Trying to Stay Positive When Nothing Seems to Be Working

Well, I have made it about 3 months on a mostly paleo ketogenic version of the GAPS diet. I did have a bit of cheese on the eggs that I had made because I made some for my father, but he didn’t eat the side with the eggs on it. But it wasn’t a ton of eggs. It didn’t spike my insulin levels. If I had been on full GAPS, I would have been able to eat cheese. So, I don’t want to think that I ruined three months of being strict. 

I did restart the Ion Biome gut health supplement. I started thinking that it is working and my gas and bloating is reduced. But I’m not so sure. When I got to work this morning, I burped a lot. It seems like my bloatedness has reduced in the last few hours, but it is hard to measure. 

I was optimistic about my nail ridging going away until I noticed yesterday that some of it was back. So…whether this dietary intervention is really making a difference or not is very difficult. 

I have read about other people doing the Autoimmune Paleo protocol and it taking 8 months to have their hair come back. I’m only at month three. Eight months is a long way off, so somehow, I have to stay positive. 

I have discovered that I am enjoying the foods that I am eating. I look forward to my morning breakfast hash and have discovered that GAPS soups can be creamy if you make them with summer squash. 

Think Positive Thoughts

While I’m trying to heal my alopecia and epilepsy, it is easy to get discouraged without seeing results immediately. I’m going to try to think positive thoughts each day and focus on the good things that are happening in my life. 

One of the positive things that is happening is that my garden is growing! I planted beans and cucumber seeds and they have germinated! These are low carbohydrate vegetables that won’t be sprayed with pesticide and will be safe to eat this summer. I also will have the enjoyment of watching them grow. 

Another positive thing that I am focusing on is getting better at archery! My aim is now good enough that I am hitting the target 80% of the time. It is thrilling to hear the arrow slam into the target. I feel so much more accomplished when I do that. 

Guest blogging is one thing that has started to happen for me. Some people have reached out to me to write blog posts. I know they just want a backlink to their website, but writing for them will give me more practice in putting together blog posts. It will also help them out and improve their websites. 

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