Train Your Brain for Success

This blog post may seem a little out of place on a fitness website, but I wanted to share with you what I’m doing. I am focusing on changing my minute by minute thoughts to focus more on successful behaviors. I have purchased self-improvement courses in the past and they have been somewhat successful based on whether I have stuck with them or not. Very often, I have given up before the course is over and haven’t seen results. Sound familiar? Probably.

Why Train Your Brain For Success

Our thoughts actually dictate our actions. Whether we take action that will help us get to our goals is going to be based on our fears and past efforts. If we had a negative experience or didn’t see results right away, it is likely that we won’t have success. It is possible that we won’t stick with it when we don’t see results right away. As someone who is a serial dieter, I can attest to that. I tried a number of diets for a few months here and there and got discouraged when I didn’t feel amazing and get my hair to grow back. (For those of you just joining my blog, I lost my hair to an autoimmune condition 7 years ago. I’ve visited many holistic practitioners and doctors to reverse this condition, but they are clueless. I won’t give up though.)

I will be attending the Brain-a-thon with John Assaraf and I’d like to invite you to register and join. It is free to watch. Of course, they will try to up sell you at the end for a product. However, in the past, there have been many great ideas that you can take from the Brain-a-Thon to implement in your life whether you purchase his product.

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Will Brain Training Work For You?

It is difficult to tell if you will stick with it long enough to see success. I have found that when I listen to positive affirmations from CDs that I have purchased, my behavior does change. I have an organization affirmation CD. Not only did I find that I was getting more organized when I played it in the house, my family members were starting to pick up after themselves more. It was amazing. They weren’t even listening all the time to the affirmations, just hearing them from time to time when I would play them. So, we can train our brains to alter our behaviors. You’ll have to put the effort in to press the play button or set aside some time each day to get that training.

You can do it. You can prioritize things in your life in order to set yourself up for success, but it really is up to you!



8 thoughts on “Train Your Brain for Success”

  1. Great article. I think that all of us need to have the right mindset in order to get success.

    It’s amazing how deep you went with your research, and I know that a lot of people are going to appreciate it.

    I really enjoy your website and the articles. After reading this article I looked around. This site is a great read and I am going to bookmark it for sure. Thanks again for all your work putting this site and article together.

    1. Thanks so much! I have found that when I have a positive mindset, it is easier to get things accomplished. Therefore, programming your mind to be more positive helps people to achieve their goals more frequently! 

  2. Thanks so much for the information on the Brain-a-Thon, I’ll be registering!

    I was introduced to John Assaraf’s work a couple of months ago by my brother after I had an accident and I can’t speak highly enough about this approach to looking at life. So I think your blog on this topic is the right place for a fitness website.
    Regards Gina

    1. Thanks so much! I hope that you enjoy the Brain-A-Thon. I attended last year and the insights that I gained were amazing! Best wishes! 

  3. This is great information, but sounds too good to be true. the research and information provided here makes it seem reliable though, like many people say a good mindset is all you need to make the impossible happen. this seems like a long term thing that will require you to stick to to see results, which is not bad.

    1. Thank you for your skepticism! I agree. It really is too good to be true. In order to succeed, you actually have to do something. Action is essential. It takes a few months to see your behaviors change by consciously changing your thought patterns. 

      I’ve done his course before and got discouraged before I saw results and quit. However, I used a positive affirmation CD for organization and noticed that the people in my house started cleaning up after themselves more frequently as I played it consistently. When I quit playing it after a month, we reverted back to our old habits, so you are correct. It is more of a long term thing to change your habits. 

  4. Hi

    Great information on how to train your brain for success.

    Our thoughts certainly do dictate our actions and trying to stay positive towards a targeted goal is certainly only going to help achieve success.

    How much brain training would you recomend to work on each day in terms of a time frame?

    I look forward to some of your future posts.


    1. While I have done John Assaraf’s program, I find the Think Right Now programs to be a lot simpler and more effective for me. I play them every night while I sleep and throughout the day in the background. I see quick results with them. For example, when doing the setting and achieving goals program, I started doing it last week and about 5 days into it, I spontaneous made the decision to give up television. It wasn’t really a goal of mine, but it freed up time to work on goals. I also notice that I start working on things that will help me achieve my goals faster instead of procrastinating them. 

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