My Sample Keto Diet

Before starting the ketogenic diet, I really thought that it was all lettuce, mayonnaise and heavy whipping cream. I had no idea what I could put together that would taste good and sustain me throughout the day. Not only that, but my neurologist told me that the ketogenic diet wasn’t right for me. It wouldn’t work for me. Of course, as a teenager, it was far easier to take the anticonvulsant that the doctor was prescribing. After all, it provided instant results and the side effects were tolerable, or so I thought! As the years wore on, I realized that I couldn’t improve my health as long as I was taking an anticonvulsant. It would be constantly working against my liver. So, after a couple decades, I took the plunge and went keto. This page is a sample of the things that I am eating on the keto diet.

Get the recipe for this chicken stir fry
You don’t need bread! A lettuce wrap with tuna fish and tomatoes is great!
Lunch can be salads with deviled eggs! It is great!
Berries are a low carbohydrate fruit and a great way to make a smoothie!

As you can see, this sample keto diet demonstrates that there are a wide variety of things that you can add to your menu. Berries are great for breakfast smoothies and as a side dish or dessert! There are lots of different vegetables that you can eat and combine with other vegetables to make them taste great! A hamburger does not require a bun and can be jazzed up with sauteed onions and mushrooms or served with a slice of cheese for added flavor!