How To Workout From Home in 20 minutes a Day with No Equipment

Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking we need to spend money on a gym or a nice set of weights. That thinking usually is more or less of a procrastination method. There are excellent ways to workout from home without equipment or even much time!

In fact, you can tone your body in only 20 minutes per day!

Start By Setting Aside Time

The most important thing that you are going to need is to have time in your schedule that is dedicated to fitness.

But, I get it, time is precious. So, let’s start with setting aside 20 minutes each day.

I like to assign that time to a constant that I won’t forget to do. For example, you could decide to workout for 20 minutes just prior to eating. Or you put your workout immediately after awaking in the morning.

Having another dedicated activity right before or after your workout will help you to stick with it. If you plan on working out right before bed, then sleep can be your reward for completing a workout.

Master Body Weight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are extremely effective and very useful. They are functional exercises which can help to improve your activities of daily living. Simple bodyweight exercises can get an efficient total-body workout.

Many body weight exercises are compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups. This makes them very time-efficient as well.

What are some great bodyweight exercises to start with?

  • Squatting
  • Lateral lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Going up Stairs
  • High Knees
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Pilates exercises
  • Yoga poses

Putting Your Workout Together

You can select five or six moves that will focus on different body movements. Do each one for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds between moves. If you need longer rest, take it. Complete the circuit of moves three times for a fifteen-minute workout.

Here’s an example:

  • Bodyweight squats — 45 seconds. Rest 15 seconds.
  • Jumping jacks — 45 seconds. Rest 15 seconds.
  • Stairs – 45 seconds Rest 15 seconds.
  • Push-ups — 45 seconds. Rest 15 seconds.
  • Lateral lunges — 45 seconds. Rest 15 seconds.

Repeat three times for a fifteen-minute circuit.


Use Free Online Resources

Many fitness professionals are putting great workouts on YouTube to promote their products and services. You can take advantage of these free resources and incorporate them into your daily workouts.

Here are three excellent 20 minute workouts that you can do from home without any equipment.




When you are ready for longer workouts, you can simply search for longer or more complicated workouts in YouTube.


Fitness Apps to Help You Track Your Workout

Let’s face it, sometimes we need a bit of accountability to stick with a fitness routine. Fitness apps are great at tracking our goals and reminding us to workout.

This free app is a no-fuss approach to fitness. You can launch the app and do the quick set of exercises anywhere without any special equipment. Wahoo’s app provides you with a standard seven-minute workout that has 12 high-intensity bodyweight exercises in cycles of 30 seconds followed by a short rest.

Some of the workout variations will charge $0.99 and some are free. Wahoo has a heart rate monitor to improve your workout experience and help you track the amount of effort you are putting in.

The FitBit Coach is a free app that can be used with or without the Fitbit tracker. You can also upgrade to premium for $39.99 per year. The FitBit coach app has short workout videos that you can do almost anywhere.

This is a great app for people who want to be talked through their exercise routines and see humans doing the moves in a video. The workouts are similar to the seven-minute app with a bit more variety.

You can choose to add background music or play your own. FitBit’s free account has limited workout options, while Premium will unlock the entire selection of workouts.

Daily Workouts provides you with free 5-30 minute daily workout routines. These exercises can all be done from the comfort of your own home. They are demonstrated by a certified personal trainer and target all the major muscle groups.

It features ten different 5-10 minute workouts, over 100 exercises, videos showing how to do each exercise, on-screen instructions and a timer.

The premium app offers even more workouts, more exercises, Pilates, kettlebell, stretch and ball workouts.

As you can see, it is possible to get fit at home even if you barely have enough time to watch a sitcom on television. There are workouts for even the busiest person and apps to help you track them! So what are you waiting for?

Get moving!


13 thoughts on “How To Workout From Home in 20 minutes a Day with No Equipment”

  1. Thanks for doing this article and recommending some exercise. Lately, I wanted to find a way to get in better shape with no gym equipment but thanks to you I think I am going to start using this exercise right now. It does seem that you put a lot of effort into this article and I like that you added some videos as a demonstration. Bye

    1. Videos can be helpful in keeping you going. These are just a few exercise videos that will fit into a busy schedule and don’t require additional equipment. Great for people who are traveling or live in a studio apartment! 

  2. Hi, what a great article, thank you! I really want to get started on a program, but I never seem to find the time, or even remember. A absolutely love the idea that I block off some time right before I do something else that is already part of my daily routine. I am going to check out the daily workouts because 10-15 minutes seems feasible for me to start off. Again, thank you so much, I really needed this extra push.

  3. Hello Melinda, this is a useful review that worth trying. I have been using a free workout app since the beginning of this year. The app has different workouts just has you’ve mentioned in this review. There is squatting, mountain climber, etc. Despite the fact that it doesn’t needs a physical trainer and I don’t need to visit gym, I still got effective results. Without any doubt, am sure this wuhoo app will be very effective as claimed. Home workout is just the best as far as am concerned.

  4. I am guilty of the thought that l have to get a gym before I start working out. I tried at times but l usually forget. The apps that you suggested will really come handy here and using videos will make it fun. I like to ask you that which of the exercises is called Pilate? 

  5. You can not be more right with the information’s you have provided here concerning working out at home within 20minutes everyday. Working out does not have to be necessarily elaborate. Just a nice smooth ride doing exactly what one enjoins doing the most and flexing the progress. I like the various exercises you have suggested and they require little to no equipments other than setting aside time to emgage in them daily and forming a routine out of them.. Thanks and I will inculcate all these into my daily living

  6. Oh this is good. Not so many people actually have themoney to pay at a gym to keep fit so the fact that one can lose weight or keep fit generally at home is a really good idea here. Some of this steps are really good and can help one burn the right amount of fat one needs. This way I’ll be able to monitor my weight loss too. Exercising is a bit of a challenge for me but I believe and I can work through it. Great post here!

  7. Amazingly great! Dedicating a particular time or period to get to the gym for workouts has really been a lazy, big and unsuccessful task for me to carry out. This post is really interesting and motivating enough for me to start my gym at home. I like the fact that there are recommended apps that can help boost performance and guide one while working out at home. Thanks for this great review on how to work out at home. It is my daily gym guide which I must share to my friends too henceforth. Thanks for this great job!

  8. I agree with you, first step is setting out time because not everyone can squeeze out the time to work out. I am not so much of a fitness expert but I go to the fitness centre regularly. Many people after a few weeks opt out for many reasons. Some can’t keep paying and some don’t have time, others just believe they aren’t cut out for it and this is why I have to say, there has to be a will to work if not it’ll get tiring. Great one to share the 20 online video communities and apps that can be used to track workouts. I can use the help of a good app too. Thank you for the good information here

  9. Hi! Thank you very much for this post. I really like bodyweight exercises but I have been struggling to find time to exercise on a daily basis. But setting apart 20 minutes a day can be quite easy.

    I had no idea which apps could help me. So I greatly appreciate these you have mentioned. I’ll start downloading 7 Minute Workout (by Wahoo Fitness). Thanks!

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