How To Steam Eggs In 20 Minutes

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Using my steamer is the best thing to happen to my ketogenic food preparation ever! Learning how to steam eggs perfectly in twenty minutes without burning down the house or undercooking them has made my life so much easier.  I no longer worry about cooking them too long or not quite long enough and having runny centers. Once you master steaming eggs in your electric steamer, you won’t go back to boiling them. It is so much easier!

The great thing about cooking eggs in your steamer is that you can prepare a dozen of them at a time and then just chill them in the refridgerator until you are ready to use them. Steamed eggs can be used in any recipe that calls for boiled eggs. You can eat them as a snack or serve them up with veggies in a salad.

Step 1 – Fill the Water Reservoir

This is essential to get your steamer to work properly. If you don’t fill the water reservoir, your eggs won’t cook! Vital to your success with steaming eggs!

Step 2 – Plug in Your Electric Steamer

You’ve got to have electricity going to your steamer, so make sure that it is plugged in before turning that knob.

Step 3 – Place Eggs in Your Steamer

Make sure that you put the eggs in the steamer. Remember, if you leave them in the refridgerator, they won’t cook! You will still have runny eggs.

Step 4 – Turn it On and Set the Timer

Luckily for me, my steamer has this feature combined into one. All I have to do to make steamed eggs is turn the knob. Set it for twenty minutes. This will be plenty of time for the steamer to properly heat up the eggs and cook them without creating a greenish yellow tint around the edges.

Step 5 – Let the Cool

This step is going to be the hardest because you are very anxious to eat your newly steamed eggs. However, if you peel them now, you may burn your fingers a bit. In fact, even after ten minutes of cooling, your eggs may feel a bit warm. If you want to speed up the cooling time, grab a few ice cubes and cold water and submerge your eggs in the icy water. This should cool them off enough to peel them within a minute or two.

That is it! You can now use your steamed eggs in wonderful egg salad recipes, deviled egg recipes, in cobb salads and as a high protein snack! 





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