Earthing Day 17 – More Symptoms Arise

Just when I thought I was making progress with this Earthing therapy, I started suffering from itchy skin on my feet. (Possibly from chigger bites that arose while walking barefoot.) Today, I noticed that the lump on the bottom of my feet was painful again. When I started barefoot walking, the lump had decreased in size and almost went completely away. 

I’m officially on day 17 of the Earthing journey, and the lump on my foot is tender when I step again. This stinks. I was hoping to report that my symptoms were just going away rather slowly, but that is not the case. This one seems to have come back. 

The one symptom that hasn’t come back just yet is seizures. This is a pretty big deal. I can handle some skin irritation and an uncomfortable wart on the bottom of my foot, but a seizure will prevent me from getting my driver’s license back. It disrupts my life and shakes my confidence. I’m hoping that Earthing combined with the ketogenic diet keeps the seizures at bay for good. 

Trying to Stay Positive

I’m still a long way away from my 90-day goal. It is tough to stay positive when you don’t seem to see a lot of progress. Right now, I will admit that I’m sinking into a bit of despair. But I really want to complete the full 3 months of Earthing every single day to see what I can accomplish with my health. 

I have decided that writing some positive affirmations and listening to my ThinkRightNow success download will be helpful. It may cheer me up a bit to start thinking more positive thoughts. 

I have used the ThinkRightNow CDs in the past and when I consistently listen to them, I often tend to start incorporating the thoughts that are said in the CD into my life. Unfortunately, I tend to get lazy and forget to play them. 

Staying positive will be a most important tool in completing my Earthing journey because it will help me stick with it when I have “down days” and discouraging thoughts like today. I need to push past the negativity and start to focus on the positive. 

The political environment and focus on a virus going around is pretty exhausting. I can see how the pandemic is being used as a tool of manipulation and as a transfer of financial wealth. Sometimes it is challenging when other people are focusing on fear and panic from a virus. 

Consistency is Key

Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference. Staying consistent with the therapy that you select will often determine whether or not you see results. In my life, I have been quick to adopt diets or lifestyle changes with big hopes and then abandoning them when I didn’t have success immediately. 

Not regrowing hair or having a seizure can play into discouragement. The mindset that arises after a seizure is pretty bad. So, even though I may have been making progress in the past on the GAPS diet, a seizure early on killed my motivation to follow through. 

My last Earthing journey may have been jeopardized by not using the products enough and testing to make sure that they actually worked and my body was grounded. This time around, I have been much better about testing to ensure grounding and staying consistent with using the products or going barefoot outside. 

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