relieving sinus congestion naturally came as a child. My mother would have me take a hot shower or drink hot soup. The steam would help to loosen some mucus that was causing the pressure in my nasal passages. This is a great quick fix for sinus congestion as long as you are at home and hot water is available.

The steam from the soup was also very soothing when I had a cold. It took only minutes for the steam to provide some degree of relief. You can also drink tea throughout the day when you are suffering from sinus congestion to relieve it as well. It doesn’t just have to be soup.

Another great way to relieve sinus congestion with steam is to use a humidifier in your home.

Buteyko Breathing Exercises

The buteyko breathing exercises are some exercises that I learned as an adult. I read that you can relieve sinus congestion with them, but didn’t believe it until I tried it. You absolutely can! Buteyko has a theory that all illnesses are occurring because we are over breathing, or breathing too fast. When we slow down our breathing, our body is better able to use the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air.

The best Buteyko breathing exercise that I have found to relieve congestion is a series of 5-10 control pauses. You take your thumb and index finger and plug your nose while you hold your breathe until it becomes uncomfortable. This will initially be only about 15-20 seconds. You wait a minute between each control pause and then you try to comfortably hold your breathe a bit longer each time. This can be done while you are out and about. I taught my friend how to do it when we were at a museum. She is a doctor and was shocked how quickly it worked!

Once you have cleared out your nose, you want to focus on nasal breathing instead of trying to breathe through your mouth. Nasal breathing will help to prevent further blockages as the air is coming and going through the nose!

There are some great books on Buteyko Breathing exercises to learn more about this technique. Patrick McKeown has a great book called Close Your Mouth that is very helpful for those people who are new to Buteyko Breathing exercises.


If you are really feeling sick and achy, this may not be the best option. However, if the sinus congestion is simply the first sign of a cold and you have enough energy to make it through the day, you may want to hop on your treadmill and put in an hour. When you exercise with nasal breathing only, you are forcing air through your nasal passageways. Your body will start to clear out the mucus to allow for the air that is coming and going. During the spring and fall when my seasonal allergies creep up, I take to my treadmill daily. I do notice that exercising when I have sinus congestion will help to eliminate it. Keep a tissue box handy though! You’ll want to blow your nose a few times during a workout with the goal of relieving sinus pressure!

Get Hydrated

When your body is hydrated it is better able to fight off colds and viruses. Often times when we are sick, it is because we allowed our bodies to get slightly dehydrated and become a bit more vulnerable. When you are fully hydrated, your body is functioning more optimally, which includes keeping your sinuses moist. Make sure that you drink water throughout the day. Steer clear of alcoholic or caffeinated beverages. These can cause dehydration and put you at greater risk of sinus congestion.

The recommended fluid intake will differ from person to person based on their body weight. Ideally, you want to consume about 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of body weight. Additionally, you will want to ensure that you are replacing essential minerals with a pinch of sea salt per 16 ounces of water. If your urine is very light yellow or almost clear, you are probably taking in enough water. However, if your urine is very dark, you need to increase the amount of water that you are drinking each day!


There are plenty of natural remedies that you can use to relieve sinus pressure. You don’t need to rush out to the store and get the latest decongestant on the market to experience relief. In fact, you can do some of these remedies on your way to the store and realize that you don’t need that decongestant after all! Once you master some Buteyko breathing exercises and get used to being fully hydrated, you may discover that sinus congestion is a thing of the past. I no longer suffer from sinus congestion, but when it does rear its ugly head, I relieve it immediately with these natural remedies!




64 Ounce Water Bottle – Review of the Hydration Bottle

64 ounce Hydration Bottle Review

Name: Hydration Bottle

Website: Amazon.com

Price: $17.99

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Hydration Bottle, Product Overview

The hydration bottle is a 64 ounce water bottle that one can use to ensure that they are drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day. It has time markings on the bottle to aim towards to ensure that you are drinking throughout the day.

The hydration bottle is designed to have a pop up straw to drink the water from throughout the day. This ensures that when you reach the bottom of the bottle, your straw will reach the last bit of water.

The Good & the Bad

The Good: Price point, convenience

PRO #1: This bottle is well-thought-out and designed. The bottle has a loop that will fit two fingers and allow you to easily carry it. Additionally, the bottle has an indentation for your hands to make grasping it a bit easier.

