The Paleo Diet Versus Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Many people try a diet and it just doesn’t produce results. Paleomedicina is a medical clinic in Hungary that is focusing on treating individuals with a Paleo Ketogenic diet. They tried out the paleo diet and noticed that some people did not have results with the Paleo diet. They tried out the ketogenic diet and discovered that there were people who didn’t improve on the ketogenic diet. As they combined the great aspects of both of those diets, they have been able to do some amazing things, such as reversing type 1 diabetes in newly diagnosed individuals.

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet teaches individuals to eat foods in their most natural state. They reject grains and breads. The Paleo diet does include vegetables and fruits. Some vegetables and fruits can be difficult for people autoimmune conditions. For example, potatoes are far too high in carbohydrates for diabetics. Tomatoes are nightshades, which can be inflammatory for individuals with autoimmune conditions.

Some of the vegetables that the Paleo diet includes could be perpetuating the autoimmune condition that many patients are trying desperately to heal.


The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet was created in the early 1900s to address epilepsy. It is extremely restrictive when it comes to carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet reduces the carbohydrate level to 20 grams per day. It requires that the dieters eat 75% fat. This forces the body to start running on fats as an energy source.

As someone who has suffered from epilepsy, I tried the ketogenic diet a few times. While I felt great on it, it didn’t always prevent seizures. It took me a few months of researching what I could have done wrong before I realized that I was probably sensitive to dairy. I felt fine when I consumed it, but I learned that for some people dairy will trigger seizures. This made me think that I may be sensitive without even realizing it.

Another food that is allowed on the ketogenic diet that may be problematic for some is vegetable oil. It is not forbidden on the ketogenic diet, but it can be inflammatory, especially soybean oil. I loved adding mayonnaise to my tuna fish, but it did have soybean oil in it. Soy is a food that is often a problem for people with autoimmune conditions. Since I hadn’t eliminated it completely, this may be the reason I wasn’t seeing an improvement in my autoimmune condition.

As I listened to Zsofia Clemens this morning, I realized that maybe I wasn’t seeing results from these diets that I had tried over the years because I left something detrimental in them. In the video below, she reviews the progress of her patients doing a Paleo Ketogenic Diet. This is very interesting because they review a dietary intervention and the effects.

The Paleo Ketogenic diet removes all plant food for a period of time. They also eliminate plant oils and encourage the patients to consume animal fats. Vegetable oils can be very inflammatory, so keeping them in the diet could be holding your progress back.

The Paleo Ketogenic Diet allows for the healing of the gut by removing the major irritants and focusing solely on the most nutrient dense foods – meats. This diet is powerful in eliminating intestinal permeability, which is the main cause of autoimmune disorders. It is amazing to see that so many people are healing while on a meat based diet.


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