Focus T25 by Shaun T Workout Review

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Name: Focus T25 by Beachbody


Price: 145.60

Owners: Beachbody

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Focus T25 by Shaun T Deluxe Kit Product Overview

The deluxe kit includes everything you need to start a workout program. You will receive the three phases of workouts for a total of 15 workouts. You also get helpful tools that include 3 B-Lines of resistance bands, a Beachbody mat (24″X40″), a quick start guide, nutrition plan, workouts calendars and a 5-day fast track guide.

The Focus T25 workout program is designed to get you in the best shape of your life with only 25 minutes of workout per day.

There are fifteen total 25 minute workouts that you are to do on a daily basis. This is broken into three sets, the alpha, beta and gamma.

The alpha session is designed to run for five weeks and is focused on building the foundation of total body fitness. The beta set of workouts was created to take your body to a whole new level by focusing on the core. Finally, the Gamma set of workouts is four weeks of advanced exercises to help you burn more fat and carve lean, strong muscles in record time.

The Good & the Bad

The Good: Moderate intensity workouts

PRO #1: Shaun T has you focus intently on your workout for 25 minutes and make the most of the time that you are investing in your health. I found Shaun T very enjoyable to follow. He tends to use upbeat music and positive statements in his videos.

PRO #2: Unlike the Insanity workouts, these workouts have modifications for people who are not as fit. These can be done by the beginner and intermediate.

PRO #3: There is a nice progression and increase in intensity to help you continue building muscle.

The Bad: Somewhat repetitive exercises

CON #1: The exercises, while challenging, were repetitive.

CON #2: Heavy focus on jumping jacks and squats for the cardio. It could have been more varied. He emphasized a lot of leg movements, but could have included more arm motions to increase the heart rate.
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Who is Shaun T’s Focus T25 For?

The Focus T25 workout by Beachbody is great for the individual who can only commit to twenty-five minutes a day to workout. It is ideal for the stay at home mom or dad to squeeze in a workout during a child’s nap or early in the morning.

The Deluxe Set offered on Amazon is great, but it does require that you have a computer or DVD player to play the DVD. For the professional on the go, you can also access Shaun T’s Focus T25 through Beachbody’s On Demand service. This is great for people who are traveling or who don’t always have their DVD player handy as it can be streamed online on an iPhone, iPad or laptop.

Focus T25 Deluxe Set Tools & Training

The training material that accompanies Shaun T’s workout is a nutritional guide, a workout calendar to keep you on track.

The Deluxe version comes with a mat. It is pretty standard exercise mat. However, it is not a full-length mat. It is only a little over 3 feet long. You use the mat in order to pad your hands when doing push-ups. However, many people may desire a mat that is their whole body length if they are used to working out with a yoga mat.

You receive three sets of bands and one set of handles that you can take off one band and put on a different band if you want to use a different resistance level. This offers you the flexibility of increasing the resistance as you progress through the workouts.

Focus T25 Support

Beachbody has a contact page on their site for support.

Focus T25 workout Price

The whole package comes to you at $145.60. Because you are getting a whole set of DVDs, 15 workouts in all, equipment and a nutrition guide, this product is reasonably priced. However, many people suggest buying it separately and using mats and equipment that you purchase. This gives you the flexibility of selecting the right mat length for you as well as resistance bands that you feel are appropriate.

My Final Opinion of Shaun T’s Focus T25

The workout is a bit on the high impact side. I did appreciate that there were modifications for people who didn’t want to jump up and down a lot. The workout was challenging, but I was able to stick with it. I did enjoy the background music and the energy that Shaun T brought to the table.

I love the concept of only doing 25 minutes at a time. It seems very practical for the average American. Many people hear an hour and they feel like they just can’t find time for it, but 25 minutes can be squeezed in during a lunch break or while your kids are napping.

I actually really enjoyed doing this workout. It challenged me. I often fell into the same workout patterns of jogging, which can over work some muscles. Shaun T’s workout focused on alternating the different leg muscles that you were working by switching from different types of lunges and mixing it up with jumping jacks. Overall, I really liked the workout.

Shaun T’s Focus T25 workout at a Glance…

Name: Focus T25 workout


Owners: Beachbody

Price: $145.60

Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT – Loved it!