PRO #2: It will hold 64 ounces of water and has it marked off in time increments throughout the day to how much you should be drinking to stay on track and hydrated. This visual really helps!

PRO #3: The price is very competitive and easy for most people to afford. It seems durable enough for a water bottle that is under $20.

The Bad: Plastic

CON #1: After making this purchase, I read that you shouldn’t drink water out of plastic. My next water bottle purchase will most likely be a glass bottle. However, this is great to get me started. I’ll become more eco-friendly with my next purchase!

CON #2: Leaks, maybe?! I was reading the reviews on Amazon and it mentioned that this water bottle didn’t leak. However, I dropped this water bottle on the ground and left it there for half an hour and it was half empty when I was leaving. This may have been that the lid wasn’t screwed on tightly or because I was careless and dropped it on its side. I haven’t had a problem since that one incident, so it may have been my fault.

CON #3: Doesn’t come with instructions on how to use the water bottle. This water bottle has a unique feature that I didn’t expect. The bottom of the straw is a flexible material to allow the straw to pop up and enable the full length of the straw to reach the bottom of the bottle at all times. However, when you get this water bottle, it can be a bit confusing as to attaching the piece and figuring out that it goes through the top.


Who is Hydration Bottle For?

This is a great product for a health conscious individual. It is ideal for someone looking to increase their water intake and ensure that they are consuming at least 64 ounces of water per day. This is great for someone who is looking reap the benefits of a 30 day water drinking challenge or enjoy the health benefits of drinking lemon water.

For my own 30 day water drinking challenge, 64 ounces was not enough. I wanted to do 80 ounces per day. However, after receiving the water bottle, I realized that it was a bit large and I didn’t want to haul around that much water at work. My solution was to use the 64 ounce bottle at home and take a 16 ounce water bottle to work and drink it with my lunch. Turned out to be a perfect solution for me!

The 64 ounce water bottle is great to have at home as a reminder to stay on track with my water drinking. It is easy enough to add lemon to it when I want a little bit of flavor because it has a wide mouth. I can add lemon slices or squeeze lemon into the water.

Hydration Bottle Price
The cost of the Hydration bottle is mid-range for a plastic water bottle that is 64 ounces. There are quite a few 64 ounce water bottles that aren’t designed as well for everyday use that are in the $10 range. However, there are also quite a few water bottles with similar design and time markings that are $20 or more.

My Final Opinion of the 64 ounce Hydration Bottle

This is fitting my needs for now! I love that it has a visual of where I should be with my water drinking throughout the day. It is great to get to the bottom of the water bottle at the end of the day and fill it up at the beginning of the day. I am feeling many of the benefits of being fully hydrated now, such as great looking skin and good digestion!

64 ounce Hydration Bottle at a Glance…

Name: Hydration Bottle

Website: 64 oz Hydration Bottle Daily Water Tracker

Price: $17.99

Overall Scam Rank: 75 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! This is a great product for the price. In the future, I will probably upgrade to a more eco-friendly glass bottle. However, a plastic bottle does have the advantage of being a bit more durable when you drop it! I do enjoy the feature of having a straw that reaches the bottom at all times so that I can sip all the water in the container.

Natural Remedies for ADHD in Children

Let me start out by saying that I am a fitness blogger. My expertise is not meant to treat or diagnose children with ADHD. Additionally, the natural remedies for ADHD in children that I have observed over the years working with learning disabled kids are things that will bring about better health and wellness to anybody. They won’t drain your pocketbook like the medications that the doctor wants to put your child on. However, since they are natural remedies, you may not see an immediate change of behavior in your child. It may take a few days or a few weeks.

Hydrate Your Child With ADHD

Many people assume that if their child is drinking water occasionally, they are hydrated. This is not the case. The idea that the child is drinking water when they are thirsty is a little laughable to me as well. I have watched many children with ADHD guzzle down sports drinks and sodas in the classroom after lunch of during a break. As someone who has suffered from a more life threatening neurological condition (epilepsy) and discovered the healing benefits of water, I highly recommend that the first step anyone takes towards healing is getting fully hydrated.

The recommended amount of water to fully hydrate an individual is 1/2 an ounce per pound of body weight. In addition to drinking water, it is recommended that you take 1/8 of a teaspoon of sea salt for every 16 ounces of water taken into the body. This will ensure that there is plenty of sodium to transport the water inside the cells where it is most needed.

