Active Sitting Office Chair – Workout Your Core!

We are learning how sitting can be killing us. Some people even compare sitting all day to being as damaging as smoking! So, what do you do if you have a desk job? Active Sitting! I absolutely love this stability ball office chair. It is an active sitting office chair that strengthens your core!

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review

Name: Gaiam Balance Ball Chair
Price: $69.98
Owners: Gaiam
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, Product Overview

This is a revolutionary active sitting office chair that will transform your daily desk job into a core workout. It is designed with a work-life balance in mind. The Gaiam balance ball chair was created with the help of a chiropractor, Dr. Randy WEinzoft. It provides the all-day ergonomic support that is needed for sitting for a long duration.

You will feel better at your desk by using this alternative chair solution that encourages wellness and helps to soothe the aches that can arise from sitting at a desk for long periods of time. This chair promotes micro movements and constant stimulation of the body. Your mind will experience a heighteneed sense of focus and concentration while you are on this chair.

The Gaiam Stability Ball Chair features:

  • Yoga ball
  • Exercise guide
  • Rolling, lockable caster wheels
  • Designed for users who are 5′ to 5’11 tall.
  • Fits most standard height desks
  • Includes exercise ball, air pump, adjustable metal support bar


It is important to know that for optimal performance, the customer should follow the inflation instructions and inflate their ball properly. These instructions are found as an insert in the packaging. They are also listed multiple times on the product detail page.



The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: It is comfortable to sit in this type of chair. It almost feels just like sitting in a regular office chair, with the exception of being able to move your hips and legs a bit more.
PRO #2: You can lean back on the back rest when you get fatigued.
PRO #3: This chair is capable of sliding around just like a regular office chair. This is helpful if you are used to sliding your chair under your desk and making slight movements in an office chair.

PRO#4: This ball enables you to turn your sitting desk job into a core workout. Micro movements will challenge your core.

PRO #5: You can take the ball off the chair and use it for your yoga exercises. You can do push ups with it.

PRO #6: It prevents you from slouching and improves your posture.

The Bad:

CON #1: There were some unsatisfied customers. Not everyone was enamored by this chair.
CON #2: You may find the first few days of sitting on a stability ball challenging and a little uncomfortable. In time, you will probably adjust.

CON #3: While I didn’t experience any difficulty with the metal bar, there are a few reviewers who found that it came off easily.



Who is Gaiam Stability Ball Chair For?

This chair is designed for people who want to improve their core strength. It is especially helpful for people who spend a lot of time sitting at desks. It enables more flexibility and movement for when you are sitting at your desk. You can swivel your hips around and stretch from side to side.

This desk challenges your core muscles by providing a slight bit of instability on the ball. The nice thing about the stability ball combined with the chair is that when you are tired, you can lean back onto the backrest as you may do in a regular chair.


Gaiam Stability Ball Chair  Tools & Training

You don’t actually need a lot of training to sit in these chairs. However, if you want to incorporate some core strengthening movements into your day, you could check out some videos on the stability ball chair.


Gaiam Stability Ball Chair Support

The support offered with Gaiam Stability balls is through email and phone. You can contact support at or call them at 1-877-989-6321 if you have any questions regarding your Gaiam Stability Ball Chair.

Gaiam Stability Ball Chair Price

The stability ball is on sale at Amazon for $69.98. This is comparably priced to other stability ball chairs on the market, which can range from $62.98 to $99.99.


My Final Opinion of Gaiam Stability Ball Chairs

I happen to love these chairs for the office. I love them for adults. However, our middle school is testing them out in classrooms with ADHD students and they are not ideal for learning in a classroom. Here’s the problem with allowing pre-teens to use these chairs. They like to roll across the classroom. This can become loud and a distraction. They bounce a lot of them. When you have multiple kids bouncing on stability balls while trying to teach a concept, you can start to feel slightly seasick! I would love to discover a way to implement them in the classroom because I feel like they are a great way to improve your core and add some movement to these kid’s incredibly sedentary lives.

I love the stability ball as a chair. I have noticed that it helps to improve my core strength and my posture. I like that my hips have a bit more movement capability while I am working at my desk and using a stability ball chair. I do prefer the chair over a plain stability ball. I find that when I am working, I do want the option of leaning back on the backrest. There is a little bit more stability in the chair versus a stability ball.

Overall, I highly recommend these chairs!

Gaiam Stability Ball Chairs at a Glance…

Name: Gaiam Stability Ball Chairs


Owners: Gaiam
Price: $69.98
Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! I love this product. You will improve your core stability muscles by using this ball when you are working at your desk.