My Gut Dysbiosis

I’m finally acknowledging that I do have gut dysbiosis. When I was eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), I really didn’t notice much constipation/bloating or PMS symptoms. For me, those symptoms are really pretty minor. But I have started noticing them now that I am tweaking my diet. I did chart my bowel movements and during one cycle I went 13 days without a bowel movement. After I had one, I had a round of diarrhea. It corresponded with my menstrual cycle. The dots started to connect. 

Yesterday, I googled gut dysbiosis and PMS. I learned that there is a strong connection between having a messed-up gut and having too much estrogen. What can cause seizures and excitability in the brain? Too much estrogen. So, now I’m still working with the paleo ketogenic diet, but I’m trying to figure out just how it is going to work. 

The last few seizures that I have had were very minor and I had them in bed during times when I would normally be sleeping. This means that it was more of a disappointment than anything else. I didn’t hurt myself. I recovered extremely quickly, but I was super disappointed that the ketogenic diet didn’t prevent the seizure. It may be that the gut dysbiosis isn’t balanced just yet and could take a few more months. 

I seriously want to add eggs back, but I feel like I should give it a few more months before I attempt it. I’m doing the AIP-approved type of paleo foods for my paleo ketogenic diet.  

Do I have any hair regrowth? A few pubic hairs that are clear have shown up. So, I might be on the right track to healing the gut and restoring immune function. 

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