The body is mostly made up of water. When it is only slightly deficient in water with a one or two percent deficiency in water, it starts to go into a water management mode. Your body will ration the water for the most vital organs. In doing so, not all of the functions of the body will be performed effectively. Removing wastes and toxins that may be one thing that suffers. This could be the cause of your child’s lack of focus as they become chronically dehydrated.

While I’m not saying that you child is definitely dehydrated, I’m saying that this is the first place to start for anyone who is suffering from an illness. In an emergency room, putting in a saline solution is the first thing that doctors will do to ensure that there is enough water and salt in the body for it to assist with healing.

Nasal and Diaphramatic Breathing

Our bodies thrive on oxygen and so do our brains. To promote the best usage of your brain, you will want to be breathing correctly. As I worked in Special Education in the public schools and when I substituted in different classrooms over the years, I would notice the difference in the breathing of kids who have a disability and those who didn’t. The students who were in honors classes and studious almost always were nasal breathers. However, the very low functioning intellectually disabled classrooms were composed of mainly mouth breathers. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

I implemented the Butyeko breathing technique as part of my natural seizure prevention strategy. I discovered many benefits to Buteyko breathing that included an increased ability to focus, improved mental clarity, a reduction in seizure activity, reduction in colds and an improved sleep pattern.

Buteyko breathing exercises help to teach you to slow down your breathing. In doing so, this allows the body to have a better gas exchange in the lungs. Your body is able to use oxygen and carbon dioxide much more efficiently when you slow down your breathing pattern. When you breathe through your mouth, you take in more air than your body needs and it isn’t filtered through the cilia in your nose. This creates a state of overbreathing. It causes the imbalance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the brain, which creates excess electrical activity in the brain. For some people, this will trigger a seizure, but it other people it will look like inattentiveness.

Buteyko breathing exercises teach you to breathe with your diaphragm and through your nose exclusively. These exercises are best learned through a practitioner, but there are online tutorials and videos that you can watch to learn the basics of Buteyko breathing.

Eliminate the Processed Foods

In our modern world, it can be challenging to get rid of the junk foods in our lives. So many packaged foods are labeled healthy that aren’t. I know that a lot of parents tell me that the diet doesn’t make a difference in their child or that their child eats healthy foods. That is not quite what I experience as I did lunch duty in the cafeteria. I watch as your child pulls out candy and junk foods. Then I see them act crazy in their next class. It can be difficult to change your diet, but it will make a drastic improvement in the overall health.

The most effective diet for healing neurological conditions, such as ADHD, that I have found is the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet has the ability to reduce the inflammatory response in the brain. It provides the brain with a quick energy source, fats, that the brain prefers to use. The ketogenic diet is also effective at preventing Alzheimer’s and curing epilepsy. The ketogenic diet is being used by many people in a successful weight loss management program.

Start your kids off right, with some ketogenic breakfasts. Switch from the processed cereals and high carbohydrate bagels to a healthier option such as eggs and bacon. There are many great breakfasts that will fuel your kids brains. As you become more accustomed to the ketogenic diet foods, you can create lunch and dinner meals that are more satisfying and better able to fuel your child’s brain.

Another great diet that is geared towards the brain health is the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet, which is created by neurosurgeon, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. She gives a very thorough explanation of how the gut must be healed and sealed to eliminate and eradicate neurological conditions such as ADHD, autism and psychiatric conditions.

Essential Oils

Creating an environment that is calming to the nervous system can benefit children with ADHD. Many people swear by essential oils because they have some healing properties. For a child with ADHD, using an essential oil in the air can help to calm the mind and nervous system.

Specific essential oils for concentration that are used to help children with ADHD include:

  • Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile): soothes and comforts
  • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia): calms and reduces anxiety
  • Mandarin (Citrus reticulata): quiets, especially when combined with lavender
  • Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata): sedates and calms the emotions
  • Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides): calms, focuses the mind
    • Frankincense (Boswellia frereana): supports the immune system
  • Patchouli (Pogostemom cablin): soothes the nervous system


Changing aspects of your child’s lifestyle can help to improve or even eliminate the symptoms of ADHD. Before you head out to get a prescription for your child’s ADHD, try a few of these things for a few months to see if their symptoms improve. These are inexpensive home remedies that provide a huge impact on health.