Combining Exercise and Diet

When I started the Paleo Ketogenic diet, I was discouraged from exercising. Dr, Zsofia Clemens explained that my body needed to focus on rest and healing. Well, I think it is time to add back some exercise. I got lazy and I don’t think it benefitted me at all. 

Now, Misha Sakharoff has a program for healing that combines the Buteyko Breathing Exercises with the paleo ketogenic Diet. As much as I want to slack in either my diet or exercise areas, I think combining the two will be helpful for me. 

I used to be great at exercising everyday. It takes discipline, but once you get in the habit of it, it becomes easy and addictive. 

In the video below, Misha discusses the program that he used to heal his brain tumor and what he recommends to his patients. His protocol is simple, but not easy. I’m really happy that he states that it is not easy. I have started to find the Paleo Ketogenic Diet much easier, but getting into the breathing exercises again requires discipline. 

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