Testing Out Earthing Therapy For My Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia Universalis is one frustrating autoimmune condition. It hasn’t responded well to dietary therapies. I haven’t seen regrowth from rubbing onion or essential oils on the hair follicles. I tried to up my vitamin D levels in case the cause was low vitamin D and B vitamins, but no dice. 

I recently shifted my focus from being solely on dietary interventions to combining Buteyko Breathing exercises with Earthing. I have felt better since starting up the Buteyko breathing exercises and regular earthing every day for about an hour. I haven’t had a seizure in over 30 days and even made it through a menstrual cycle without an aura. (My seizures have a catamenial hormonal pattern to them.) 

Earthing Healed a Foot Sore

While I did have an earthing half-sheet that I slept on before, I never tested it out to see if the continuity was still there. After a few years, it ripped and I gave up on Earthing. I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything although it could have been. 

About a month ago, I started my Earthing practice of walking barefoot outside after the paleo ketogenic diet didn’t prevent the last seizure. I also started exercising more. I feel so much better. My digestion immediately improved. I had a sore on the bottom of my foot that felt like a tack pushing into the ball of my foot when I put pressure on it. I had started to walk on the side of my foot to avoid putting pressure on this. 

I’m not entirely sure what it was. It was a white growth that resembled a wart, but was a little different in texture. I had one of them before and had to dig it out of my foot once it got big enough for tweezers. It was painful. I had also used duct tape to soften and try to remove it. 

I started Earthing and within 2 days, the sore was greatly reduced. It has now been two weeks and my skin is almost back to normal. This could be a coincidence, but it could be mother earth healing me. Either way, I’m grateful and will keep going with my Earthing. 

My Earthing Regimen

Walking barefoot is somewhat awkward. It isn’t safe to do in my neighborhood because our street is extremely narrow with no sidewalk. The asphalt is very uneven and uncomfortable to walk on. So, I remove my shoes and walk in my backyard for an hour. 

The last time I tried Earthing, I’m sure that I wasn’t getting an hour in every day. I would go outside and run around the yard until I got bored and then came inside. I slept on an earthing half-sheet and figured that would have to be good enough. 

This time, I am much more aware of how long I am connecting with the earth outside. I turn on my iPhone and play empowering statements while I practice my newfound hobby of archery. I know that I am done when the recording is over. Not only am I getting my feet to connect with the earth, but I’m getting better at archery and improving my thought patterns all at once! 

Earthing Side Effects

The side effects have been great. I have noticed that afterward, I do feel better. I generally have a bit more energy. I did notice when I was congested, the congestion cleared up a bit after the earthing session. 

The outdoor side effects haven’t been all great. I have noticed that I am getting bitten by gnats, mosquitos, and chiggers. I have started wearing long pants and netting to protect myself. It is helping. 

My ankles and feet seem to be getting stronger as they adapt to walking on uneven terrain. That is a great side effect. My arms are getting stronger from the archery workout as well. 

The Earthing Products I Use

Since I have gotten bitten a lot by insects while I have been earthing, I have decided that it is wise to use some indoor products. Unfortunately, my old earthing sheet ripped and I threw it away years ago. (I’m not sure whether it worked after a few years. I have read that sometimes they lose their earthing continuity.) I dug out the Universal Earthing Mat and placed it under my desk. 

I have been trying to sleep on the Universal Earthing Mat, but I don’t know if it always stays under my feet. I decided that I would buy a body band and a continuity tester. They just arrived today. I tested out the earthing mat and it works. I tested the body band and it is good to go! 

My Earthing Experiment

I plan on using the Body Band or Universal Mat for 16-18 hours per day. This allows for time to cook and eat and do the inevitable chores where it isn’t possible to be earthed. I will sleep with both of them on a part of my body for 90 days. I’m going to report on any progress that I see during this time. 

I do think that I will return the body band if I don’t see any progress within 90 days. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

Stay tuned and find out if it works for me! 

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